Spiers Lane, Nr Swarraton, Hampshire. reported 1st August.

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A new crop picture near Swarraton in Hampshire on August 1, 2021 suggests that we may “come together” with the E.T. crop artists soon, perhaps even in the 8th month or August of 2021? 

A long series of crop pictures from 2018 onward have suggested that we might finally meet the E.T. crop artists “face to face”, sometime during the year of 2021. Both of their two most recent crop pictures seem to support that hypothesis.

At Upham on July 18, 2021, we saw a “polar clock” which seemed to give a date for sometime during the 8th month of this year 2021, possibly around August 5 (nine years after Curiosity Rover landed on Mars). Then near Buchendorf in Germany on July 25-28, 2021, we saw two “star lock washers”, which suggested that some important event “9” days later was apparently “locked in”. 

Now at Spiers Lane near Swarraton in Hampshire on August 1, 2021, we can see another “8th month” symbol drawn around the outside (like on June 8, 2021 near Barton Stacey). We can also see two large, open “arrows” in its flattened centre, as a standard symbol for “come together” (like for the two doors of an elevator):

When we zoom in more closely, we can see sixteen (16) sets of five (5) horizontal lines, that resemble numerals from an ancient Mayan counting system. Each of those symbols might mean “5” days in our modern counting system, or “25” days in Mayan numerals: 

Those 16 sets of 5 horizontal line have been arranged in a circle, like for 64 hexagrams of the I Ching! Except when using 5 lines as an “oracle”, there would be 32 pentagrams in total. Please go to the Articles page of this crop picture to learn and see more.  

In summary, the auspices seem favourable for a meeting between our two species. They will probably look like the tall, blond humans who were seen near Silbury Hill on July 6, 2009, by a Wiltshire policeman.

I know you, you know me.
One thing I can tell you is you got to be free.

Come together, right now, over me!”

(see WATCH)

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



Jeff (999)

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"Spier" Spier's lane. 

person who spies

noun. a person who spies, watches, or discovers.

It perfectly adds to my interpretation, I can't believe I missed a key part of my own method.


The lay of the crop, plus unevenness within the large ring, make it likely this circle is man-made. We have the four chastising comets, B, C, D, and E, with their smaller major fragments, 10. 4, 9 and 6 by count respectively. These fragments are almost as destructive as the comets themselves. The inside circle is the Earth at night. However, only one of the comets, B, actually strikes at night. The broken ring represents the conglomerate circle of damage/destruction from impact for the four comets - broken because it isn't completely determined as yet. The ring is elaborated with eight pairs of figures - one for each outside circle - perhaps a code, but the meaning of which is unknown at present. Two poorly shaped space vehicles, not present at this time, will monitor the impact areas. The outside ring represents space above the Earth, and the smaller inner ring the night sky or atmosphere above the impact areas. For similar circles see NED (00/04/28), p. 16, GBR (07/08/30), p. 119, and ITA (06/06/24), p. 271, of my free e-book. at theheckhypothesis.com

Kenneth Heck


Spires Lane and the Countdown in the cosmic clock of the recent crop circle

A magnificent crop circle this Sunday, the first of August, with the brown wheat fields on the eve of harvest, under Virgo. On Spiers Lane, Nr Swarraton, Hampshire, England. And it expresses a cosmic clock, with a kind of hourglass at the centre of the planetary circuit, Sun, Earth, Moon. The pentagrams (bars) are a Mayan counting system. And it also expresses something of Taoist alchemy in a modified yang-yin style. Something that, once again, speaks of planetary alchemy in a rapid process of transformation, which accelerates every day. Hence the argument: the cosmic clock and the countdown.

There is no going back to what is coming to the planet, quickly. Watch and pray, nothing more can be done. It's the harvest, the harvest of time... 

History crop circle 2021

A crop circle with the same external structure of eight circles, four larger and four smaller, has appeared before, on June 8, England, 55 days ago. A Sun with twelve explosive rays around, and indeed, the Sun would enter into unexpected and intense energetic activity the following month, July 3rd, which was announced by another crop circle the day before, July 2nd, showing a sequence of crops circles practically pointing out urgently the cosmic processes that were triggering all sorts of disturbances on Earth.

