Roundway Hill, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 15th August.

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Updated  Monday 21st October 2021


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This new and spectacular crop picture near Roundway on August 15, 2021 calls our attention to the next retrograde cycle of Mercury: will something important happen then?  

It resembles in style two other crop pictures from the summer of 2020 on June 21 at Ackling Dyke (see Ackling articlesl), then on August 9 near the Uffington White Horse (see woolstone comments or  woolstone articles). The first of those pictures suggested when the E.T. crop artists might “arrive” in our solar system. The second of those pictures (and others) suggested that they might arrive via a spacetime wormhole, after four or more retrograde cycles of Mercury (lasting for slightly over one year). 

Now on August 15, 2021, we can see near Roundway a truly spectacular piece of field art. which may be derived (in part) from another crop picture that appeared at Uffington on August 9, 2020, simply by “erasing” its innermost layer of flattened crop, while “superimposing” its two outer, standing layers of flattened crop on one another:

That Uffington crop picture in 2020 showed 24 slanted triangles in each of 3 radial layers, to symbolize “forward”, then retrograde or “reverse”, then “forward” motions of Mercury through Earth’s sky, for time periods of approximately 24 days each. This new crop picture near Roundway in 2021 shows 2 x 16 superimposed sets of slanted triangles in its outermost radial layer. One set moves “forward”, while the other set moves “reverse”, where each set might last possibly for 16 days.  

By studying the movie shown below, we can see how Mercury (coloured “blue”) moves apparently “forward”, then “reverse”, then “forward” again as seen from Earth (coloured “red”), just before, during and after it moves between the Earth and our Sun. A visual correspondence with symbols from the new crop picture seems obvious: 

During this year of 2021, Mercury lined up behind the Sun as seen from Earth on August 1 (“superior conjunction”). It will line up between Earth and our Sun next on October 8 (“inferior conjunction”). Starting from August 16, Mercury will move “forward” for 40 days until September 25. Then on September 27, it will begin to move “reverse” for 20 days until October 17.  

When we study pattens of flattened, interwoven wheat near the centre of this crop picture, we can count the same numbers of “40” and “20” by careful inspection. The highly-woven, central part of this new crop picture again resembles Uffington of August 9, 2020, but with its outermost radial layer “erased” or removed, and with its innermost radial layer “mostly erased”:  

In summary, this new crop picture near Roundway on August 15, 2021 seems to be a continuation in style and meaning, of two earlier crop pictures which appeared near Ackling Dyke and Uffington during the summer of 2020. It draws our attention to an upcoming retrograde cycle of Mercury which will begin on September 27, then end on October 17. If you were a “betting man”, you might be tempted to wager that something important will happen then? Please see the Articles page for further clues and informative landscape imagery. 

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew) 

P.S. Many thanks to the aerial drone photographers for their excellent work over many seasons: especially to Stonehenge Dronescapes, The Hampshire Flyer, Crop Circles from the Air, and Orion SM.




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The second sun on February 16, 2022?

Solar activity will increase in the coming days!

Another magnificent crop circle predicted in advance... the day of the crops circles, Sunday, presents us with a new object, totally solar, and with a compositional geometry that was not limited to simply lowering the wheat into the usual light and dark pattern: this geometry also realized "subliminal" designs and shapes within the lowered wheat (of course), which greatly increases its complexity while making the "human work" theory very unfeasible.

This complex Sun has inner layers that make it a peculiar object.

The Edge was constructed with 16 pairs of right triangles that can be extracted from 16 original rectangles cut in half: 32 triangles again suggesting a vortex, an energetic rotational movement, such as Herepath's other solar crop circle,  July 2, which I interpreted it as solar activity soon, and to the scientists' astonishment, it really came fast, the next day (July 3) on a charge of energy that has not been seen since 2017.

Feb 16, 2022 has been subtly placed in this image, at the edge, because it holds 16 pairs of triangles (ie 2/16). Something that has already come in previous messages, this being the third of them. Perhaps the time when the mysterious object approaches to such an extent that it can be seen in the sky by everyone? Questions that we will have answered shortly.

One thing is certain: it seems that the acceleration of planetary events has an advancing cause, but globalist media labels talking only about global warming or conspiracy theories thinking only about HAARP (as if Haarp could cause the sun to shake) try to put up curtains of smoke over the reality of the facts... but no one will be able to hide it anymore when it reveals itself in the skies of all the world. 

I am faced with at least two basic interpretations, both suggesting new and even more intense solar activities because of this approaching second Sun cosmology:

1) the crop circle represents the sun with its inner layers
2) the crop circle represents the Solar System with its orbital (planetary) levels

Both definitions seem to point to an unprecedented rise in solar energy activity, with direct impacts on the climate and other terrestrial phenomena, such as earthquakes and volcanic activity, as is already happening.

Are you going to say now that the seismic wave is caused by Global Warming too? Of course, human activity destroying nature interferes with the balance, but it doesn't answer all the questions about the current state of the planet.

The sun has 5 basic layers, from the center to the periphery:

1. Nucleus
2. Radiation Zone
3. Convention Area
4. Photosphere
5. Chromosphere and Crown

The photosphere is the surface of the Sun, while the Sun's atmosphere is composed of: chromosphere and corona. The Sun's interior, in turn, is composed of: convective layer, radiative layer and core. 

That's all we need to know here to begin interpreting in this fantastic crop circle an accurate model of the inner solar structure, which suggests (the Crown's code triangles) a series of solar events coming soon, even more intense than those already verified. since July 2021.

It is interesting to note the interpenetration code of the two layers of outer triangles, in alternating geometries, identifying here the connection between the Photosphere and the Chromosphere on the outside of the Sun. 

Every detail was informed to us. 

The Sun's First Alert!

The day after Roundway Hill solar crop circle, today, August 16, NASA captured this image of the Sun, with a HUGE CORONAL HOLE! It could produce huge solar storms in the next few days. They are energy processes from the Sun's internal dynamics depicted in the crop circle.

And in this case, a huge hole in the solar magnetic field explaining itself as a function of energy oscillations from the Sun's core - hence, the Sun shown in layers! Even as if showing a huge HOLE in the centre of the Crown!

As I wrote in the full interpretation, the alternating pattern triangles in the outer ring seem to represent a defragmentation of matter on the solar surface, which has already started to happen today, with later effects on Earth.

It happened just like in Herepath's solar crop circle on July 2nd, and the next day, July 3rd, unexpected strong solar activity taking place!

And then? Didn't I say that crops circles are alien messages PREDICTING events on Earth and in the sky that no human science could predict? 

The Eye of God

At the edge, we have 16 pairs of triangles in equally alternating positions (like the 24 sectioned squares of Kitt's Lane crop circle, August 8th.

Arcanum 16 of the Tarot, the Blasted Tower, was called The House of God. And in Kabbalah, the letter 16 means THE EYE OF GOD or THE EYE OF HEAVEN. Notice how well this crop circle combines the image of a Sun and an EYE.

The Eye of Light, the Eye of Energy, The Eye of Life. The Solar Crown in this crop circle was depicted with 16 pairs of triangles, which, like Kitt's Lane cc, are made up of 16 rectangles cut in half. Suggests a deconstruction. A burst of intense energy for the next few days or weeks.

The name Roundway Hill, the Mountain of the ring road, or roundabout, something like that, in the literal interpretation of the name of the field where, on purpose, this object appeared.Sun-16 is circling, the crown with triangles has been arranged in a way to suggest intense matter-energy transformation in the Sun's internal dynamics for short.

And there are 16 pairs of triangles, which brings us for the third time to the date February 16, 2022, already signaled by two other crops circles. Something that indicates increased solar activity for an underlying cause: the Second Sun.

The Mayan Code

The solar core is surrounded by a 20-point ring. Interestingly, 20 is an absolutely SOLAR number in many ancient cultures. The Maya had a 20-day count, assigning it a solar period or month (Winal), which went into the composition of their sacred calendar, the Tzolkin of 13 x 20 days. Incidentally, the Mayan calendar also has 20 tones or energy stamps typifying each of the days or cycles to the related stamps.

Seal 20, AHAU, is what closes the loops.

If we have an inner ring of 20 points, this brings association between this SUN and the AHAU tone, seal 20, saying that the Fifth Sun (4-Caban or 4-Earthquake, Mayan language) is actually closing another long cycle for civilization .

Just look at the world and be sure of it.

By the way, adding the 32 triangles of the border with the 20 points of the inner ring, we have the number 52, a highly significant number from the Mayan cosmology and its calendars and cycles of time (4 x 13 = 52) all of them talking about TRANSFORMATION (13 -death)!

NASA reported that the Sun has recently entered a new cycle, and scientists at NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in the United States have confirmed the start of the 25th solar cycle. According to experts, the solar minimum, when the star's activities decrease, was observed in December 2019, indicating the beginning of the new stage.

The minimum point indicates the reversal of solar activity, entering phase 25.

"As we emerge from the solar minimum and approach the maximum of Cycle 25, it's important to remember that solar activity never stops," Lika Guhathakurta, a scientist with NASA's Heliophysicsele Division, said in a press statement. "It changes shape like a pendulum swings."

And we had pendulum-shaped crops circles here!

And the crop circle from Kitt's Lane, on 08.08, showed us the previous 24 cycles of solar activity at the edges of the ring, with diagonals showing exactly this pendulum or oscillation from one cycle to another.

The central Sun of Kitt's Lane, and the six-pointed Star (which in Kabbalah represents the Sun and all macrocosm) is coming into activity. What NASA claims to have started in 2020.

And in the month of July this year, the Sun had unexpected peaks of activity, which was repeated in August. The Sun is vital in the Mayan cosmology of planetary transformation, from the fact that THE TRANSFORMATION OF THE EARTH operates by solar energies, of electromagnetic and gravitational order, which, falling into the core, incite the entire terrestrial process applied to the climate, in earthquakes , volcanoes and even impulses from the collective mind.

It's much more complex than the silly theories of global warming, HAARP and other nonsense. 

Similar numbers from other crops circles

Billingley showed the solar system in the form of an irregularly oscillating pendulum, and an astronomical configuration pattern that will happen precisely on February 16, 2022, under the full moon on that day.

On the other hand, Spiers Lane showed a Mayan numerical table, computing 200 days from its date (August 1st), which also takes us to February 16th. Visually speaking, this day is also there, in the 16 ornaments of the inner ring, and in 2 inner triangles about to meet: the binary solar system. Herepat cc had a six-wave vortex, like the hexagonal star of Kitt's Lane cc. And Herepath had 16 rays in each vortex.

Spiers Lane had 16 ornaments on the inner ring, in Mayan numbering. And now Roundway Hill, the path that turns, has 16 pairs of triangles on the outer edge, representing the explosions of energy in the Eye of God, the House of God, the blasted Tower of Arcanum 16.

These are important patterns in repetition here, to reinforce the messages pointed out.
It is through these standards that we can assess more precise and objective interpretations, without the risk of diluting the free speculation of lay people, deforming things.

The second Sun

Here comes the second level of interpretation, when the crop circle shows, in addition to the inner layers of the Sun, the layers of the Solar System itself!

1. Sun (center)
2. Inner solar system (orbits of Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars)
3. Asteroid belt
4. Outer solar system (orbits of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Sedna etc)
5. Kuiper Belt
6. ?

And at the end, in track 6, the representation of the OUTER SUN (the Aztec stone shows the same thing, the Inner Sun Tonatiuh and the Outer Sun approaching, in the form of two fire serpents crossing at the base of the stone, the Xiuhcoatles 11 -11 reproduced in pictogram 11-11 of last August 11).

Now for the most interesting!

Compare the new crop circle to the same SOLAR OBJECT from August 9, 2020, with three layers of triangles geometrically similar to the current crop circle. Mainly the two outer layers, CROSS THEM!  We then get the pattern of triangles intercepted at the edge of the new crop circle, standing triangles and lying triangles... as if representing the two spheres of the double solar system ABOUT TO CROSS...

February 16, 2022, according to these crop circle analyses, seems to be a milestone date, something that could bring many definitions to the world in this regard. Suddenly, the day the second Sun (or some associated star) becomes visible in the skies around the world.

Therefore, the edge of the crop circle, lane 6, represents the intersection of the two stars at the moment of closest approach to the common centre of gravity...

No wonder this new crop circle perfectly resembles an EYE...

"... and every eye will see it!" Revelation 1: 1


JP on 08.16.2021

This detailed circle gives us a sequence of events happening just before and during a comet impact. The 16 double triangles refer to the sixteen impacts of Comets A (3) and B (12) and their major fragments, plus the major fragment of the Warning Comet (1). The double triangles also refer to the two space vehicles which will be monitoring each impact.  The first indication of an impending strike is numerous small rocks or balls of fire streaking down from the sky. This is shown in the centre of this crop circle as the ring. A realistic depiction of the ring surrounding the nucleus of any comet is also below.

Next, the comet itself impacts. This is normally indicated by a circle, but here it is the thick ring next from the centre. Third, large amounts of dust, gas and small chunks of matter are heated and thrown into the air in a whirlwind manner. This is the third large ring of curved lines and small circles. This has been shown in many prior crop circles, as in the example below.

Fourth, the large flash originating from the impact site is represented by the 16 double triangles. The remaining sequence after the comet impacts takes only a fraction of a second.  Crop circles have come a long way from the simple ones of the 80s and 90s. We can hope they will be appearing in even more explicit detail.

Kenneth Heck


Carlos Alberto Aires Yates


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Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike