Etchilhampton Hill, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 24th July

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Etchilhampton Hill, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reportado em 24 de julho 2022



A new crop picture, which appeared at Etchilhampton on July 24, 2022, may show a logo for E.T. crop artists’ “Space Force” 

The general style of this new crop picture clearly matches a “Space Force” logo adopted recently by the U.S. military, and as shown on the science-fiction series “Star Trek” many times since 1965:  

Some people have interpreted this crop picture in terms of a “caliper” symbol used by the Freemasons. Yet as Aldous Huxley once wrote, “What we perceive depends on the conceptual lattice through which it has been filtered.”  

The schematic image of a “space plane landing” may be seen in the landscape above and below  

When we use Google Earth to see where this new crop picture was drawn, we can immediately see the landscape image of a “space plane”, which seems to be preparing to “land on two wheels”: 

Their “Space Force” logo was drawn directly beneath that landscape image of a “space plane”, and also points toward it. 

Two large trees, within a large rectangular field further below, may symbolize its “two wheels”, will set down first on a “runway” when this “space plane” lands.  

Similar “landing” symbolisms have been drawn many times in crops: for example at West Kennett Longbarrow on August 13, 2013, or at Monarch’s Way on August 13, 2018.  

If we look again at the first slide above, we can see in the lower part of the crop picture a downward-pointing triangular shape, along with three flattened circles of increasing size which proceed downward. Both of those symbols suggest that the crop artists may be coming DOWN soon.  

Eight small circles were drawn within an arc, in the upper part of this crop picture. They match in shape an 8-bit code for “Om” that was drawn at Pilgrim’s Trail on July 12, 2022 (see Pilgrims 2022). A large number “8” was likewise drawn in crops near Milk Hill on August 8, 2008. It might represent a symbol of “infinity”, which is used by a time-travel group of similar name.  

This is going to be fun! Please sing along if you wish: “They’ll be landing on two wheels when they come…” (see WATCH).  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace Drew)




An incredible Masonic code reveals the direction of an impacting celestial event in the new crop circle

Etchilhampton Hill, UK, on July 24, 2022.

The stupendous Masonic code in the new crop circle! But that is not limited to a mere Masonic code so well known, which is the compass and square crossed to form the six-pointed star. A stupendous Masonic code in this mandala from Etchilhampton Hill, this morning of July 24, 2022.

It is within an eight-pointed star (octagon structure), and the eight (or four)-pointed star also figures in a number of Masonic symbols and other Hermetic Orders of the world, ancient and modern. Relationship with Light, Wisdom and stellar protection, which represents the spiritual hierarchies of the sky and, in a special way, the star Sirius, the brightest in the sky and the one from which the first spiritual entities came to civilize humanity with their profound knowledge  

There is a Masonic symbol called The Burning Star, which signifies the Mason's journey in search of wisdom and the spiritual path, and the star represents true knowledge to guide him through the night of ignorance and the dark world. Of course, a parallel with the Star of Bethlehem, which has always been associated with Sirius, the star of Christendom.

Masonic symbols with eight-pointed stars are rare, but they do exist. In fact, among the 33 Masonic degrees, the 30th degree was already portrayed in a 2013 crop circle. It appeared in Italy on June 30, 2013, in a region called Cavalo Grigio, and with four letters in binary ASCII code:



Why, the letters of the name of God, Kadosh (Holy).
Misinterpreted at the time as chemical symbols, this crop circle with this eight-pointed star and the name KDSH represented the 30th degree of the Masonic Order.

KADOSH Knight 30th Degree! And look, the crop circle appeared on the 30th and in a region called “cavalo” (30th grade of Cavalry).

The Knight Kadosh is a Masonic Degree or initiation ceremony performed by certain branches of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. It is the thirtieth degree of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite for the United States of America, for the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of Canada.

This means that Masonic references in crop circles are not new. And note that small triangles were also included in this crop circle with the same claims of alchemical symbolism of the elements (the four elements are represented by distinct triangles in Alchemy).
But this current reference is still surprising. So this Masonic code of G.A.D.U. (Great Architect of the Universe), depicted by the letter G, was associated with an eight-pointed star. 


And see that the star most associated with Masonic symbols is not even the eight-pointed star, but the five-pointed star (the pentagram), in addition to the macrocosmic star itself (six-pointed), associated with the alchemy of fire and water, or compass and square, a graphic form that Freemasonry, much later than the origin of these signs, adapted to fire (compass, triangle upwards) and water (square, triangle downwards), in the marriage of the Sun and the Moon, of the masculine with the feminine, according to hermetic symbologies much earlier than the medieval orders themselves, including Freemasonry, the Rosicrucians and, later on, the Theosophical Society.

Two stars actually associate here, the six-pointed Macrocosmic star (matrix of Creation) and the eight-pointed star, which directly refers to the spiritual degrees of LIGHT (stars represented Angels and celestial powers in the ancient conception).  

By the way, today, 24, adds up to 6, which is the number that represents the letter G, letter of Genesis and the Six days (cosmic periods) of Creation, which the compass and square, crossed, symbolize.  

Another detail about the date: The Sun entered the constellation Leo yesterday, its strongest position all year.

And the date forms an interesting pattern: 2022-07-24 (6-7-6) Now 676 is the square of 26, which is the number of the Name of the Lord, YHVH. Nothing casual!

And another alchemy appears, as I reported in previous crop circles to this one, the two triangles, fire and water of the cc model of Cake Woods, July 10th, 14 days ago. Speaking of 14, the sum of the eight-pointed star with the six-pointed macrocosmic star gives 14, in the combination of this crop circle, and 14 is the arcane of Alchemy in Tarot, fire plus water. 

Because the compass represents the triangle up, and the square, the triangle down, fire and water meeting… in a cosmic, planetary, alignment alchemy? That's what we'll see later. 

But anyway, the association of the compass and square with the eight-pointed star is unusual, and in this crop circle, aimed at a specific astronomical argument. Compass and square are relatively modern readings (attributed to Freemasonry in its medieval origins) of much older alchemical symbols, fire and water.  

With the compass and the square, the circle is traced, and the diameter is traced. We have, again, the IO code, as in other previous readings.

Because the compass opens the circle (O) and the square cuts its diameter (I). And with these two elements, we build the Hexagram, which is the matrix of all sacred universal geometry, in its many geometric parallels, for example, Metatron's Cube, the Flower of Life, among others.

The straight, diameter, is the masculine. The curve, circle, is the feminine. United, they form the star of alchemy.

Heaven and Earth, curved and straight, immaterial and material, spiritual and physical, behold the alchemy of opposites in the Creation of Heaven and Earth by G.A.D.U. 

Rebis, the adrogyne of medieval alchemy, representing the union of the two basic principles of alchemy, fire and water, Sun and Moon, male and female, sulfur and mercury. Note the compass and square in Rebis's hands, accompanied by the seven planetary principles in arc at the top, such as the arc of points above the compass/square in the crop circle. Earth is reborn with wings, at the base, while the chaos dragon is contained, reversed. 


But this compass-square seems directed towards a row of dots above it, when the point of the compass also looks like a marker, a clock hand, or a compass, indicating a direction. Now, if the outer eight-pointed octagon represents the stars of the sky (in the ancient world, they were situated in the EIGHTH HEAVEN), then the point of the compass shows some place in the sky, where Alchemy will take place. 


Let's look at the sky today.

Early in the morning, the Sun rises in the east with Mercury and, incredibly, eight planetary groups form along the entire sky line that covers from east to west, this because, in addition to the symmetrical and regular distribution, according to the crop circle , two groups out of the eight are in conjunction:

Sun with Mercury Mars with Uranus 


Astrological chart of 07.24.2022 (today) at the latitude of São Paulo (BR)

So, the tip of the compass, read as a clock or compass pointer, is indicating the mid-heaven region of this planetary configuration which, today, corresponds exactly to the model of the eight circular points on the arc above the compass/square. 