In Herepath cc, an energy bomb appeared to be detonated in the six-wave vortex, and the first relationship made in my interpretation was to the Sun, which it did. The nearby solar system (Sun-Earth-Moon), the one that is responsible for our existence, as well as all the life that surrounds us, has been shown over and over again in season 2021, so I understand here the resemblance to a doctor diagnosing the health of our familiar Cosmos, and that it goes bad.

And another crop circle, on the same July 18th, showed the zodiac symbol and the Earth in the centre (geocentric system of position) and the core breaking into three pieces. Meanings related to devastating earthquakes are found in the book of Revelation, chapter 16, notifying that THE GREAT CITY would be destroyed, broken into three parts! Two days later, on July 20, another crop circle, model earthquake, seismic energy waves, which actually happened as predicted, Alaska and the incredible 8.2 degree earthquake, ten days later, confirming the crop circle alert and the accumulated messages of a planetary cosmology operating at an ever-accelerating pace. This is a necessary background in view of the time when crop circle messages end because of the wheat harvest season in England (the epicentre of the phenomenon) and also, considering the scarcest season of all to date, indicating that indeed the phenomenon is ending, giving a sense of message given, harvest of the Earth announced... and coming. And then the end. 

The new crop circle - a cosmic clock
The speed of the planetary transformation process
the quadratic function

The solar system, Sun, Earth, Moon, uneven circles, and in the centre, the Earth, and again, the allegory of the EARTH NUCLEUS comprising the Hourglass, and which also means, in the alchemist view of the TAO, fire uniting with water ! Two energy entities about to touch, and around them, information about the timing of this event. The meeting of the two fundamental principles of the Cosmos with absolute power of transformation over matter. Which, on a planetary scale, tells us about the acceleration of the Earth's trance, as we've all seen it.

The numbers in this crop circle are interesting for bringing together square numerical powers.

One centre circle, one square (1) Four major and four minor circles, two squared (4) And of course, adding the eight circles outside the centre circle makes nine circles total. Nine is three squared (9).

Four squared is sixteen (16), and appears on the outer ring of groups of bars around the centre hourglass. And five squared is twenty-five (25) which is exactly the value of the five bars in ancient Mayan numbering (each bar being 5, so five bars being 25).

The total of the group of 16 pentagrams (five bars) around the central hourglass is: 16 x 25 = 400 Which is the multiplication of two squares: (4)^2 x (5)^2 = 16 x 25. And 400 is also a square value: 20 x 20.

This is the mathematical root of the code, because 20, in the Mayan conception, is a cycle-completing solar code (the 20 seals of the Mayan calendar).

Solar annual cycles with planetary transformation rhythms in quadratic function (x^2)?

And subtly, code 144 (another square, square of 12) was inserted into the central image of the 8 outer circles (4 major and 4 minor) in relation to the central circle: 144. This code reappears in the Mayan calendar system (below). The Earth's spiritual harvest code: 144,000, which has appeared in many other crop circles, has become a pattern in the messages. 

A set date: February 16, 2022

The total count of the crop circle number table is 200

In reality, we have 16 sectors in the outer ring, suggesting the count 

25x16 = 400, but focusing on the count 25x8 = 200, because only eight bins have rows of five bars.

So, by the Mayan count, in terms of days (400 appealed to the Baktun symbology and the 144,000), we have a date ahead, counting from the day of the crop circle: August 1, 2021 + 200 days = February 16, 2022 (the 200th day)

Will it be some update, for this day, of the approximation of the P 7X object or of another cosmic object that is related to the activation of the Mayan calendar and its cosmology, such as the one exposed? The date of the great cosmic encounter symbolized by the two inner triangles almost touching at the center of the hidden planetary singularity?

Why, February 16, 2022 is... in a little while!
And notice how 16 and 2 appear in the crop circle geometry:
Ring with 16 sectors, and 2 inner triangles: confirming 2/16! 

The cosmic clock and the Mayan calendar

Final processes

Spires Lane's crop circle fulfils a perfect symmetry in its octagonal geometric model with the Aztec Sun Stone

The Aztec and Mayan calendars are similar, and defined the same dynamic cosmology of time (chained cycles) operating radical planetary transformations (in the transition of the ages) as these cycles announced by the calendar were completed, interpreting Time as the agent of transformation itself (the which is an indisputable truth).

The Pyramid of Chichen Itzá encodes this calendar in its structure, as does the complex Aztec Sun Stone.

