Watership Down, Nr Sydmonton, Hampshire. Reported 11th August.

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Updated  Monday 25th October 2021


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This new crop picture at Watership Down on August 11, 2021 may have a DOUBLE MEANING.

On one level, it seems to show a close opposition between “ringed Saturn” and “Earth” that took place on August 2, 2021.

On another level, it shows an 11-ponted “star” or “gear” at the centre of its largest set of circles, which may signify something else. 

On one level, this crop picture seems to illustrate a close opposition which took place between “ringed Saturn” and “Earth” on August 2-3, 2021. A two-ringed, “barbell” symbol means planetary “opposition” in astrology or astronomy. Such “barbell” symbols were drawn often in crops during the 1990’s (see READ): 


On another level, this new crop picture shows an 11-pointed “star” or “gear” at the centre of its largest set of circles, which represent “Saturn”. That would be hardly surprising, for a crop picture which appeared on a date of August 11:  


Yet there does not seem to be any obvious reason, why the crop artists did not draw this crop picture on a date of August 2, 2021, when the planetary opposition took place. Perhaps they are suggesting some kind of DOUBLE MEANING? For example, there will be a full or “Blue Moon” 11 days from now on August 22, 2021 (see astronomy-calendar-2021).  

Alternatively, that 11-pointed “star” might symbolize something more significant. I have been keeping the image of an 11-pointed star on my desktop since July 15, 2021, when a mysterious person on Twitter called “Mr. Pool” posted that image, as a subtle link in a video which used part of Ben Folds’ song “Landed” (see Watch) as its audio track. Some of the lyrics from Ben’s song are thought-provoking:   

“If you wrote me off, I'd understand,
Because I've been on some other planet.

I’ve been flying high all night.
So come pick me up, I've landed.”

Was this just a coincidence, or could some of the E.T. crop artists be on Twitter? Do you remember what happened with “Mothership Glass” in August 2016? For anyone who might be interested, a copy of that strange video, with its audio track from “Landed” by Ben Folds, may be found here (see READ).  

We have really good evidence, from his successful prediction of earthquakes near Auckland on March 2, 2021 (see Watch or Watch), that “Mr. Pool” is a time traveller. His very name means “looP in time” to describe a closed time-like curve. He often posts images of “Saturn”. He has posted another highly-watched video of E.T. visitors landing in a wheat field (see Read). We can only wait to see what happens next. Will the crop artists actually land?  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R, Drew)




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Closing of the crop circle phenomenon - back to the beginning!

This new crop circle confirms a point I've always insisted on: the decrease in crops circles every year (especially in 2021) and now, with this object recreating the models from the year 1991, when the messages started, under the pictogram 11- 11, this actually means that the crop circle message cycle is closing (and this could be the last crop circle, or one of the last) and the spiritual harvest is approaching.

And all the planetary turbulence on the eve of terrible things ahead are also demonstrating the sharp scythe descending on the tares and wheat of the Earth. What I've been saying since the beginning has just been confirmed! I already had the feeling in the June crop circle (see link) tonocosmos.com.br

And you see, it was sent to us just today, the 11th, to highlight the 11-11 message.

"The end repeats the beginning of a cycle that ends: the snake bites its tail!"
"I am the Alpha and the Omega"

Chesefoot Head 1990 (Alpha) and Watership Down 2021 (Omega)

This was the first pictographic-style crop circle, endowed with a kind of coded message, which appeared in England, at Chilcomb Farm, Cheesefoot Head, may 23, 1990.

Two circles, one larger and one smaller, connected by an axis and, side by side, double bar, 11-11, and this can be interpreted in many ways, as I have been doing since then, and now, I highlight my main interpretations of this symbol, repeated several times since 1990 (a clear message pattern). 

Main Messages 11-11 in Pictogram

Two dimensions, two planes touching, in the synchronicity thermometer. Mysterious events on Earth and in heaven because of the planetary cycle ending, rising up as beacons of the end of the race and the transition to the promised new age after the fall of Babylon (11-11 becomes the main code of synchronicity or contact with dimensions signalling on clocks and other channels).

Two twin planets: Earth and Venus, the origin of the crops circles, the extraterrestrials most linked to our race by a shared ancestry (in Eden, before the fall). It is as if primordial humanity was created in the Garden of the Gods on Venus, and after its fall, was transported to Earth. Interestingly, Venus is called Earth's twin planet in some ancient esoteric lines.

The image of our binary solar system, two suns, two stars, and with the approach of the second star (hidden until then), a series of effects are triggered, also indicated in 11-11, in the form of synchronicities and small ruptures between dimensions, causing all kinds of uniqueness and strangeness in nature and human behaviour.

Two united intelligences: this symbol can even represent the CONTACT established between the two parties. Two worlds, two suns, two planes of consciousness connected.

Since 1990, when this message format started in England, taking the world of Ufology by surprise, 31 years have passed, and a Saturn cycle, which lasts between 29-30 years, has been covered. Saturn in Astrology means the harvest of time. 

