Barton Stacey Belt, Nr South Wonston, Hampshire. Reported 8th June

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Alignments and effects in the Solar System alerted in the new crop circle? 

An accurate, well-drawn, typical style crop circle reported today, June 8, 2021, in Barton Stacey Belt, Hampshire, UK. A starry dodecagon that, at first sight, represents not only our Sun, but the zodiacal structure of the sky as a whole (the twelve signs or sectors of the sky in the annual march of the stars). In the centre is a ring with eight circles (in line with today's date, June 8), and which appears to represent the Earth and Moon seasons simultaneously (major and minor circles). Something that could send us back to the annular eclipse two days from now, on June 10th, and possible solar activity (since star 12 seems to emit rays, in a suggested energetic expansion). Because it is the Earth-Moon system aligned with the Sun in the total eclipse (annular type), which can cause energetic effects in systems aligned to the centre of gravity. The ring type Eclipse will take place within the constellation Taurus, in front of the constellation Auriga. 

But there is a fourth system, for if the Sun is the largest star in the background, and the Earth-Moon system, pictured in the inner ring, which circle is that in the centre? From the diagram of the solar system, Mercury and Earth are in exact alignment with the Sun, and the Solar Eclipse on that 10th. So this central star can represent the planet Mercury, reinforcing the Sun-Earth-Moon alignment of the 10th. In fact, EIGHT is the number of Mercury in the Tree of Kabbalah (eight inner circles). Is it also a reference to the object P 7X, which is getting closer and closer to the Sun and already causing so many effects in local space?

Therefore, the canter circle could represent the Star Nemesis, or second Sun, surrounded by its own planetary system, whose alignment then produces the activation of the Sun and the entire solar system as they approach. Twelve spokes, and nine inner circles. Twelve plus nine adds up to 21, current year (2021) It is interesting to note that, in twelve days, counting from the 8th of June, today we will enter Winter (Summer in the Northern Hemisphere), exactly on the 20th of June, already turning in the early morning of the 21st (by UTC time).

June solstice

Which is another important annual alignment for ancient crops fringed by many crop circles. 

Jonas Passos (08.06.2021)

The Star Sign 

At Barton Stacey Belt, Hampshire, UK, morning of 06.08.2021.

The June 10th annular eclipse will be aligned with two nearby, known stars. Capella, the alpha of Auriga, and Bellatrix, the third brightest star in Orion. And in the same constellation of Orion, we find Betelgeuse, the newest "candidate" for the supernova star of our time.

All because the geometry of this crop circle was based internally on the octagon (eight circles of different sizes on the inside) and projecting eight rays, we have here the ancient symbology for a star or star in the sky.

The 8th was also purposely chosen. Another very significant detail that adds further strength to the new star theory. 

This new crop circle appeared next to the famous Chilbolton crop circle in 2021.

Arecibo's answer was the name given to a crop circle that appeared on farmland next to the Chilbolton radio telescope linked to the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI) in Hampshire, UK, on 19 August 2001.

It was 25 meters wide and 36 meters long. The design is so named because it seems to be a response to Arecibo's message, which SETI conveyed to space in 1974.

This means that this new crop circle means a STAR SIGN.
Knowing what this signal is, whether it will be a natural signal (a supernova explosion) or an intelligent communication, and how it all links to the date of the next annular eclipse on June 10, which also predicts increased solar activity, is what we continue studying here!

The Circle of Eight Stars

Observing the celestial region where tomorrow's eclipse (10.06) will occur, I notice that it will position itself in a field around which there is a circle of 8 well-known and bright stars, which I have numbered according to the sequence starting from the star at the furthest point. north (Capella, of the constellation Auriga) 

Are they:

1. Capella (Alpha de Auriga)
2. Adebaran (Alpha of Taurus)
3. Rigel (Beta Orion)
4. Saiph (Bayer Kappa Orion)
5. SIRIUS (Alpha  Canis Major)
6. Procyon (Alpha Canis Minor)
7. Pollux (Alpha Geminis)
8. Beaver (Beta Geminis)

It is interesting to note that, in this circle, we have four stars brighter and more important than the others: Capela, Aldebaran, Rigel and Sirius, standing out from the other four, with a slightly lower brightness, which aligns with the crop circle model, four circles internal majors and four minors in the octagon, the field where the central star is positioned - in this case, the eclipse of tomorrow.

But as the days go by, the Sun will align itself more in the centre of this circular field of eight stars, around the 20th and 21st of June, at the Solstice.

This might represent some important SIGN ahead to happen.

It's as if Barton Stacey's new crop circle is marking a field of Sun alignment between the stars and a signal or event that follows!