The date of 12.21.2012 never meant END OF THE WORLD in a single impact, but the beginning of a gradual process, on the planet's time scales, which would certainly take decades.This end-of-the-world interpretation on 12.21.2012 was, in part, dictated by ignorant people with no knowledge of pre-Columbian cosmology and, in part, by debauchers of the mysteries, to discredit that rich wisdom. But time has proved its error.

Twenty days was the Mayan solar month, Winal, the time unit of the long count cycles:
Tun, Katun, Baktun, respectively:

TUN = 18 Winals = 18 x 20 = 360 days (the solar year without the five unlucky days)
KATUN = 20 Tunes = 20 x 18 Winals = 18 x 20 x 20 = 7200 days
BAKTUN = 20 Katunes = 20 x 20 Tunes = 20 x 20 x 18 Winals = 20 x 20 x 20 x 18 = 144,000 days, about 394.3 years, almost 400 solar years (the 400-count of the crop circle disk, and which defines the number of spiritual wheat harvested from Earth = 144,000.

Note that they repeated the same pattern as the Aztec calendar, the previous four suns (which have already extinguished entire civilizations) at the edge (the larger circles) and the present central Sun, our Sun called Sun 4-Ollin, Sun of earthquakes (like the Mayans said that our civilization would end, under the fifth great cycle or Sun).

Could it be that tremendous impacts due to the activation of the Earth's core through an alchemy of polarized forces that we are far from imagining, because we barely know how the planetary core works, attributing everything to secondary causes on the surface!

The same Aztec stone from the Sun, which contains the same transformative cosmology as the Mayan calendar, mirrored in this crop circle, shows two edge snakes descending and touching at the base: the same crop circle argument, two polar entities of energy, fire and Water. 

These two serpents, called Xiuhcoatles (fire serpents) have their bodies divided into 11 sectors each, which makes 11-11 at the meeting point at the base of the Stone, which means that our Sun, the fifth Sun, Tonatiuh , will be activated in your cyclic cosmology of END (towards the sixth age, sixth Sun) when these two energy entities touch, merge completely in the planetary core, where the terrestrial Kundalini resides, primordial energy of the living Earth!

The planetary cyclic cosmology, following the models of pre-Columbian culture, is being exposed in this new crop circle!

And whichever side you look at the image, the fire will be at the bottom and the water will be at the top: they are about to cross into the core of the System and release all their energy.

When they touch each other, the entire internal planetary energy charge will be released, and we have already noticed part of this energy happening, not by HAARP, as thought by those ignorant about the cyclical Earth cosmology taught by the ancient Maya.

The cosmology of the fifth sun, the present age.
And the 16-spoke wheel was one of the solar symbols in antiquity: the crop circle has 16 sectors in the inner ring, with groups of pentagrams (five bars).

This is the central key of Maya-Aztec cosmology, the time when the planet's polarities would come together to unleash the central power, the KUNDALINI from the Earth's core, the same alchemy of the Caduceus of Mercury on a planetary scale! Happening right now.
Hence the references to spiritual harvest in successive notices.

And the process function no longer follows a linear curve, but a squared exponent curve:
1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 64... until reaching 400, which is the base 20 squared, closing the cycle of 20 seals of the Pre-Columbian Calendar, when the process was concluded!

And if the crop circle was encoded in square exponential base numbers, a quadratic function, it seems to say that the acceleration curve of the process follows this function, with the variable X being every new year where the Sun completes a cycle, depending on the solar system basic in crop circle models wish to illustrate.

Annual cycles with rhythms of planetary transformation in quadratic function (x^2)? 

The Alchemy of TAO

Notice how the larger circles in the crop circle coincide with the four fundamental trigrams of the I Ching, the primordial elements (sky and earth, fire and water), while the secondary elements (wind, thunder, lake and mountain) coincide with the smaller circles.And the two inner triangles align precisely with the central Yang-Yin, reinforcing the planetary alchemy message involving the mutation of the Cosmos' elements!

Here, everything is transformation, not the END. The transformation that seeks to improve existing life. The alchemy of the Universe. This is the oldest Law in the Universe, which only began in the verb CREATE, and never ceased its evolution towards perfection in the verb RECREATE.

Because everything gets corrupted in the domains of matter, and it needs to be recreated.
But nothing is corrupted in the domains of the spirit, it is only perfected with the lessons of matter applied in the cycles of time, invented by God exactly for this purpose and purpose.

I Ching, an extraordinary oracle!

The pentagram system (five bars) used by the crop circle as dating events and codes, also resembles the Taoist models of the East addressing the changing laws of Nature and the Universe, known as the I Ching, which uses trigrams (three bars) to illustrate the eight elements (sky, earth, wind, water, fire, thunder, mountain and lake) and uses hexagrams to illustrate all paths of the Mutation of the Universe from the combination of these eight elements with each other, which provides, within from an elegant mathematics, a book with 64 ways through which the Universe changes - and which the seeker of self-knowledge can consult in the form of an oracle, to informing him in what stage of mutation his personal life is at that exact moment of the consultation.

If Pythagoras announced that everything is ruled by numbers, and if these Taoist commands are pure expression of binary codes in successive combinations indicating the transformation paths that surround us, you can consider yourself part of it all.
Hence the precision of the oracle.

They are archetypes communicating between different planes but under analogous identities.
In the end, it is the I Ching from without resonating with the I Ching within us.

Talking about the crop circle and its symmetry with the octagonal table of the I Ching and the similarity between the numbering of bars and the binary system of illustration of the I Ching (such as the analogy between the crop circle and the Aztec octagonal stone - from the fifth sun - and the Mayan numbering system in bars, with a value of 5) then, the proposal of planetary alchemy, from the perspective of Taoism, is also announced here, in addition to the perspective of pre-Columbian cosmology.

Binary codes
This type of superimposed bar numbering can be read in binary code as follows:
B = 1 + 2 + 4 + 8 + 16 = 31
Tb = 8x31 = 248

Adding this number together, we have 14, which coincides with the sum of the crop circle date:
2+4+8 = 1+8+2+2+1 = 14
And number 14, once again, reminds us of the Alchemy of Polarities, according to the Tarot!

In classical alchemist symbology, the pointed-up triangle represents the fire element, while the downward-pointed triangle represents the water element.
Note that fire and water are about to touch, in time with the hourglass, and when that happens, the Alchemy of Mutation will take place in the planetary, cosmic and spiritual aspect, which includes the mystery of the Twin Flames.

Fire and water were also called Sun (sulphur, male principle) and Moon (mercury, female principle) with which material and spiritual Alchemy takes place. 

Two approaching suns And the impacts on the planetary core

Recalling that the first pictogram-style crop circle messages took place from 1990 onwards, when a double system was represented, linked by a central bar and the code 11-11 for synchronicities.

And this code 11-11 appears in the two fire serpents (two suns) of the Aztec stone of the Fifth Sun (the current one), and they approach, touching their heads to the base of the stone (Earth core) when they then make the Sun open its mouth and spit energy.

A cosmological representation of planetary alchemy based on the cyclical meeting of the two stars that make our solar system a binary system, triggering powers in the nuclei of the systems involved?

The closest approximation of the P 7X (or other) object to the Sun in regular cycles defined by the Mayan-Aztec calendar?

Many other crop circles seem to confirm this theory.
And this new crop circle has scheduled a date: 02.16.2022.
200 days from now.


Another interpretation contemplates a kind of portal-ring inside the Sun, and through it specific triangular-type ships have access, these that both the Dogons and Parravicini associated with the beings of Sirius, the blue beings and their triangular ships in the shape of a FISH, and that they would rise again to fulfill a NEW EXODUS, when the time of the spiritual harvest approached, as the final moves of the Mayan prophecy in progress, accelerating the planetary transformation.

Cleaning first, renovation later, which is in keeping with HOPI wisdom and the purifying star RED Kachina.

Ships ascending and descending, entering and exiting through the Ring-Portal of time (the hourglass inserts the temporal concept as well as the Mayan counting style).

The Sun would be in the larger central circle (clear) while the eight outer circles outline the profile of the distant star (of eight rays, according to ancient symbology).

All interpretations seem to be connected within a bigger picture that is more and more real in front of us all. 


JP (02.08.2021)

February 16, 2022 in crop circle messages (a summary)

The two recent crop circles very clearly marked a date in time.
February 16, 2022.

The crop circle from Billingley, UK, on the 31st of July, marked that day visually (by the planetary arrangement) and the crop circle from Spiers Lane, UK, on the following day, the 1st of August, marked the same date numerically, ie, employing Mayan numeration (with which they counted the days) to give us a space of time (8 x 25 = 200 days) which, counted from the 1st of August, will fall on the same day shown by the Billingley pendulum clock, i.e. , 

February 16, 2022.