See this link: ciclo-de-saturno-crops-circles-e-2019

And the crop circle authors are informing us that the cycle ends, and harvest time begins. And all messages sent in theoretical mode, 30 years ago, now enter in practical mode, that is, everything that was announced to humanity in the past, becomes reality in the present. 

Binary solar system

One of the arguments of the crop circle is that the larger circular module of the pictogram has, in the centre, a 12-ray formation, it seemed to me, which might suggest that this end of the pictogram represents the Sun, and the other, the second Sun, object P 7X perhaps, in an approximation movement, when then the 11-11 means energy propagation as a result of this between the two gravitationally intertwined systems, which represents impacts on planet Earth and other stars connected to the system.

The larger circular module is even breaking apart, which also suggests the expansion of forces from the core of the aligned systems.
This idea has already appeared in previous crops circles.

What is confirmed in our time around the real approximation of the P 7X object and the accelerated effects on the Earth, masked by the big globalist media under the label of Global Warming. I'm not denying that the Earth suffers the consequences of deforestation and industrial and automotive pollution. The absurdity is to assume that the entire complex cosmological process on Earth is the result only and only of human interference in Nature.

These were the various pictograph templates from 1990, all in England, and some going back to the original Cheesefoot Head field.


Synchronicity: I turned 22 in July studying crops circles (11+11) through the late UFOlogist Wallacy Albino. And today, the return of pictogram 11-11.

Another incredible synchronicity is that today, August 11th, the index of the official website where I also publish articles, the crop circle connector, updated, showed 22 crops circles so far!

There is an antenna in the field, very close to the crop circle: antenna, transmission of energy, waves, information. A FLAGGED CONTACT! 

Finally, the name of the field where this crop circle appeared, WATERSHIP DOWN, may have some indirect (or very direct, depending on your point of view) symbolic translations!

The Novel Watership Down, by Richard Adams.

Watership Down is an adventure novel by English writer Richard Adams, published by Rex Collings Ltd of London in 1972. Situated in southern England, near Hampshire, the story features a small group of rabbits. Although they live in their wild natural environment, in burrows, they are humanized, possessing their own culture, language, proverbs, poetry and mythology.

Evoking epic themes, the novel follows the rabbits as they escape the destruction of their labyrinth and look for a place to establish a new home (Watership Down Hill), encountering dangers and temptations along the way.

Well, the theme of the book is very specific, rabbit running away from the destruction of its environment, and the setting of the book is the same as in crop circle, Watership Down!

This seems to match the BOTTOMING BOAT suggestion for the symbolic translation of the crop circle's location name.

If, on the one hand, this seems to me to be associated with Noah's Ark of the new time, on the other hand, it makes it seem like an association with the sad reality of planet Earth and its inhabitants, compared to a boat that is sinking... in a deluge of chaos.

Therefore, the message was placed near a local antenna.  Are signs of the ever-closer end sent to the world? You decide. 


JP (11.08.2021)

Watership Down, 11-11 and the language of great alignments

Looking more carefully at the images, in the centre of one of the poles of the pictogram, there is an 11-pointed Sun, not 12 points, as I mentioned before (in the absence of more detailed images).

Well, this new 11 of the set, added to 11-11 of the pictogram itself and the date 11 on which it appeared, facing a local antenna, reinforces the associative elements that make 11-11 a numerical pattern OF CONNECTION WITH DIMENSIONS PARALLELS (where all psychic contacts come from) and also a pattern of GREAT ALIGNMENTS, starting from the astronomical table of the pre-Columbian peoples, and highlighting here the magnificent Aztec stone of the Sun, which brings, in the two snakes on the edge, in a kind of Stylized Yang-Yin, the way to represent the great cosmic alignments that trigger the energies of the involved nuclei, mainly from the central Sun (Tonatiuh, the name of the Fifth Sun in Aztec cosmogony).

These two fire serpents (Xiuhcoatles, name with this meaning) can represent, since that time and in that culture, the two suns that make up our solar system, being double (binary) and as it is a calendar, it marks the cyclical times of meeting of these two fire serpents, even represented with a long tail (in fact, one of the objects seems to have a long tail, orbiting the centre of gravity of the double system in a behaviour similar to a large comet).

If the model of the pre-Columbian calendars (Aztec and Maya) were given to the Indians of the time by beings from space (Venusians), it is not surprising that they were aware of our double solar system. The body of these snakes has, each one, 11 sectors, which converts them into the same type of stylized 11-11 pictogram of that culture. When these two stars approached this centre of gravity, which occurs cyclically, the Fifth Sun would end (the nuclei of the systems involved would suffer the effects of the great burst of gravitational energy) and renewal would come, opening the paths for the Sixth Sun.

The ancient and modern way to represent the enormous power of planetary alignments and, mainly, the reunion of the double Sun in the sky of our system (binary, according to the elementary image of the pictogram) has been represented by the equally double arcanum 11. Arcanum 11 means Force, and in this case, it is a double force reinforcing each other: the exact description of two bodies in gravitational attraction, it is a force (gravitational) where one mass reinforces the other in the final module of generated energy.

