Barbury Castle, Nr Wroughton, Wiltshire. Reported 17th July.

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Updated Saturday 23rd July 2022


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A new crop picture at Barbury Castle on July 17, 2022 seems to be a logical successor of “pi to ten digits” in the same field in 2008 

This new crop picture shows the original geometrical diagram, which Archimedes used to estimate the value of “pi” in 250 BC:  

Please watch “Finding Pi by Archimedes' Method” (see to learn more. 

Furthermore, it was drawn in the same field where an “Archimedean spiral”, which coded for “pi to ten digits” as 3.141592654, was drawn on June 1, 2008. Its field location in 2022 lies directly tangent to a past location of the 2008 crop picture:  

Finally, “four clockwise turns of arrows”. which were created in Phase 2 of this new crop picture, might be meant to represent “four clockwise turns of a number-coded spiral”, which were drawn in the original 2008 crop picture (shown on the right in a slide above).  

In summary, it seems likely that both the 2008 and 2022 crop pictures were made by the same artist (or group of artists). He seems to be a complete master of mathematics and history, as well as artistic expression.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



The Zodiacal Matrix and the triple key of OM in the new crop circle!

And today, July 17, 2022, a new crop circle really appeared!
In Barbury Castle, UK.

A web-shaped 12 hexagonal pattern. 

Or nine hexagons overlapping from the central hexagon, creating a web of 96 right triangles. This creates the pattern 6-9 (Sun and Moon or Yang-Yin in numeral form) because there are nine hexagons (six-sided polygon). And the total of 96 triangles is the inverse of 69.

A binary of energies combined in this beautiful formation. 


I immediately thought of the combination “Web”, Destiny, Zodiac (12 signs), planets and Astral Map of influences, which weaves the web of humanity's destinies. The Great Matrix of the fates of men, beasts and gods, worlds and stars. The great hexagon of Creation in six cosmic periods, attuned to the Cube of Metatron. I'm not talking about Newspaper Astrology, I'm talking about Hermetic Astrology, focused on the deep psychology of self-knowledge. 


The connection to the twelve-sign zodiac is immediate, and even a Sun has been drawn in the centre of the formation, with rays. In antiquity, the twelve-rayed Sun was represented at the centre of the Zodiac, the planetary matrix of influences being strung like a web weaving the fate of all men, and here, the symbology of the Fates is appropriate. The Fates, in Roman mythology (Moiras in Greek mythology), were daughters of the night (or of Zeus and Themis). Deities who control the destiny of mortals and determine the course of human life, deciding matters such as life and death, in a way that not even Zeus could challenge their decisions. They were three sisters who determined the fate of both gods and humans. There were three dismal women, responsible for manufacturing, weaving and cutting what would be the thread of life for all individuals.


The symbology of the thread of life and the web of destiny presents itself.

According to the theory that maintains a relationship between planetary influence and the network of destinies traced by planetary influences, each of us is like a fly trapped in the spider's web of destiny, from which no one escapes, fulfilling this destiny inexorably, something that today in day is often called the MATRIX (in connection with the film series starring Keanu Reeves). The web reveals how all threads of influences are interwoven within a mental network that connects all beings at all times on the planet within a common environment called the Collective Unconscious, where the warp of destiny is applied in a special way by the cosmic influences.


Noticing the crop circle, he drew a perfect Inner Sun with twelve rays that extends to the edge of the mandala, drawing the Zodiac to perfection. But this is only the first interpretation The other takes us to an extension of the power name, Om, encoded in the crop circle of last July 12th, five days ago.


A triple key that began in the illustration of Om and followed in the pattern of the two snakes coiled in the vision of the crop circle of July 14, and is now completed in the model that expresses the sacred geometry behind the vibration of the name Om, according to the principles of Shabda, the Universal Sound. Om is the seed of sound related to the burst of Creation, the Big Bang itself that left a kind of echo and reverberation vibration within the great acoustic box of a closed Universe in which we are all inserted.