Detail: the other bright white dot inside the circle, on the left side of the Sun, is Venus, which transits over the constellation Gemini moving away from the Sun in this period. She can also be considered within the circle of eight stars, and also involved in these global signs and interpretations.

Mercury, which aligns with the Sun on the day of the Eclipse, is in retrograde movement to return to direct movement on the 22.06.

The union of the last two crops circles 

Stanton St Bernard, May 10th
Barton Stacey Belt, June 8th

A lunation (29-30 days) separates the two objects

And both repeated the same octagonal geometry (8), and so it was possible to compose this fusion of symmetrical images, suggesting that cosmic eclipses and alignments are turning the wheel of time and moving forces in the direction of the acceleration of predicted transformations.

The diagonals of the first crop circle line up perfectly with the eight inner circles of the twelve-ray star's ring.

This means that these two crop circles share the same message to the world! 

Jonas Passos (09.06.2021)

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Crop Circles-UFO's-Ancient Mysteries-Scientific Speculations

The 9 worlds of Norse Mythology and the Bifrost activation that I advised you of on Monday 7th June. 


The first comet predicted by the aliens to strike will be A, hitting in the Atlantic Ocean. Its two major fragments will hit near Puerto Rico and Florida, according to some prophecies. Next comes the Warning Comet, warning about a solar ejection and the first chastising comet, Comet B, with its ten major fragments. Then the Sun Comet hits the sun and only then afterward Comet B strikes.

In front of this crop circle are the four large chastising comets each with their associated major fragments. The major fragments, 29 in total, are also very destructive, but it hasn't been revealed exactly where they will all strike. Before the first of these chastising comets hits there will be a major coronal mass ejection from the sun associated with the impact of the Sun Comet (the centre circle). The twelve-sided star represents this ejection and it will likely be much worse than the 1859 Carrington Event. In prophetic circles this solar event is called "The Great Warning" and predicts the sky will turn white for a few minutes. Satellite communications will be ruined we will experience major electrical malfunctions.

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Kenneth Heck


Exactly 48 days until the beginning of the New Year of the Yellow Seed ;-)

Crop circle at Barton Stacey Belt, near South Wonston, Hampshire, UK. Reported 8th June 2021

According to the Mayan Dreamspell calendar Tzolkin, 8 June 2021 was a day with the Solar Seal Yellow Resonant Warrior with Tone 7, this is Kin 176 in Tzolkin. This is a day of the actual Blue Lunar Storm Year. On 26 July 2021 begins the New Year of the Yellow Electric Seed. Yellow Electric Seed is Kin 224 in Tzolkin. The difference between Kin 176 and Kin 224 is 48 days.  Round the central circle of the formation we see a ring of 8 circles: 4 bigger and 4 smaller circles. So we have the digits 4 and 8. These digits build the number 48.

The 8 circles depict seeds and symbolize the energy Yellow Seed. So we have the energy Yellow Seed and the digits 4 and 8, building the number 48: this altogether symbolizing exactly 48 days until the beginning of the New Year of the Yellow Seed ;-)! The 8 circles (Seeds) are connected through “ties” which symbolize the Electric Tone 3 – the energy of Bonding.

So the 8 Seeds bonded with each other symbolize exactly the energy Yellow Electric Seed with Tone 3 – the major energy of the New Yellow Electric Seed Year, which begins on 26 July 2021.

 The number 4 symbolizes additionally the energy Yellow Seed – Solar Seal No. 4. The number 8 symbolizes additionally the energy Yellow Star (Solar Seal No. 8) – the Guiding energy of the Yellow Electric Seed.  These energies shall help us to come together with others to co create beauty and harmony in our world.  The big outer circle represents the Earth and symbolizes the energy Red Earth – the Occult Teacher of the Yellow Seed.

The main figure depicts a
12-fold star and symbolizes the energy Yellow Star. The Yellow Star is the Guiding energy of both the Yellow Resonant Warrior and the Yellow Electric Seed ;-)! The number 12 symbolizes the actual 12th Lunar month with Tone 12 – the Crystal Tone of Cooperation. The whole star looks like a crystal star. Each apex of the star resembles the helmet of a warrior and symbolizes the energy Yellow Warrior – the main energy of the day 8 June 2021.

The central circle symbolizes a portal. 8 June 2021 is a Galactic Activation Portal day. The warriors are very close together and symbolize the humanity on Earth, united through Tone 12 – the Crystal Tone of Cooperation. The main figure of the formation resembles also a tooth wheel. Usually a tooth wheel is rotating and is part of a machine drive. In this way, the tooth wheel on the formation symbolizes the energy Blue Storm – the energy of Activation.  

Cordial thanks to the authors of this amazing formation, to the photographer Nick Bull and to the whole team of the Crop Circle Connector!

Maya Todorova

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