The information in the set seems to point out that this date will mark important planetary events, which, operating from the core and by cosmic influence (as the Mayan calendar warned), affect the axis of rotation (because we see a crooked axis, intentionally placed)
Billingley's four-part crop circle shows an upper arc with seven points, a central object with a tail (comet, P 7X), a bent axis connecting a heart with a lower circle at the base.

This is perfectly the image of the sky, of the Earth's referential (geocentric system) of February 16th, at noon (Sun at the apex).

A planetary grouping, which is also an alignment, will take place on this full moon day. On the map, we see the upper arc with the Sun in the centre and the planets around it: Jupiter and Neptune on one side, Saturn, Mercury, Pluto, Mars and Venus on the other.

And the object P 7X will also be in this region of the sky, and therefore, the representation of a type of comet with a tail, seven rays, alluding to the object 

P 7X in the crop circle.

The lower circle is the full Moon that day, on the opposite side of the sky, strengthening the existing alignment, while the central heart signifies the Earth's core, whose axis of rotation appears crooked.

Combining the two recent crop circles, Billingley 31st of July and Spiers Lane, 1st of August, the concept of clocks, calendars, pendulums, axes and shakes in planetary cosmology with TIME notified in a SPECIFIC DATE (02.16.2022) struck me as too much. clear.And we may have a few more crops circles insisting on the theme, although the season is over (August, crops) and too sparse for many new objects ahead. One or two at most, and the wheat book will be closed in 2021 (in England at least). Remembering that we had an intense planetary alignment on February 11 of this same year, with a series of effects on Earth in correct predictions.

I believe this is something in the same sequential line of events as the Earth's transformation process in high gear, which justifies the reduction of crop circle messages in view of an upcoming spiritual harvest. Because it was for this reason, to alert the world that that day would come, that messages have been sent to the world. And not to inspire mystical commerce in opportunists. Nobody is talking about END OF THE WORLD. But for sure, a new push can be given further ahead, as we have seen every day. 

JP (05.08.2021)

Kitt's Lane and the Alchemy of the Earth's Core Completed


Interestingly, in the crop circle before this one, Spiers Lane, on August 1st, I visualized, among other lines of interpretation, the two triangles of Alchemy (fire and water) about to meet and, together, generate the six-pointed star , symbol of a generation or regeneration of energies (all taking place in the Earth's core and, by extension, in the Sun's core - represented by order 6 on the tree of life).

The top part of this slide was created on the 1st of August, and she idealized the Hexagram as the final resultant of the encounter movement of those two triangles, which actually took place a week later, in Kitt's Lane cc. And a week later, seven days later, the Alchemy period, the seven notes of an octave being completed, just on the 8th (octave of the initial note on day 1), the Hexagram or six-pointed star appears: and besides, it appears stylized in the form of an energy vortex that is exploding and spinning. The two triangles, fire (point up) and water (point down) touched and formed the six-pointed star. And the process began.

Spiers Lane, on August 1st, marked February 16, 2022 in the current timeline (and Billingley's crop circle, July 31, marked the same date graphically - the model sky map). And this crop circle from Kitt's Lane, later and complementary, seems to add more information to the set of messages. How about comparing this sign to the Sixth Seal of the Apocalypse? Eclipses of the Sun, Moons of blood, stars falling from the sky, a great earthquake, and the arrival of the Day of God, which means the beginning of the Judgment of mankind? It's very much within the general context.

JP (11.08.2021)

From Polarization to Bonding and Uniting!

Crop circle reported on 1 August 2021 at Spiers Lane, Swarraton, Hampshire, UK

In my opinion, this formation has been made on/for 31 July 2021. According to the Mayan Dreamspell calendar Tzolkin, this day is with the Solar Seal Red Moon with Tone 8, in the White Wind wavespell,

in the Yellow Electric Seed year with Tone 3, which began on 26 July 2021.

On the formation are depicted following energies:

Red Moon - Universal Water, Flow, Purification
Tone 8 - Harmonization, Integrity, Modeling
Yellow Seed – Targeting, Awareness, Flowering
Tone 3 - Activation, Bonding, Service
White Wind - Spirit, Breath, Connection, Communication
Blue Eagle - Creativity, Vision, Mind
Red Earth - Evolution, Navigation, Synchronization
Yellow Warrior – Questioning, Intelligence, Fearlessness
Red Serpent - Life force, Instinct, Survival
White Worldbridger - Equalize, Death, Opportunity


Red Moon with Tone 8, Yellow Seed, Red Earth

Along the periphery of the formation, we see a ring of 8 circles, 4 are smaller and 4 are larger. The circles represent moons and symbolize the energy Red Moon - the Solar Seal of the day 31 July 2021.  The number 8 symbolizes Tone 8 – the Tone of the day 31 July 2021. The 4 smaller circles resemble also seeds and symbolize the energy YELLOW SEED -  Solar Seal No. 4. All eight circles are connected through bonds, which symbolizes the Electric Tone 3 - the energy of Bonding. In this way, the 4 seeds plus the bonds between the circles symbolize the energy Yellow Electric Seed with Tone 3 - the main energy of the New Year, which began on 26 July 2021.

A more detailed description of the Yellow Electric Seed can be read here: www.astrodreamadvisor.com

The large outer circle represents the Earth and symbolizes the energy RED EARTH - the Occult Teacher of the Yellow Seed.


The Wind of change

The small bright circle in the very centre of the formation represents the Source. Around this central circle there are 2 figures that resemble the vanes of an air fan. The number 2 symbolizes the energy WHITE WIND – Solar Seal No. 2. This is the main energy of the actual White Wind wavespell. The Yellow Electric Seed belongs to the White Wind wavespell, so the White Wind will be carrying energy in the New year. Throughout the year, we will breathe in the energy of the Spirit, which will help us to improve the communication with each other and will make it much easier to unite ourselves. Through the breath, we will receive the messages of the Spirit. In this way, we communicate with the Source.

The White Wind will imbue us with Inspiration. This is also a Cleansing White energy that will help us to internally purify ourselves of any blockages that hinder our spiritual development. The White Wind is also the Wind of Change! This energy will help us to cleanse our society of outdated models of thinking and belief. The energy of the Spirit will play a powerful driving role, such as the engine of a wind turbine! White Wind + Yellow Seed = Spirit + Awareness: an excellent combination of energies for the development of new ideologies and philosophies for a more fair organization and management of the society.


Blue Eagle

The two figures around the small central circle resemble also two eyes and symbolize the energy BLUE EAGLE - the energy Vision. Blue Eagle is the Supporting power of the Yellow Seed. In the new year, the Blue Eagle will help us create the desired new reality through our Visions and Visualizations.


Yellow Warrior

The Yellow Seed year with Tone 3 is the third year of the 13-year cycle with the main energy White Wizard. In the White Wizard wavespell, on position 3 is the Yellow Electric Warrior with Tone 3. Thus, the New Year of the Yellow Seed will also be charged with the energy of the Yellow Warrior. Around the two "eyes" in the centre we see a circle of 16 "blocks" depicting groups of people. There are two types of blocks: half of them are compact, and each of the others has 5 rows. The number 16 symbolizes the energy YELLOW WARRIOR - Solar Seal No. 16. The number 5 symbolizes the energy RED SERPENT – solar Seal No. 5. A more detailed description of the Yellow Warrior can be found here: www.astrodreamadvisor.com

On 24 July ended the year of the Blue Lunar Storm with Tone 2. Tone 2 has following characteristics: Duality, Polarization, Stabilization of opposites. In this year, we really saw a great POLARIZATION of the society. And this is exactly what is shown on the formation with the two types of groups of people. In my opinion, each of the five rows depicts people holding hands and forming a chain or a BRIDGE. This symbolizes the energy White Worldbridger - the Challenging power of the Yellow Warrior. Each of the five rows resembles also a snake and symbolizes the energy Red Serpent - the energy of the Life Force. Red Serpent is the Occult Teacher of the Yellow Warrior.

All this symbolizes following: When people hold hands, when they build bridges to each other, they become strong. Joining together gives us power! We can see how the eight circles on the outer ring are connected with each other, which symbolizes UNITING.  The whole formation offers us a great VISION for the New Year: we should go from POLARIZATION to UNITING! I express my most sincere gratitude to the authors of this inspiring formation, to all the photographers and to the team of the Crop Circle Connector!

Maya Todorova

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Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike