Woodcote Lane, Nr Upham, Hampshire. Reported 18th July

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A new crop picture near Upham on July 18, 2021 shows a “polar clock”, which may tell us when the E.T. crop artists will come through a “stargate”, to arrive somewhere near our solar system 

We have been receiving many suggestions in crops, since the summer of 2012, that those mysterious crop artists may have left the Pleiades through a spacetime wormhole, to head for planet Earth. Indeed for the past three years, from 2018 to 2021, we have been seeing even more suggestions in crops, that they might be planning to “arrive” on Earth sometime during the current year of 2021.  

Now for the latest development in this exciting story! On July 18, 2021, we saw a truly amazing crop picture drawn in crops near the small town of Upham in Hampshire. It seems to show a “polar clock”, like someone might use on their mobile phone, surrounded 12 other symbols which look like “stargates”:  

Their “polar clock” shows three “rings”, and presumably gives a calendar date in “years, months and days”. But how can we read it accurately? Should we read “years” around the outside, and “days” near the centre? Or “days” around the outside, and “years” near the centre? 

The crop artists have provided us with several clues, on how to read their “polar clock”. First we can count twelve (12) “stargate-like” symbols around the outside, meaning that their long, central, C-shaped ring (which extends for 8/12 angular divisions) probably represents “8 months” out of 12 in total. 

They have also drawn 9 + 9 = 18 zig-zag motifs in the fallen lay of wheat, at the very centre of this new crop picture. Those “zig-zags” are shown on the left in a slide below. They may also be seen in any of the excellent drone videos for this crop picture. Because this crop picture appeared on July 18, we can equate those “18 central zig-zags” with “18 days”. 

Another medium-sized ring of standing wheat on the right, which lies close to the centre, likewise may represent “days”. It extends for 4/12 outer “gate” divisions, or for 6/18 inner “zig-zag” divisions. Most probably it codes for “6 days” out of 18 in total.  

Lastly we may consider a very-short outer-ring on the right. It was drawn aligned with both of those large, central or medium-sized inner rings along its lower edge. This short outer ring may represent “years”. All three rings presumably turn clockwise, since this is a “polar clock”.

Perhaps that short, outer ring represents a brief time remaining in “years”, before the E.T. crop artists emerge from a “stargate” to head for Earth? It could in theory represent either “1 year out of 12 in total”, or “1/12 of a year out of 1 in total”.  

Could the remaining time be almost up, or do we have longer to wait? In the briefest estimate, they might come through a stargate after 8 months and 6 days (for example on August 6, 2021). In the longest estimate, they might emerge sometime in 2022. Either possibility would be very exciting! The Hopis believe that we will see a “blue star kachina” when their ancient spiritual leaders return.  

Another “polar clock” was drawn in 2012, to predict the landing of Curiosity Rover on Mars 

We will briefly review here some crop-circle history, for any readers who might be new to the subject. Another “polar clock” was drawn in crops near Manton Drove on June 2, 2012, in order to predict the landing of Curiosity Rover on Mars, two months later on August 6, 2012. Next a “Mars landing” crop picture was drawn near Milk Hill on August 5, 2012, just before the landing itself.

Quite remarkably, the centre of this “polar clock” crop picture from 2021 resembles the centre of that “Mars landing” crop picture from 2012! The centre of this new crop picture shows 9 + 9 = 18 zig-zags, to match the day of July 18 when it appeared (please see on the left below):  

Likewise the centre of that previous crop picture showed 5 + 5 = 10 zig-zags in each of two rings (for 20 in total), to match the day of August 5 when it appeared (please see on the right above).

In summary, this new crop picture near Upham is unquestionably real. No one made it with “rope and boards”. Furthermore, the E.T. crop artists seem to draw a “polar clock” whenever some spacecraft will be landing soon on another planet. First Mars, now Earth? That could very well be the case! Landscape features near this crop picture seem consistent with the present discussion, and will be shown soon.  

Watch the fields, watch the skies. “Time has come, and the world is about to change forever” 

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

CPT. Wrigley


The new crop circle updates the Mayan prophecy for the world!
And it gives a date, in the internal angular code.

A magnificent new crop circle appears today!
Woodcote Lane, UK, 18.07.2021

In good old-fashioned pre-Columbian style ornamentation.

