Valiis House, Nr Frome, Somerset. Reported 12th July

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Updated Wednesday 29th  July 2020


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The crop circle Valiant Thor


Valiis cc 1 image)

The code 9-9 appears in the proposed contact! One more answer

In addition to the style, in addition to the repetition patterns, in addition to the trademarks that every crop circle has and every specialist in the subject recognizes, after years of work dealing with such images, behold, this July 12 crop circle, like the other , previous, of July 11, established contact.

Who remembers my CONTACT proposal, to try to establish contact, from code 9-9 established by default, since the Alien face of the 2019 season? Those who arrived now, will only understand something if they read the post below: contato-tentando-establecer-um-contato-real-via-crops-circles

This post was written on June 28, updated the first time on July 8 (the first answer) and updated the second time (today, July 13) due to the new answer, new pattern 9-9 in the triangle model. Where's 9-9? Simple, we have three triangles on each side of the stylized Merkabah, and three circular waves at each apex of the central triangle. This forms the number 333 on two sides, which produces 9-9. And to accentuate the mystery, the crop circle was signed with the letter T. We speak in the letter T on July 11th, as the signature of many crop circles associated with Venus. And previously, we talked about it too. And on the 12th, the letter appears, centered, in the triangular nave Merkabah style six vertices. Triangular ships are common in sightings.

The prophet Parravicini spoke to us in fish-shaped spaceships, installed at the UFO base of the South Pole, Antarctica. And the triangular model is what would most resemble a "flying fish". You see the ship in a kind of propulsion movement, with energy waves at the ends of the triangle, as if illustrating its movement within contour lines (which graphically represent wormholes or wormholes, stargates, etc.).

And I analyzed the crop circle: why was the letter T inserted in the direction of the inverted triangle?

Why the inverted triangle forms the letter V, V for Venus. V de Valiant, who then completes the name with T de Thor. Valiant Thor, the supreme leadership of Venus, is real, covered by American protocols. At the time, Dwight D. Eisenhower was the president.
Visitor to Venus who was at the Pentagon between 1957 and 1960, and the president's daughter later declared that it was all real.
Valiant Thor's story was real. V for Venus, V for Valiant, the inverted triangle. And see the name of the field where this magnificent crop circle appeared:

Valiis House, the home of Valiis (Val).

All the details fit into a final harmony. In other words, Lord T responds to the proposed 9-9 contact, and still signs with the letter T already identified many times before. I know a lot of people are criticizing in the comments, saying that we are crazy. But it is like that, for many people the process of transforming materialistic concepts and horizontal world view will be a painful process.
Happy are the minds prepared for the new.

Because I said that, in 2020, the crop circle season would have some differential, for completing 30 years of messages since 1990. Even if it is reducing, this season is being conclusive in one thing.

The Year of contact revealed, at least here, for many witnesses who are following the "dialogue" that I have established when interpreting each image, when launching each study, when investing in each standard code as a form of open contact (because it is open on the Internet, on the online Network, which extraterrestrials can access whenever they want).

The contact is really happening, live and in colour. Welcome, Lord Valiant Thor, from the house of Venus. 

Valiant Thor answers


On July 11, I discovered that the number 84 code, present in the formation of Easton Clump, July 10, among other interpretations, was equivalent to the ASCII binary code 01010100 which is worth 84 in decimal numbering. And it equals the letter T. And the pattern 84 is in that circle, 8 outer circles, 4 inner circles. A simple thing, a simple decoding. Because such binary codes are common in crop circles. Once again, I tell you about the need for standards in the crop circle study.

Then, immediately on the day after my post, on July 12, the letter T appears, clear, distinct, and associated with the inverted triangle forming the letter V, all inside a Merkabah or spaceship stylized in the geometry of the Merkabah (hexagonal) .

And to complete, the code 9-9 previously proposed in the form of contact, appeared in the double 333 numbering of the crop circle ornaments. This was a clear and straightforward response through two codes that I identified earlier, published earlier, and were taken up again, both later on July 12th. But more contacts will come. You just have to wait. I say this because they didn't start in 2020. I've done them since 2014 with the aforementioned Venus Leadership. This is the seventh year.