Om vibrates in everything and everyone, it is the keynote or fundamental frequency of the Universe itself running through our body and mind at all times, and therefore it has been explored in Hinduism as the mantra of Enlightenment. Its Sanskrit letters are inscribed in the upper head chakras, Ajna and Sahasrara, the upper brain terminals with gifts of enlightenment to be developed by the Om techniques, among others. This implies that, according to sacred geometry, the seed mantra Om draws the matrix of all forms, related to the Hexagon and its derivatives, such as Metatron's Cube. The Zodiac itself in its web of influences can be related to the power of Om in this sense. 


Still talking about the relationship with the higher chakras, those that bear the name of Om (Aum) in Sanskrit inscribed in their “flowers”, the Barbury Castle crop circle relates to a geometric flower, and can represent the heart chakra (Anahata) which settles in the heart, and which has twelve petals, because the heart is our inner Sun, the center of the matrix of our life and its ramifications in webs of vibration with all other parts of the body… and the mind!

Anahata Chakra and the heart is our inner Sun, matrix of Om, it has twelve petals, and the Zodiac has twelve signs, with the Sun at the center of the matrix, establishing the analogy. This is the first connection. The second is in the number of shapes inserted in the Barbury Castle crop circle. Each of the twelve bands of the crop circle (analogy with the twelve signs) has 8 right triangles inserted, which makes a total of 8 x 12 = 96 triangles in the outer web of the inner Sun.


Now, this is the number of petals of the Ajna chakra, which is on the forehead, where the name AUM (Om) is inscribed. And if I multiply by 10 (96×10 = 960) this will be the number of petals of the crown chakra, the seventh, which also has twelve inner petals, totaling 972 petals.

Furthermore, the throat chakra, Vishudda, has 16 petals, and is the instrument we use to invoke Om and the Sacred Sound, Shabda, through mantras and prayers. All the petal numbers of the higher chakras, counting from the heart upwards, the solar core of Om within us, are in this crop circle (12, 16, 96, 960+12).

In other words, we had in this crop circle the third part of the Om (Aum) code that started on July 12th, and continued on the two snakes of July 14th, ending in the model of Barbury Castle, July 17th. The crop circle analogous to the shape of the head and the internal pineal gland (according to previous studies) relates to the first level of human energies, mental level, where the mantra Om applies (in the two chakras of the head).

The crop circle of the two coiled serpents aligns with the instinctual center at the base and the relationship with the Kundalini, the root energy of the tree of life to be awakened by the breath and the power of Om. And finally, the hexagonal matrix crop circle, the last one, applies to the heart, the source of the vibration of Om within us, in our central Sun, which we must capture and amplify by the use of the word in the mantra).


The idea here is to promote the integration of the three energy cores (instinctive, emotional and mental) by the power of Om, creating a perfect realignment in the chakras and a balancing levelling of the energies that circulate within us, and the aim of all this is the awakening consciousness in search of Enlightenment.

This is a more complex form of interpretation, which associates several crop circles within the same period, linking objects within a message given in parts, as pieces of a much larger set. A triple key of powerful energies and how to use it in practices was given to us in these three days of July in the crop circles in sequence. As if the Aliens really have an interest in teaching humanity to awaken consciousness (to CONTACT them)!

But the connections don't stop there. Many studies have already proven that harmonic sounds, musical frequencies and even words loaded with positivity print harmonic geometries in the form, for example, of water. The mantra Om (AUM) itself has already been used in these experiments, drawing the shape of the hexagonal matrix in the water, as we see in this crop circle.


Researcher Lawrence Blair has already written about the relationships between vibrations, matter and form, studies on Cymatics, finding the same thing, namely the power of Om over matter and its harmonic designs. Researcher Hasn Jenny, many years ago, built a device called a tonoscope, which was able to transform sounds into a visual representation, and was surprised when the vibration of the mantra Om (AUM) became practically identical to that of the sacred Yantra mantra. 