What is cracking or being born in the NUCLEUS of the Earth? At the closing of the circle of twelve stars?

What we have? A circle with twelve sectors at the edge, like twelve doors inside a swaying snake body. And in the center, a broken inner circle, with an angular code.

On the scale of the 360° cycle, we have three separate arcs, each with a value, an angular size, and which can be decoded into a three-digit numerical sequence.

The external ornamentation recalls patterns of pre-Columbian, Aztec and Mayan art, such as those found in some temples and pyramids. It refers to the vast symbology of the FEATHERED SERPENT in those cultures of Mesoamerica.

The outer ring with twelve sectors, like twelve doors, indirectly associates with the theme of the Mayan-Aztec calendar and its cycle of 20 seals or transformation tones.

Revelation 12,
The twelve stars in the Woman's crown, the Earth transformed, giving birth to the solar hero of prophecy, the cosmic and human Christ in the new planetary consciousness.

The Zodiac lined up with this provision of Revelation 12 on 09.23.2017.
And curiously, in the book of Enoch, the Zodiac is compared to a great cosmic temple with TWELVE DOORS through which the Sun, Moon and other planets of astrological mechanics enter and exit.

This same symbology is used to refer to the heavenly Jerusalem, or future divine Kingdom descended from the heavens to Earth (the same as the Mayan argument of the Sixth Sun era - because we are in the present Fifth age, fifth sun ending). 

The existing crop circle art in the pre-Columbian world The Feathered Serpent Argument

The style found in today's crop circle, July 18, in Woodcote Lane, is widely found in pre-Columbian art from the Mayan and Aztec cultures, whether in sculptures or temples and pyramids (such as the undulating serpent).

Examples, the Mayan Temple of Uxmal and the Pyramid of Kukulkan, in Chichen Itzá, have this style of undulating serpent in their architecture - as it appears in this crop circle, directly establishing the connection with those cultures and the prophecies issued by them.

The most famous of all the pyramids, Kukulkan, in Chichen Itza, Mexico, recreates the Mayan calendar itself in its complex architecture, with its nine floors or levels and the central staircase, with two serpents on the sides of the stairs, and also oscillating, producing the famous light and shadow phenomenon (oscillating pattern) at the September equinox (around the 23rd).

So the idea of a snake oscillating on the edge of the crop circle, which is a representation of moving energies, is quite clear here.

The central code and DATE!

First of all, it was in the year 2004 that the first pre-Columbian ornamental crop circle appeared. 17 years ago.

To decipher the angular code of the three inner arcs, suggesting an energy nucleus or egg that breaks (and emits the transformation energy, according to the message from the crop circle) we have to evaluate the edge.
Each gate, according to my measurements, is worth 20 degrees of arc.
And the space between two doors, 10 degrees of arc. 

Therefore, we have twelve doors, which total 12 x 20 = 240°
And the twelve intermediate spaces, 12 x 10 = 120°
Final sum, 120 + 240 = 360 degrees, full circle.

This division allows us to calculate the size of the inner arches, which line up with the doors on the edge (outer ring) as we can see:

The largest arch spans eight doors and seven spaces in between.
Calculating (8x20 + 7x10 = 160 + 70 = 230 degrees)

The middle arch spans four doors and three spaces.
Calculating (4x20 + 3x10 = 80 + 30 = 110°)

The smaller arch spans an entire door, exactly, worth 20°

The three arcs are then: 230° - 110° - 20°
And they add up to 360°, the cycle (230 + 110 + 20 = 360)

This starts by saying that the core or energy centre of the system represented by the crop circle splits into three: like the hatching of an egg.

And, in fact, at the centre of the crop circle, there is a form of central energy sun.

These three angular numbers, 230, 110, 20, provide the key code for the crop circle.

Many interpretations can be tried from these three numbers, which we can reduce (dividing by 10) to 23 - 11 - 2 (numbers in the integer form)

The first thing my intuition told me was about a date. Year 23 day and month, 11 and 2, or the reverse of that.

Two possible dates (both in 2023)


Perhaps some date stamp that updates the Mayan 2012 prophecy, 11 years ahead.
Who knows, the approximation of the P 7X object, something related to the maximum approximation of the object, Nemesis system, comet, etc. and the final IMPACT on Earth, completing the argument of the Mayan prophecy that announced the beginning of the planetary transformation in December of 2012.

Sudden and immense solar activity, for example, and earthquakes (Revelation 16 speaks of a super earthquake splitting the big city into THREE PARTS - just as the central core appears split. The Big ONE? A succession of strong earthquakes everywhere, plus the big volcanoes awakening?)

It could be that the year 2023 really presents an incredible acceleration of the entire process of planetary transformation, already underway since 2012, in front of us all.

Here, the Mayan prophecy aligns with the Apocalypse, hence the association with the twelve doors of the crop circle model. Revelation 12, the beginning of the Woman's pains (the Earth, Mother Gaia). 

The Feathered Serpent and the Central Sun
the sixth sun

We notice that, in the centre of the crop circle, inside the inner ring split in three, there is a Sun drawn with the crushed wheat. This represents the core of energy, the planetary transformation, the New Sun of the Mayan prophecy.

On a planetary scale, the Mayan prophecy declared that, FROM 2012, the Earth's core would receive energies from certain cosmic alignments and objects approaching the Sun in this period onwards, and therefore, it would awaken its occult forces, towards the transformation of the Earth, which means, in that prophetic reading, the Serpent gaining wings and flying (the alchemist representation of the pre-Columbian world).

The whole dynamic is this, the telluric serpent that slept in its nest, in the Earth's core, would wake up as the arrows of the sky, Solar System in alignment, and would rise to the surface to renew everything, transform everything, before gaining wings and flying to the Sixth Sun in the future age!

Three numbers appear in the central code of this crop circle of the Mayan prophecy. For me initially suggest a date. 

See link: tonocosmos.com.br 

JP (18.07.2021)

The inner solar system

The inner planets, those closest to the Sun, are rock solid spheres and include Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. The inner planets were constantly bombarded by asteroids and meteorites during their first 600 million years of existence.

We have an inner Sun in the crop circle, and around it, three angular arcs in different but concentric circles, and by the relationship with the numbers, the order would be, from the inside out:
11 - 23 - 2

And the orbits of Mercury, Venus and Earth!
Once again, Earth is related to the process described by the crop circle: the core of energies that breaks down. The oscillating snake, energy ripple, gravity, solar energy, seismic, etc.

wheels of time

Three numbers appear in the central code of this crop circle of the Mayan prophecy.
For me initially suggest a date.

Many modern models of the Mayan calendar approach represent its gears as cogs, connecting with other wheels, like the gears on a clock.
Something similar with the model of this crop circle.

For example, The tzolkin is combined with another 365-day calendar (known as a haab, or haab'), to form a synchronized cycle lasting 52 haabs, called a calendar wheel. Lesser cycles of 13 days (the thirteen) and 20 days (the twenty) were important components of the tzolkin and haab cycles, respectively.

They are smaller wheels within larger wheels, creating chained time cycles, in a highly complex model that works perfectly to illustrate the cosmic cycles within what is considered the most perfect calendar in the world.

The numerical sequence 23.11.2 of the internal decoding, I initially suggested a date - as the Mayan prophecy speaks essentially of calendars and temporal arrows of transformation. Its main orientation, time, the combination of time and cosmic transformation via prophetically announced agents.

But there may be other connections to these numbers. 

JP (18.07.2021)

Celestial coordinates in the new crop circle code?

Equatorial coordinate system is a celestial coordinate system whose fundamental plane is the celestial equator, being widely used to map celestial bodies. It has two variants, the Local Equatorial System, which depends on the observer and has the declination and the hour angle as coordinates, and the Universal Equatorial System, which has the declination and the straight ascent as coordinates.

Geographic longitude is the angle measured along the Earth's equator, originating from a reference meridian (the Greenwich meridian), and ending at the place meridian. In the convention used in astronomy, it varies between -12h (West) and +12h (East).

Geographic latitude
angle measured along the locus meridian, originating at the equator and ending at the zenith of the locus. It varies between -90° and +90°. The negative sign indicates southern hemisphere latitudes and the positive sign the northern hemisphere.