Lord T's triangular nave and spiral 3.5 A double crop circle


We have already seen the relations of this singular crop circle, triangular nave shape and even Merkabah, hexagonal geometry, code 9-9 repeated, answered, and the signature T, also repeated and answered. We saw the follow V T in the formation, Valiant Thor, a flesh and blood Venus leadership, concrete, real, palpable, nothing related to mystical and dubious channels, Ashtar Sheran and the like.

With Valiant Thor, things are very different. And he continues to give material evidence of his connection to humanity. I have for some time suspected that he is the Venusian leadership behind the crop circles, because in these images, since 1990, we recognize several and various signs, symbols, numbers, archetypes and elements associated with Venus, and no other planet or star (except for Sirius).
It is a certainty that this meticulous study has been carried out over an extended period of 20 years.

Anyway, we have to clarify the second crop circle next to this triangular spaceship with revealed identity and origin as well (Venus and its leader, who contacted the US government between 1957 and 1960, and in the current year, 2020, we have completed 63 years since its arrival. And 63 was one of the numbers extracted from the I Ching code of the 11.07 crop circle, the day before.
In fact, everything is intertwined here.

A spiral with three and a half turns (3.5) appeared next to the "triangular ship" A composed message, no doubt. Spiral is one of the symbols that are always repeated in crop circles. A pattern also, existing since antiquity as representation of TIME, cycle, evolution of energy. In Hindu wisdom, the potential energy at the base of the spine, tangled in the root or basic chakra, and called Kundalini, is tangled in a bright, red spiral with three and a half turns. In the Christian Revelation, the two witnesses, animated by the power of God, will be resurrected after 3.5 days. And is that passage in Revelation 11:11? Coincidence? Of course not.

On a time scale, we have to verify that this spiral can mean two basic times. One immediate, 3.5 days, and one later, 3.5 years.
Then be T1 and T2:

T1 = July 12th (crop circle day) + 3.5 days = evening of July 15th, considering the dawn of 12.07 as the starting point, the origin of the crop circle - they usually appear in the morning)

T2 = July 12th + 3.5 years = January 2024

Scheduled events? We can see some occurrence on July 15th. Even if it's a new crop circle giving more answers to all of that. An answer, who knows, related to this ship and this leadership (T) to the world. Or for some. The contact is real. Crops circles are real and open contact with humanity. But they can only be better used by those who study and accompany them. For the rest, it is worthless. 

Jonas Passos (13.07.2020)

Do you already have your sighting point?


Two recent crop circles show, in addition to the standard geometry of Merkabah on their models, the letter T highlighted. Notice the other crop circle, when three small circles, intersecting the outer orbit (larger circle) accurately reproduce the letter T, 3 times, just like the July 12th Merkabah crop circle.

In addition, Valiis House's crop circle brought a spiral of 3.5 turns on its side, which suggests, in an immediate scale of time, three and a half days. From the morning of July 12, when the crop circle appeared, this time takes us to July 15 (tomorrow) in the afternoon.

The first implication of this is that we may have a new crop circle tomorrow, July 15.

And the second is that, somewhere, Lord T's Merkabah may give some nods to the world, in some places. I have my sighting point, in my city, and I will try to be there at the day and time. Because it won't be the first time that Merkabah will wave to me, through crop circle message. He already waved, for example, on the night of the great solar eclipse of June 21, showing a direct connection between messages on Earth and UFO activities in the sky. If you have such a "point" in your city or countryside, here's the tip!

Some are deeming Valiis House's formation to be human, not alien, because of flaws in the model. But if you improve your observation, you will see that the cultivation field where the image was formed, it is the one that is irregular, with flaws and holes in the plantation. That is, it is the right and exact image in a field that has natural flaws, hence this apparent effect of the crop circles being flawed. It usually happens at other events.

It is not the crop circle that is crooked or flawed, it is the plantation that is not homogeneous enough to reproduce the model with the precision of the most uniform fields and generally with the crops still green (this plantation is already more mature).

Another detail is the repetition of the T signature pattern.
The non-attentive eyes only judge the images. But the good observer and scholar of the phenomena also judges the messages, looking for their patterns. And put it even in front of the images to draw your conclusions. It remains as a new lesson. Many crop circles irregular in their lines have already been identified as legitimate. And many perfect crop circles have already been unmasked as made by human people, either with boards and ropes, or by scanning. Everything is very relative. 