Yantra mantra is a geometric mandala with several meanings, among them, the harmonic expression of sacred geometry with the power to restore the pattern of things and energies, especially applied to the realignment of the human soul in mind and body restored by its power. And the Yantra mantra is a geometric expression also derived from the hexagonal matrix, exposed in the Barbury Castle crop circle. The Yantra Mantra can be composed of overlapping hexagons, just like in the recent crop circle model. This means that AUM is really the seed of the universal Sound, the sound that, before all others, draws the hexagram matrix in the Cosmos, the macrocosmic Star that creates everything that exists. 


Looking at the crop circle again, it has five geometric levels, from the centre to the periphery. An inner Sun and four geometric levels with triangular division constructions. This angular division of the hexagons creates rays (zigzag) in the course of the five levels, from the inside to the outside, illustrating the path of the vibrations of OM, which reminded me of the “ray of love” in the crop circle in code on the 4th of December. June in Owl House, UK.

If the Universe has SEVEN FUNDAMENTAL DIMENSIONS, according to ancient Cosmology from which comes the knowledge of Shabda (the Sacred Sound) and Om (AUM), then the nucleus of the crop circle represents the seventh dimension, where the Sacred Absolute Sun and the matrix of AUM to propagate in the lower dimensions, sixth, fifth, fourth and finally the third material dimension, which reaches us where we are, here and now, revealing the incredible power of OM. 


It is as if Om was the first word of God to create all things, and the echo of Om still reverberates in the Sun, the stars and our beating heart… and when we practice Om, we are reintegrating with the cosmic web of interconnected energies. . The message that remains is that, if Destiny is really a web of programmed causes, we have been called to be able to change some of these causes through the awakening of conscience, which places us above the plane of mere spectators of destiny, with the power of correct decisions. capable of influencing the matrix of causes in motion. Hence the importance of self-knowledge in the process and the keys we are given. All this is really very powerful and wise in this set of integrated and coded messages from this July week in the English crop circles!



Ps: Yesterday's crop circle in Barbury Castle was modified this morning by Aliens in a new format! They simply lowered the plants to half the area of the 96 triangles marked in a new harmonic pattern indicating movement (48 light triangles + 48 dark triangles).

A moving Sun, which could also indicate strong solar activity soon. Even the Earth can be hit by strong solar winds tomorrow, July 19, which makes this crop circle, once again, prophetic, like so many others, when analyzing altered solar behavior. And if the energy is strong in the Sun, it will also be strong in our hearts due to the effect of reverberation. 


But within our analysis, this mechanism created even more attunement to the vibratory pattern of OM in the heart within the 12-petal vortex, Anahata chakra, indicating that the heart's energy core rotates with force when stimulated by the sacred word of OM. If these messages do not encourage you to practice more and more awakening your inner Sun through the cosmic resonance of OM reverberating throughout the universe, nothing else will!

JP on 07.18.2022


The prophetic crop circles - a powerful solar flare arrives on Earth tomorrow!

Tomorrow the Earth will be hit by a huge solar storm.

It has been an intense period for solar activity. In March 2022, Earth was hit by separate geomagnetic storms, according to government weather agencies in the US and UK. While those geomagnetic storms likely did not cause any damage, they did bring into focus the potential damage that could come from more powerful storms in the future.

Then, earlier this month, a G1-class geomagnetic storm hit Earth, causing bright auroras over Canada. The only problem is that no one saw this storm coming until it was pretty late. Seven days ago, a giant sunspot and filaments on the solar surface had astronomers worried about potential Earth-directed solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) that could lead to blackouts. Finally, on Friday, it was reported that a large solar flare had erupted from the Sun, which could cause radio blackouts in many parts of the world.