Astronomical definition of latitude: The latitude of a place is equal to the height of the high pole (hP)

That said, the three numbers found in the code of the arcs within the crop circle could also refer to the coordinate of declination and straight ascension.
In this case, in the order of the arcs, from the inside to the outside, the numbers for RA would be:
11h 23m 02sm
while the internal value 9-9 (of the Sun at the center of the object) generically refers to the declination coordinates (+-90°)

I thought of the P 7X object, which currently (according to the SN8 PRO program) would have its RA in

We had a crop circle in Poland that seems to illustrate the mysterious comet-shaped object.
So, these coordinates might make some sense, after all, they were placed inside the twelve-door city (Zodiac) in Mayan ornamental style (the calendar and its prophecies) linking this or another approaching object with the final moves of that planetary transformation cosmology . 

The City of Twelve Gates and the Nine-story Building

This recent English crop circle, from the 18th of July, is full of codes. In addition to the more obvious code of the three inner arches, there is, in the centre of the entire wheel gear, a type of SUN with two interlocking wheels, each with nine teeth.

The 9-9 pattern I had already identified last year, 2020, in a series of crops circles with this definition (9-9) in various ways. And the chosen date, 18, is the sum 9+9.

I have written articles about this 9-9 pattern in the form of a CONTACT, which now returns in 2021. In the dynamics of the Mayan crop circle and the calendar wheels of time, we find two very broad references to the numbers 12 and 9-9 (18).

The Universe was mapped by the ancients within the plane of the Zodiac, the great city of the twelve gates, a model of the Universe where the planets around the Sun make up the mechanics of the Solar System.

This is part of the model. The Other part speaks of a 9-9 storey building, in the image of the Tree of Life or Sephirotic Tree, which defines nine upper floors (heavens) and nine lower floors (Hell, lower regions).

The reading of Dante Alighieri (Divine Comedy) and the poet's journey to heaven and hell in search of his soul mate (Beatriz) and redemption itself coincides precisely with the cosmology of the Universe of nine upper and nine lower floors, known among the Mayans and the Hebrews.

So much so that the great Mayan pyramid of Chichen Itzá has precisely nine floors! Representing the floors or dimensions of the Universe, and for each higher dimension, a lower, equal and inverse dimension intertwines in the symmetrical relationships of the dual Universe itself.

The 9-9 code identified last year returns in this crop circle model.
And here, it represents the axis of the Universe, which has 18 floors.
And around it, an infinite city of twelve gates - the Zodiac.

And the central code of the three numbers: 2 - 11 - 23, finds a tune that was marked on the crop circle, like a date - since we are talking about the solar-planetary cosmic clock!

Great Wisdom and Ancient Knowledge being rescued by these mandalas of pure universal symbology, recognized in all worlds... 

crop circle numeric codes

Many crop circles intertwine in meaning when we identify the same numerical codes present. For example, the code 9-9, which I started to identify in the 2020 season from the first object that appeared in England, the Angel (day 25.05.2020) with the pattern 9-9 on the wings (number of feathers).

Then, throughout the 2020 season, this pattern repeated itself several times, in the form of an identified contact. Because at the time I announced the 9-9 pattern, and that it could repeat itself. And it was, repeated several times.

In the present season, 2021, he returns. And the interpretations continue tangent to the previous ones.

In Poland, on July 13th, this mysterious sequence of circles appeared, in 5 groups numbering 23535. A chain of viral mutations (Covid 19), a drawing of the object P 7X, planet comet approaching Earth, or a star code with an address in the official Astronomy catalogues, indicating future events in the sky...

Where does the 9-9 code appear?
First, in the sum of the total circles: 2+3+5+3+5 = 18 (9+9)
Second, in the exact division of 25353/9*9 = 25353/81 = 313.

The 3-1-3 pattern was displayed on the July 8 crop circle, which I called Roswell crop circle, because it looks like a UFO and even scattered UFO parts... date that marked the event's 74th anniversary in the USA.

Finally, the recent crop circle of July 18th (9+9 on the date), which takes up the 9-9 code in the centre of the temporal gear of the Mayan calendar, where the clock is the solar system, and the hands, the stars in movement in the city of twelve doors and 9+9 storey building.

And in the canter, three angular arcs, which transformed into numbers, generated 23, 11, 2.

High Knowledge here.
We will keep these codes for comparisons in future crop circles. 


