Longwood Warren, Nr Winchester, Hampshire. Reported 4th July.

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Updated  Monday 5th July 2021


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When we study where a crop picture from Longwood Warren on July 4, 2021 was drawn in the landscape, we can see a clever hidden meaning for their “double pentagram” symbol, used to represent planet Venus 

When we study the broad landscape near this crop picture, using Google Earth, we can see the large image of a “spaceman” on the right. He seems to be “running toward” a capital letter “E” on the left. The crop artists apparently saw this striking landscape feature from above, and decided to draw an accompanying image in crops. 

They drew a “10-pointed star”, just above and to the right of that capital letter “E”. Its precise field location is shown below, circled in red. Such a 10-pointed star or “double pentagram” is often used to represent the orbit of planet Venus:  

As confirmation of this idea, their new crop picture creates a number 1-0 (or “ten”) in the landscape where it was drawn, by combining the 1 shape of a line of trees on the left, with the round 0 shape of the crop picture itself. Two opposing “points” of that 10-pointed star were drawn precisely parallel to the line of green trees, as a confirmatory clue. 

Now if their new crop picture represents “planet Venus”, then a large, capital letter “E” on the left might plausibly represent planet “Earth”?  

When studied as a whole, after this “Venus” crop picture has been added, our “spaceman” friend on the right seems to be “racing toward” both planets Venus and Earth, as fast as he can!  

A similarly-clever crop picture was drawn in August of 2020 near Patney Bridge. There the crop artists suggested that they were using “super rocket fuel”, to reach Earth as fast as they can (see Patney comments).  

The detailed landscape near Longwood Warren yields another subtle and amusing feature, if we study it carefully. Thus we can see the shape for a “bottle of wine or champagne”, next to that capital letter “E” on the left. When they finally arrive on Earth, after a long journey from the distant stars, will some celebrations be planned?

We learned in 2012, from a crop picture drawn near Fabbrico, Italy (and others), that a small fleet of spaceships had apparently left the Pleiades, and was entering a spacetime wormhole to travel to Earth (see one of the slides in 13042016A or WATCH). Since then, a series of clever crop pictures have suggested that the E.T. crop artists might arrive in our solar system during the year of 2021 (see 15032019l). Would you like to have a drink with them?  

“To be whole is to be part; true voyage is return.” ---Ursula Le Guin.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)





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