A 'direct hit' from a solar storm

Now, on Saturday, Dr. Tamitha Skov, known as the “Space Weather Woman,” predicted a “direct hit” from a solar storm on Tuesday. She took to social media to share the news along with a video of NASA's prediction model. “Direct hit. A snake-like filament was released as a large solar storm while in the strike zone on Earth. NASA predicts impact early July 19. Strong Auroras are possible with this one, at mid-latitudes.”

“The long snake-shaped filament came out of the Sun in an impressive ballet. The magnetic orientation of this solar storm heading towards Earth will be difficult to predict. Level G2 (possibly G3) conditions may occur if this storm's magnetic field is oriented to the south!” With the Sun now in an active phase of its 11-year solar cycle, incidents like these are expected to increase. The question now becomes: how harmful are they really? Typically, they can cause significant blackouts in GPS navigation systems, which can end up disrupting the travel of small aircraft and ships. Other than that, however, there's not much to worry about.

****************************************************** ******

I've already lost count of how many crop circles with solar vortex structure similar to the recent Barbury Castle object I interpreted as signs of solar activity right after the object's appearance, with an incredible margin of accuracy. All that was needed was a solar hexagon (this is the first line of interpretation of this geometry at the level of space cosmology) and very strong solar winds on their way to Earth are expected for tomorrow. I've interpreted many figures before with this hexagonal shape in vortices of movement with the same hits on the issue of solar activity exalted in the same period of the crop circle.

And tomorrow will be no different. 

Link:-  a-matriz-zodiacal-e-a-chave-triplice-de-om-no-novo-crop-circle 

JP on 18.07.2022


Sun, before and after - crop circle, before and after

The Barbury Castle crop circle appeared in England on July 17, and the next morning, July 18, was modified.

Hexagonal pattern crop circles are usually associated with the Sun (from the cosmological point of view of interpretations) and when this crop circle demonstrates some vortex or energy of movement, it usually means intense solar activity, either explosions and ejections, or from coronal holes and solar winds. . Because, between the 19th and 20th of July, two days AFTER the crop circle, the Sun appeared with huge holes, which allows the escape of solar winds that reach the Earth with strong bursts of energy.

Take a closer look at the crop circle, before and after. Before, the hexagram was whole and uniform, with its 96 inner triangles drawn in geometry. Then, the next day, half of these triangles (48) were altered, as if suggesting HOLES in the solar surface. The crop circle showed this BEFORE the appearance of the huge HOLES on the solar surface. If it were human work, how could humans predict this behaviour of the Sun two days in advance?

There is only one possible authorship here: "they are messages from authors endowed with high knowledge of the Universe" 

JP on 21.07.2022


The great Zodiacal Matrix in the crop circle

This magnificent crop circle, phase 1, from July 17, 2022, could not illustrate with such a precise and perfect geometry the design of the Zodiacal Matrix on three levels:

a) the base hexagonal structure, analogous to Metatron's Cube, the cosmic matrix, symbolized in the six cosmic days of Creation.

b) the nine chained hexagons, which represent the nine heavens of the spirit and their planetary rulerships in layers, according to the models of ancient Cosmology.

c) the twelve zodiacal bands within a resulting final pattern that looked like a spider's web (the warp of the fabric of Fate).

Abstract of the model, the Earth is surrounded by planetary influences chained in a zodiacal plan of twelve temperaments (signs) in an evolutionary scale of nine layers (the nine heavens of consciousness), according to its angels, the planetary rulers, before the Source, the central to it all. All crop circle seasons are marked by these returns to ancient wisdom through the repetition of the same symbols and archetypes that guided the peoples of the past to the mysteries of Light...

 JP on 22.07.2022

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This crop circle is in two phases. The irregularities in the crop circle (Phase One) indicate it was man-made, at least initially. Man-made circles are normally based on prior designs or motifs. In this case the circle seems to be an elaboration of the first one below, from July 2, 2001 (page 148 of my eBook), which is a depiction of shocked quartz or nano-diamonds created after an impact. In complexity the present circle nearly approaches the intricacy of Francesco Grassi's man-made circles in Italy.