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In the last days of the old year, we sow our Ideas-Seeds for the New Year

Crop circle from 18 July 2021 at Woodcote Lane, near Upham, Hampshire, UK

According to the Mayan Dreamspell calendar Tzolkin, 18 July 2021 is a day

with the Solar Seal Yellow Warrior with Tone 8,
in the Red Moon wavespell,
in the Central Green Castle of Enchantment with main energy Yellow Human,
in the Blue Lunar Storm year with Tone 2.

In 8 days, on 26 July 2021 begins the Yellow Electric Seed year with Tone 3.

In my opinion, on the crop circle are depicted following energies:

Yellow Warrior - Questioning, Intelligence, Fearlessness
Tone 8 - Harmonization, Integrity, Modeling
Blue Storm - Activation, Catalyze, Energy, Self-Generation
Red Moon - Universal water, Flow, Purify
Yellow Human - Free Will, Influence, Wisdom
Yellow Seed – Targeting, Awareness, Flowering
Electric Tone 3 - Activation, Bonding, Service
White Worldbridger - Equalize, Death, Opportunity

The energies Red Moon and Blue Storm

In the very center of the formation is depicted the Source, in a very impressive weave design.

From the Source emanate 9 streams of cosmic energies, called Universal water. They represent the energy RED MOON - the energy of the Universal water and of the Flow. Red Moon is Solar Seal No. 9.

The whole figure in the center resembles also a tooth wheel with 9 teeth.
The tooth wheel is
usually part of a machine drive and is a typical symbol for the energy BLUE STORM – the powerful energy of Activation, Catalyzation and Transformation.

The Red Moon and the Blue Storm are mutually Challenging, Balancing and Strengthening power.

The Red Moon is also the main energy of the current Red Moon wavespell.

The two energies - Blue Storm and Red Moon - together symbolize the energy of the Blue Lunar Storm - the main energy of the current Blue Lunar Storm year, which ends on 25 July 2021.

8 days from the beginning of the Red Moon wave
spell and  4 + 1 = 5 days until the end of the wavespell

18 July 2021 is a day with the Tone 8, this is the 8th day of the Red Moon wavespell.

Around the central figure we see three arcs A, B and C.

And along the periphery of the formation, we see 12 figures located on two rings - internal and external.

The arc A occupies a sector of the circle, which encompasses 8 figures: from 1 to 8.

The arc B occupies a sector of the circle, which encompasses 4 figures: from 9 to 12.

The arc C occupies a sector of the circle that encompasses Figure 9.

As in each wavespell, also here in the Red Moon wavespell alternate the 4 types of energies:

Red energy - feminine, Yin, element Earth, direction East, Beginning, Physical body

White energy - masculine, Yang, element Air, direction North, Refining, Spirit

Blue energy - feminine, Yin, element Water, direction West, Transformation, Soul

Yellow energy - masculine, Yang, element Fire, direction South, Ripening, Awareness

The energies Red and Blue are feminine, Yin, they come from the Earth.

The energies White and Yellow are masculine, Yang, they come from the Sky.

On the crop circle, the figures from the inner ring represent the days with feminine Yin energy, and the figures from the outer ring represent the days with masculine Yang energy.

For example, the days of the Red Moon wavespell alternate like this:

Day 1: Red Moon - feminine Yin energy
Day 2: White Dog - masculine Yang energy
Day 3: Blue Monkey - feminine Yin energy
Day 4: Yellow Human – masculine Yang energy... and so on.

The arc A encompasses the first 8 days of the Red Moon wavespell: from July 11 to 18 inclusive.

The arc B encompasses the next 4 days of the wavespell that are ahead: from July 19 to 22 inclusive.

The arc C shows the last, 13th day of the wavespell. On the crop circle, it coincides with the 9th day. The explanation is that both the 9th and the 13th day have Red Yin energy:

Day 9: Red Earth with
Tone 9
Day 13: Red Dragon with Tone 13


White  Worldbridger and Yellow Warrior

Each of the 6 figures from the inner ring represents also a Bridge and symbolizes the energy White Worldbridger - Solar Seal No. 6.

The White Worldbridger is the Challenging power of the Yellow Warrior.

Each bridge consists of 6 bright bars, three internal and three external.

The 6 bridges have 36 bright bars in total.

The number 36 symbolizes the energy YELLOW WARRIOR - the Solar Seal of the day 18 July 2021.

Kin 36 in the Tzolkin calendar is with the Solar Seal Yellow Warrior.