So, in addition to all the generic and masonic interpretations of this central crop circle ornament, we have a clearly astronomical message here. And it points to the PISCES constellation, which is exactly in the middle of the sky region today, when the crop circle portrayed the planetary configuration of the 8 cluster points in the sky, according to the maps. Furthermore, the starry octagon around the mandala, in which it was structured, represents STAR, and has a fishtail shape at its (eight) points. 


And exactly between the compass and the square, a circular object in three steps, as if demonstrating APPROACH. The first circle of this progression is exactly over the central field of the compass/square, where the letter G, Generation, Genesis, GADU (God) rests. Another idea for the three Divine Persons (Holy Trinity) and the triangle (Delta) is another capital symbol of Freemasonry.

And if we use the time scale (months) here, we will get back to the month of October (reference number 10 in other crop circles).
It's July, and there, we have two full circles and one in half. Two months and half a month from practically the end of July, when we are, it will be in the middle of October.


Recent images of the P 7X object in Capricorn

Events in heaven at that time?

So, what does the arrow, arrow or magnetic needle point in the direction of the constellation Pisces? Something associated with such events?
Object P 7X, currently in the constellation Capricorn and moving ahead? A UFO? A supernova star? Something related to the messianic age of Jesus Christ, the age of Pisces, which ends with HIS RETURN? All these things at once? 


Note the analogy between the crop circle and a compass, whose marker rests on a compass rose and the eight cardinal directions:
North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, Northwest. The crop circle has the same basic structure (within which the alchemist symbol of Freemasonry was inserted). And the tip of the compass points to the direction of the constellation of Pisces, according to the analysis of the sky map today, the day of the crop circle.

Anyway, with the association of the alchemist symbols of Freemasonry and with other crop circles, everything indicates that this ARRIVAL from the heavens will really promote a great planetary alchemy, what the prophet of the past called the Apocalypse and the moderns call it transition. I spoke of the transition of astrological ages, from Pisces to Aquarius, (in a previous article) to take place between 2023 and 2025. It seems to me that this ARRIVAL fits into this context. 


By the way, in 2021, we had a strange crop circle that repeats some patterns of this new model.

It appeared on the 31st of July last year, almost a year ago. And it shows the same similar arc, with seven circular points, a pointing triangle and, below, a circle that looks like an object with rays or a tail, and on a crooked axis below, with a heart.

The Heart is the Sun, the centre of the solar system.

The approaching star leaves the measurements crooked, flawed, altered, anomalous... and at the bottom, a smaller circle that can represent the Earth, suffering all these physical, geological and psychological impacts (collective unconscious) under this altered pattern of energies in the Earth. space that surrounds us.


That is, as the Hollywood movie industry speaks to the world:
"Don't look up",
this crop circle, in the harmonious set of the others, says exactly the opposite:
"Look up!"


And it even supplies the region of the sky: the constellation of Pisces. A journey through knowledge in the new crop circle!

This crop circle uses Masonic symbology to repeat alchemical messages involving the planets of the solar system and points a direction of the sky, very precisely. Simply amazing!

And I feel very honoured to be here, having the privilege of being the first scholar to cast this revealing look at this message with the knowledge that assists me. A great opportunity to learn from the Brothers of the Stars while so many people unlearn the meaning of life with so much futility in the world...  


JP on 24.07.2022 

The Alchemy of Mantra

Observing this beautiful crop circle from Etchilhampton Hill, on the 24th, which adds up to 6, the letter G and the six points of the macrocosmic Star of alchemy, fire plus water, and the other arguments from the previous reading, we have a relationship with the mantra "Om" from the crop circle of Pilgrim's Trail, the pilgrim way of the mind, on July 12, 12 days ago (12+12 = 24).