Perhaps all of this has to do with that date of February 16, 2022, when a new planetary alignment will take place, with the mysterious object closest to the Sun - which would explain the planetary breakdown on an increasing scale.
All this justifies the closure of messages that have been insisting on the same information for three decades, in the face of humanity's debauchery.

We can only wait. There is nothing to be done in the face of such a situation of a cosmic order, foreseen by the prophets of God.

JP (12.08.2021)

Crops circles announce planetary seismic wave

At least, that's what the recent crops circles have warned. Nun's Walk and a seismic vibration panel, and recently, on August 11, a classic 11-11 alignment model, which may be related to the P 7X approaching the Sun, in the binary (double sun) configuration of our planetary system familiar.

After the violent earthquake in Alaska of 8.1 degrees on July 28th to 29th, a seismic wave is at work, in resonance with many solar flares (the theory of reverberating nuclei by gravitational strings, Sun and Earth operating in nuclear energy resonance, as shows pictogram 11-11 of Watership Down.

And before the recent 7.2-degree earthquake that rocked Haiti, it is said that 30 minutes earlier, a massive 6.9-degree earthquake hit Alaska again. 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Haiti Affected countries: Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Turks and Caicos, United States Minor Outlying Islands, and Cuba L'Asile, Haiti - 6 km away from the epicentre · 14 Aug. 09:29

This I announced would happen: a new seismic wave arriving on Earth, and it appears to have been triggered in late July. Many violent earthquakes have been reported in various parts of the world since then. Correctly interpreted crop circles show their veracity after all.

(JP 15.08.2021)

What do the recent crop circle have in common with the recent NASA discovery?

EVERYTHING, and the compared images speak for themselves!

NASA discovers glowing X-ray rings around black hole

The new image released by NASA combines the X-rays with data collected in optical light by a telescope. An X-ray image recently released by Chandra Observatory and Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory reveals what would otherwise be invisible. It can be seen bright rings around a black hole, one of the greatest mysteries of the universe.

The black hole is located in a binary system with a companion star, which is half the mass of the sun. Through gravity, the star's material is pulled into a ring around the black hole that glows in X-rays. According to NASA, astronomers refer to these systems as "X-ray binaries". The black hole and star system are called V404 Cygni and are 7800 light-years from Earth. Swift Observatory detected an X-ray burst from the binary system in June 2015 that created energy rings that are visible in X-ray images.

Glowing rings formed by light echoes

According to CNN, the phenomenon that led to the creation of these rings were light echoes, having been created in this system when the X-ray explosion of the binary system reflected in dust clouds, with tiny solid particles, scattered through the space between the V404 system. Cygni and the Earth.

The new image released by NASA combines the X-rays seen by the Chandra Observatory with data collected in optical light by the Pan-STARRS telescope in Hawaii, which fills the surrounding stars. In 2015, Chandra Observatory observed the system on July 11th and 25th, while Swift Observatory studied it between June 30th and August 25th.

Eight rings created by X-rays can be seen reflecting off dust clouds. These rings may help scientists better understand the black hole within the V404 Cygni system, as well as the cosmic space between the system and Earth. The diameter of the rings allows researchers to determine the distances to the dust clouds that were used to create the rings of light. The larger the ring, the closer the cloud is to Earth.

Experts were also able to use X-ray brightness to determine the composition of the dust clouds, based on the amount of X-rays they had absorbed. They found that the dust was probably made of graphite and silicate grains. The new image gives another perspective on mysterious black holes and how X-ray observatories can show aspects of the universe that would otherwise be invisible.


NASA released the images on August 5th, and the crop circle came 6 days later, on August 11th.

The shape of the rings compared to the crop circle model are practically identical, and within the context of the research, an alternative interpretation of the 11-11 pictogram style crop circle may suggest that our system IS ALSO BINARY, currently suffering the gravitational influences of the second Sun in approximation, as the geometry of the pictogram clearly indicates.

A message type by ANALOGY.


JP (15.08.2021)

Numerous small irregularities identify this crop circle as man-made. Alien-made crop circles always contain new information. Everything here has been seen before; there is no new information in this crop circle. On the left a comet has gained a coma, the gas surrounding the nucleus generated by heat from the Sun. As the comet travels further along the trajectory line the initial circles of damage/destruction are indicated. These two circles are broken because they have not yet been finalized at this early stage of the comet’s progress toward Earth impact. The four bars between the two positions of the comet represent energetic impulses from a triangular space vehicle intended to speed up and/or slow down the comet. The aliens will sometimes modify the trajectory of a comet to take advantage of a planetary assist in velocity. The eleven-pointed star or gear represents the flash(s) of light from impact - most likely from the nucleus and 10 major fragments of Comet B.

Kenneth Heck


Carlos Alberto Aires Yates



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