Jonas Passos (14.07.2020)

The Lord T


An incredible crop circle with an alien face shook the world of Ufology in 2016, when he repeated the theme of the Indian with a headdress, from 2009 ... only this time, with an alien face. Important note: it is not because the artist put the face of a GREY that he is one.

Aliens with this face have appeared in crop circles since 1999. The artist's proposal is to give an understanding to the world that it is an extraterrestrial entity, because this Grey face has already become an icon of Ufology. So, by association, the researchers understand that the artist wants to imply that he is an alien. Because if you put on a human face, many would think of fake.
It is just an associative idea, very common, in fact, in crop circles.

This alien uses an Indian headdress with 14 feathers, making connection with the 2009 crop circle Indian, with the same headdress containing 14 feathers! And that Indian headdress came with a Mayan code number, already deciphered and directly related to the Mayan Aztec calendar. There are also several codes 11-11 repeated in the distribution of Mayan numbers on the feathers.

But let's go back to the 2016 Alien face. It has a letter T right on the forehead, in white (not to be confused with the plantation trails, on the Alien's head).
They are clear marks, crossed in a large T that the enlarged image allows to visualize, a kind of subtle message for good observers.

The traces of the feathers are also not random. Each pen has a vertical line and three diagonal lines on each side. If we have 6 lateral lines in each feather, and if we have 14 feathers, we can make 14x6 = 84 and go back to the letter T in ASCII code, in binary 0101 0100, and in decimal, then 84

But, for trained eyes, there is another fundamental detail. In just one of the feathers, the line at the top was crossed by another, forming a cross (highlighted on the slide, yellow circle).
Only this sector has the cross, all the others are repeated according to the standard.

And considering that, then that sector marked by the cross will add two more lines to the account of the 6 lines by penalty, and the total changes to 84 + 2, which is 86. And in the same ASCII code, the number 86 is equivalent to the letter V.

Doing 84 - 86 = V T, it is easy to deduce the secret identity of Lord V T behind the allegory of the alien face, which is neither Gray nor Indian. But very human by the way. And Venusian.

Now, a T-shaped forehead sign, in addition to presenting the identity of the Lord T of Venus, is related to the Christic seal of the chosen ones, which would be the "Name of God" on the foreheads of the 144,000.
And that Name is the Tetragramma YHWH, four letters, whose equivalent symbol is precisely the cross.

Since 1991, the first pictograms highlighting the letter T, as a signature, appear in the fields of England, and there have been many others. This 2016 is one of the most notable.

Did you know that in the book that writer Frank Stranges wrote about Valiant Thor's visit to the Pentagon (called A Stranger in the Pentagon), he describes Valiant Thor's friendship with Jesus Christ, and that Valiant Thor would have an effective stake in rescuing the elect , at the end of time according to the Apocalypse, in their red ships, or whatever color? We are going to publish some of these reports from your book which, unfortunately, was not published for the Portuguese language (translated).

And now, Lord T decides to sign the letter T again inside a triangle or Merkabah ship. I'm sure there will be more from now on.
The big crop circle messages usually go until August. So, don't turn off the channel.

All this knowledge needed to begin to understand these authentic messages from the stars, then a deep, detailed, meticulous study. Superficial minds are not up to this knowledge, and for this reason, I always say that the crop circle phenomenon is highly selective, it seems to choose minds attracted to itself.

Many people judge crops circles to be fraud without knowing all that. And he always loses. Losing a lot of valuable information, especially nowadays, where the powerful in this world just want to eat our liver to stay in power.
Unhappy with those who still believe in them.

See more here: 

Jonas Passos (15.07.2020)

Merkabah Standard 2020 Talking about Merkabah


Three crop circles appearing in 2020 that bear the pattern of sacred geometry related to the Merkabah, or Car of God (according to the Book of Ezekiel), a vehicle of higher order in which God himself moves in the Universe. Logically, Merkabah has two very different meanings and senses that can never be confused. Many people when hearing the word Merkabah think immediately and only about UFOs or flying saucers. But Merkabah is not just that. It's much more than that.

If Aliens were considered angels or gods in the past, and their vehicles associated with UFOs by modern Ufology, there is an aspect even superior to this in the relationship between spirit and Merkabah that does not involve any concept of technology, because, in certain dimensions above the matter and energy, dimensions of mind, Quantum and timelessness, technological artifacts become unnecessary, because Mind will be the only vehicle for the manifestation of Spirit in a pure, immaterial state.

Technologies, however advanced, are matter. Aliens, however evolved they are, are deadly. And that is not the limit of God's Merkabah.

Merkabah is a Hebrew word derived from RKB, Car (in the time of the ancient Hebrews, horse-drawn carts). Merkabah is spelled MRKBH, or M-RKB-H, a supercar from Car, to differentiate it from ordinary cars.

The Car of God.

The vehicle or set of vehicles through which and through which the Pure Spirit manifests itself in Creation. He was represented in Ezekiel and in the Apocalypse as a complex mechanism involving four multiple wheels, with eyes and lights, and four sacred creatures, with four wings each.

Pure symbolism of the Tetragrammaton, of the Cross, of the four elements in point of balance and convergence in the fifth element, the key to the Universe. The Fifth element is the synthesis and origin at the same time of the four elements or four energetic states of matter (fire-plasma, air-gas, water-liquid, earth-solid) and which can only be commanded by a force that is higher: the Word, the conscious Word.

Today, Modern Physics comes up against this concept by theorizing about infinitesimal strings at the root of all things, atoms, particles and even forces. Thus, the four states of matter represent four faces of Spirit moving in Creation. Movement relatively speaking, because Thought is instantaneous, and in the vehicle of the mind, it can be anywhere without the barrier of space and time limiting it.

This is the Merkabah of Spirit, the cosmic, quantum, gravitational, energetic and material Mind. Thought, a wave of light and information, which travels from the macro to the microcosm, and from the micro to the macrocosm, in quantum tissues and gravitational waves, in electro-magnetism and heat, in short, in the four pillars of Creation. The Conscious Thought that becomes Word, and the Conscious Word that makes thought, and that is behind everything that was created, and before which no technology is the time to reproduce. However advanced it may be.

Merkabah results in the Universe Mind communicating with each other, without any part being outside of this cosmic net of conscious energy whose final result is called LIFE. Life that no earth or sky technology can create ... because life comes from God, the soul, the spirit that thinks, feels, loves. Something that no machine can do.

The Universe, all of it, is the Great and Wonderful Merkabah of the Creator, where his Spirit thinks, lives and manifests himself in everything and in every part. In all beings, in all atoms, in all stars. In all of us! 

Jonas Passos (15.07.2020)


Contact ... or something else?

The year 2020 promised to be unusual in crop circle messages, despite the fall of objects each year ... however, what really matters is not quantity, but the quality of messages, which is refined each year in a clear, sharp direction and objective: to decipher the messages, contact ... or something else!

see more:anuncios-de-um-contato-ou-algo-mais-na-temporada-crop-circle-2020 & um-tremendo-sinal-dos-venusianos-fazendo-contato-com-a-humanidade-no-final-do-grande-ciclo-anunciado 

Jonas Passos 28.07.2020

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Crop Circles-UFO's-Ancient Mysteries-Scientific Speculations

Geometrical irregularities suggest a man-made origin for the crop circle. It seems that as  the number of true circles decline, the man-made ones increase. We have here three impact areas for three different comets, or the nucleus and two major fragments of Comet A (seen upside down). The three small triangles represent three space vehicles monitoring the impacts. The large central triangle stands for a divine approval of the impacts (pg. 179-83 of my free e-book). Other examples of this figure are T264, pg. 179, T911 and T912, pg. 180, and ITA (11/07/02), pg. 183. It isn't clear what the small figure near the centre of the triangle represents - perhaps the letter T, or  a mark of ownership, neither ,of which are found in prior circles. 

The nearby spiral looks man-made. Spirals generally depict dust and very small fragments drifting down through the atmosphere to the ground over several days (corresponding to the turns in the spiral). 

Kenneth Heck




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