Precisely in this crop circle where the mantra "Om" was codified in two eight-point arcs with ASCII binary code, I saw a similarity with the same eight-point arc that covers, in the new crop circle, the alchemist union of the compass (upward triangle, fire) and the square (downward triangle, water), generating the six-pointed universal macro-creator star, in analogy with the six creative periods of Genesis, letter G, GADU.

Well, if mental energy is, like any electricity, generated and maintained by two polarities, two nerve endings, they start in the brain itself divided into two hemispheres. Here is our alchemy of two triangles, the fire hemisphere (solar, left) and the water hemisphere (lunar, right). The same hermetic knowledge can be transported to the mercury caduceus, with the twin serpents representing this polarization of mental energy circulating our body and seeking an alchemical fusion in the brain, the ends of the transmutation of bodily vital energy.

This new crop circle fits with that one in the sense of illustrating that the "pilgrim's way" is established by this mental alchemy (the common human being lives out of phase, acting in one of the hemispheres preferentially, never with both in a balanced band). The mantra, any mantra (generally, Om) and the practice of the brain vibration that the mantra provides, will then produce that activation of the pineal gland, in the center of the brain and buried BETWEEN the two hemispheres, creating precisely the POINT of support of this mental alchemy, whose result is the opening of perceptions that capture the STAR (the eight-pointed star around the central alchemy of the compass and square).

Well, once alchemy is performed, the pineal gland decalcifies and resumes its original activity, secreting another substance in addition to sleep melatonin. And this other substance (DMT) will be responsible for opening higher perceptions, when it then reconnects with the cosmic mental network represented by the stars, according to the octagonal geometry on the outside of the crop circle.

Even the relationship with the constellation of Pisces, according to the previous analysis, is justified, because the fish, among so many other symbols and concepts, hermetically represented ALCHEMY, and fishing represented the extraction of superior energy from inferior energy. In other words, fishing means extracting quality mental energy from the energy of raw instincts. And eating fish is not good for the brain? In this sense, the healing of the Angel Raphael, the equivalent of the Spirit of Mercury in Hermetic Astrology, was applied, because the fish in the Angel's hands represented the work of refining energies for the purpose of mental alchemy.

Because the cure for everything is in the mind. As well as the origin of all diseases!

Practice Mantra Alchemy to capture the star sign. Here is the most beautiful sentence of the new crop circle! OM 

JP on 24.07.2022


Stargate UFO?

As many people only see ufos and ufos, and forget that symbols have versatility of interpretations that overlap, of course, there is space ALSO and not exclusively, to evaluate a UFO in this crop circle. This V-shaped triangular craft was seen, according to various reports, in the Phoenix area on March 13, 1997, and it has the same "compass" pattern as the crop circle model, supported on an inverted triangle and with an arc of 8 points on top. The eight-pointed Star around can work wonderfully for the STARGATE or Stargate argument.

Thus, everyone is happy and I don't need to expose the lightest minds to profound and extensive treatises on cosmic alchemy deciphered in these signs of Freemasonry that never belonged to Freemasonry but, like all the rest of ancient knowledge, are of extraterrestrial origin and that we use until today. knowing neither the meaning of the symbol nor its real origin,
regrettably... All because some self-declared experts, just because they saw the mason symbol here, quickly judged that the crop circle was made by humans.

And others, dismissing the evident presence of the Masonic symbol, claim that everything is just a UFO in the Narnia portal arriving from the Aslan Federation... after all, we enter the sign of Leo.
Suddenly it's Aslan command and not Ashtar in the area.

It's fine by me. 

JP on 25.07.2022 


Sirius star code in crop circles

Usually, in seasons, two dates are striking in crop circles that relate directly to Sirius. The first date is between the 6th, 7th and 8th of July of the years, when the Sun aligns with the mother star Sirius in the 14 degrees of Cancer, zodiacal band. The second date is between the 25th and 26th of July, when Sirius is reborn in the sky, the so-called heliacal birth after his period of occultation.

The fact is that the crop circle seasons are getting shorter and shorter, and at the end of July, there are only 10 crop circles. Therefore, these dates have no longer been fulfilled with messages. We can see the recent crop circle, on the 24th of July, as the Sirian reference for this year 2022. It has the stellar/octogonal pattern in the external structure, within which the Masonic code was inserted, in a first line of interpretation.

In the image, several similar Sirian stellar codes, always with the same octagonal structure, since the image of the star associated with the octagon) eight-sided polygon, comes from Sumer and cuneiform writing. Later, this symbology spread, and the sky of the stars (above the sky of the planets) was defined as the eighth heaven, and the number eight, the bond of the Law that connects all things in heaven and on Earth.

Eight lying down, symbol of the Infinite, where the stars played the role of guardians, from which all light and all divine science came, whether spiritual or alien. And to this day, our brothers from the stars fulfill these messages that seek to remember our origins... 


The coordinates of the awakening of the astral consciousness

square Compass Protractor  Exclusive article by Clube dos 11 

JP on 27.07.2022 

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Essential clues

- Origin of the Symbol (1) 

“By honest and industrious means,

we live a life of ease,

then let the Compass be your guide

and go where’er you please.” 

- Number Four - Pythagorean oath - Tetractys Wikipedia (2) 

“By that pure, holy, four lettered name on high,

nature's eternal fountain and supply,

the parent of all souls that living be,

by him, with faith find oath, I swear to thee.” 

- Stonemasons are not Freemasons: The roots of the brotherhoods of stonemasons, i.e. the genuine building lodges, lie in medieval Germany Wikipedia (3) 

The Cathedral - a film by Marc Jampolsky YouTube (4) 

In fact, the crop circle is adjusted to sunset on 4 August (numerology of 4 and 8) in Strasbourg (Cathedral), the nucleus of the building lodge (Bauhütte) system! 

“There is no competition. There is nothing happening in the visual or moderns arts on any level, anywhere on the planet at the moment that begins to compare with it as an art phenomenon. And there is no artist certainly who could begin to compare with the artist who is behind the crop circle phenomenon in terms of design. They are very, very good designs. And yet they do not hold their head up. So, who are they? Who is behind it? Why are there all these mercurial arts of intervention in some way, or in something else. And if it is the guys in the spaceships, I would love to visits one of their chapels! Because they sure do good windows.” - John Martineau in Crop Circles - Quest For Truth YouTube (5) 

The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner. - (6) 

Johann v. Diehsa MSD 







Its numerous irregularities may identify this circle as man-made, but it expresses a quite high concept not seen before. 

According to this crop circle, if we were to ask what earth religion or spirituality are the alien circlemakers most like, it would be the Masons, due to the compass and square representation. The Masons were master artisans and architects who built many of the great cathedrals in the Middle Ages and trace their order back in legend to Solomon's Temple. In the same way, the alien circlemakers regard themselves as servants of God who, with their highly developed technical skills, are employed to fulfill the Divine Plan for our planet. Their particular skill is in safely moving asteroids, comets. etc. to other places and also causing them to impact other celestial bodies at precise times and locations. This sounds somewhat destructive, but is in reality an essential aspect of the Divine Plan, leading to the New Era of humanity predicted by the great religions. 

The crop circle as a whole represents the earth. Inside is an arc (the Northern Hemisphere sky) showing eight small circles representing the eight comets striking the earth and sun during our Cometary Period. The arc is divided into two halves by the tip of the Masonic compass to separate the four comets appearing in the 21st Century from the four in the 23rd Century. Beneath is a triangular space vehicle representing a fleet of vehicles each of which will be responsible for three bodies - the comets, and their major and minor fragments.  The perimeter depicts eight designs, one for each comet, The triangular spike within each design would be the comet's tail growing as it approaches the sun. The double lines in prior circles denoted a separation between land and water (GBR (01/06/25), page 83 of my free ebook).  Here it denotes the separation between areas hit by comet material and areas not hit. This distinction is of ultimate importance in fulfilling the Divine Plan.

Kenneth Heck




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