 PictureG.jpg           IPictureI.jpg           PictureH.jpg     

 Phase Two was produced by eliminating about half of the crop to create an odd-looking series of 48 light and 48 dark right triangles (the two types are on opposite sides of the sun), The first impression of these triangles is that they resemble pennants (triangular flags) for some event or institution,  but pennants are almost never right angled, We do have the example of  June 19, 2022, above, which depicted 10 right triangles. Suppose each of the 96 triangles here represents a strike from one of the Chastising comets - their nucleus, major fragments, and minor fragments,  The count according to the third image above, from August 18, 1997, (page 125 of my free eBook)  gives 4 comets, 29 major fragments, plus 62 minor fragments. 33 plus 62 equals 95, but this image doesn't take into account the split nucleus of Comet B, so the count is really 96. Did the aliens modify this man-made circle for their own purposes? If so, it wouldn't be the first time, according to the experiences of human circle makers. 

Kenneth Heck 




These drawings show the result of the transformation, from lines and geometric figures, to a drawing that continues from last year's sequence. On July 2, 2021, next to Avebury Stone Circle again, the drawing of the beginning of the transformation with the activation of the vortex appeared. The drawings of July 17 and 18 of this year confirm that this Transformation continues.

Changes in drawings from one to several days after appearing is not new. This has happened several times. One of the most important modifications occurred on July 15, 2008 very close to Avebury Stone Circle. We had to wait eight days, and on July 23, not only an important modification occurred, but also a large circle appeared and other series of images not identified until today.

It seems that the month of July is one of the most important for crop circle makers to show off their images.

Let's hope for more images at the end of this season, related to The Transformation. More information about The Transformation on my video at YouTube Crop Circle 17th and 18th July. The Evolution 

Next my comments in spanish 

Estos dibujos muestran el resultado de la transformación,  desde líneas y figuras geométricas , hasta un dibujo que continúa de la secuencia del año pasado. El día 2 de Julio del 2021 , apareció el dibujo del inicio de la transformación con la activación del vortex. Los dibujos del 17 y 18 de julio de este año confirma que esa Transformación continúa. 

Las modificaciones en dibujos de uno a varios días después de aparecido no es nuevo. Esto ha ocurrido varias veces. Una de las mas imortantes modificaciones ocurrió el 15 de Julio del 2008 muy cerca de Avebury Stone Circle. Hubo que esperar ocho días, y el 23 de Julio ocurrió no solo una modificación importante, sino que apareció un gran circulo y otras series de imagenes no identificadas hasta hoy día.

Parece que el mes de Julio es uno de los mas importantes para los creadores de crop circle para mostrar sus imágenes.

Esperemos mas imagenes en el fin de esta temporada, relacionadas con La Transformación. Mas informacion en mi video de Youtube en Crop Circle 17th and 18th July. The Evolution

This an UPDATE of my comments of formation July 18th 

Once again, the crop circles makers anticipate the astronomy events that affect our universe. Already in the formation of July 14th, we were told that the James Webb Telescope would be one of the most important advances of our time. Today, July 20th, they show us the most recent photograph of the advanced space laboratory, in which we see the crop circle of July 17 and 18 reflected. The transformation. This is the Galaxy NGC 628 located at 32 million light-years and today shown to our small eyes. Are they from there? 

Next my comment in spanish 

Una vez mas, los creadores de crop circles se anticipan a los eventos astronómicos que afectan nuestro universo. Ya en la formacion de 14 de Julio, nos indicaban que el Telescopio James Webb sería uno de los avances mas importantes de nuestro tiempo. Hoy 20 de Julio nos muestran la fotografía mas reciente del avanzado laboratorio espacial, en la cual vemos reflejado el crop circle de los días 17 y 18 de Julio. La Transformación. Esta es la Galaxia NGC 628 localizada a 32 millones de años luz y hoy la vemos con nuestros pequeños ojos.  Son ellos de allá?

Pablo Oli



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