Yellow Electric Seed is the third year of the current 13-year cycle with the main energy White Wizard. In the White Wizard wavespell, on the 3rd position is the Yellow Electric Warrior with Tone 3.

Thus, in the New Year of the Yellow Electric Seed, we will also receive the energy of the Yellow Warrior. This energy will imbue us with Fearlessness and encourage us to boldly fight for the realization of our dreams, for freedom and justice, to build bridges to each other, to build bridges to the spiritual worlds.


The energy Yellow Human, the Yin and Yang energies

Each of the 6 figures from the outer ring depicts a cup which is being filled with nectar (with cosmic energies) from the Sky.

In the crop circles the cup or the chalice is repeatedly used as symbol for the energy YELLOW HUMAN.

A human, stretching both arms up, forms a cup that is being filled with cosmic energies coming from the sky, from the Source. These are the Yang energies that we associate with the elements Fire and Air.

the traditional Chinese medicine, we get the Yang energy from above from the Sun, and it goes down, and the Earth gives us the Yin energy, which goes up from below.

On the formation, each of the figures from the inner ring depicts the lower part of the human body: two legs that have stepped on the Earth. In this way a human receives the Yin energies from the Earth.

he 12 figures remind us how to receive the energy of the day:

on a day with Yang energy (Yellow or White), we receive energy through our hands. And on a day with Yin energy (Red or Blue), we receive the energy through our feet.

So, all 12 figures are connected with the human body.

And the number 12 itself symbolizes the energy YELLOW HUMAN - Solar Seal No. 12.

The Yellow
Human is the main energy in the current Central Green Castle of Enchantment.

The Yellow Electric Seed is from this castle, so the energy Yellow Human will play a very active role in the New Year.

A more detailed description for the energy Yellow Human can be found here: www.astrodreamadvisor.com


Tone 8: Harmonization, Integrity, Modeling

Red Serpent the energy of the Life force

18 July 2021 is a day with Tone 8.

The formation shows how the universe imbues us regularly with the 4 types of energies: Red, White, Blue and Yellow.

It is advisable that we ourselves take care to receive every day uniformly the 4 types of energies, integrating them into ourselves so that we can achieve Harmony and Integrity - this is one of the main ideas of Tone 8.

The 12 figures show us valuable MODELS of behavior: how to receive every day the vital cosmic energies. In this way, we shall also attain Life Force, which is the goal of the energy Red Serpent - the Occult Teacher of the Yellow Warrior.


Yellow Electric Seed with Tone 3

Each of the 12 figures from the outer and inner rings resembles also a pot in which a Seed is planted.

The Seed is depicted as a tetragon with 4 sides.
The number 4 symbolizes the energy YELLOW SEED, which is Solar Seal No. 4.

The pot has 3 sides. The number 3 symbolizes the Electric Tone 3.

So each pot with a Seed symbolizes the energy Yellow Electric Seed with Tone 3 - the main energy of the New Year, which begins on 26 July  2021.

A more detailed description for the Yellow Electric Seed can be read here: www.astrodreamadvisor.com

The authors of the crop circle remind us that in the last days of the Blue Lunar Storm year, we prepare the seeds for the New Year of the Yellow Electric Seed.

Let's put into these Seeds our best Ideas, Thoughts, Feelings, Dreams, Visions for great positive Changes for the better for all Humanity and for the Earth!

I express my most sincere Gratitude to the authors of this wonderful formation and to the photographer The Hampshire Flyer!

Photo courtesy of The Hampshire Flyer

Maya Todorova


The first impression here is of one of the stone henges, the two in England and Germany, or elsewhere. Many of the standing stones are missing and the outer wooden circle is totally damaged in the crop circle. On this basis, the meaning of the crop circle is that at least one of the stone henges will suffer further damage or destruction from a comet fragment, most likely Comet B, hypothesized to appear in 2039.

If the circle also depicts a polar clock, then it would be telling us the time of the arrival of Comet A, currently estimated to appear in 2021-22 according to my free e-book, p. 10. Go to theheckhypothesis.com  for the download.
The surrounding 12 structures then would suggest substantial damage to infrastructure and other property from the comet strike.

The intelligence of the Circlemakers is demonstrated here by their established ability to combine two or more very different ideas into one crop circle.

Kenneth Heck

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