Broad Hinton, nr Winterbourne Bassett. Wiltshire. Reported 28th May

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Updated  Wednesday 14th June 2023


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Solar activity in the first crop circle of the 2023 season

It's May 28th, today, and usually on a Sunday, as most crop circles tend to appear, in one of the many patterns I've already identified around here. It was in the field of Broad Hinton, Bassett, Wiltshire. A solar symbol, no doubt, a stylized hexagonal shape, in a shape that resembles a six-armed engine propeller or even sword blades. A solar symbol for sure, perhaps signaling important solar events for the next few days.
Intense solar winds, giving the appearance of a six-bladed fan.

These hexagonal solar models represented by moving disks with arms, blades or propellers usually represent or signify strong solar activity in the coming days, like several other similar models that I have accurately identified in the past.
In 2020, for example, some crop circles used this same style, some with hexagonal geometry, and another with a style very similar to the recent model by Broad Hinton, which appeared on 26.07.2020, the heliacal birth of Sirius that year, in the field from Etchilhampton Hill, UK. And indeed that year the predictions were confirmed, with intense solar activity right after the formations. We will follow the news about activity on the Sun, strong energy ejections and high-intensity solar winds arriving on Earth in the next few days.

JP on 28.05.2023

A fast-moving star in the new crop circle?

In addition to the patterned Sun in this hexagonal geometry image (repeating models from previous years, several models), this new crop circle also seems to visualize an object in accelerated motion (the shape of the six arms like sword blades).

News reaches us from open space, and new images emerge of the object P 7X, this mysterious star that no astronomer has yet been able to map in terms of precise orbit, which means uncertainties regarding its speed (which seems quite fast, according to the crop circle) and its position in the sky (I mean, distance from the Sun and the Earth, because its position in the constellations is known, in the region of Capricorn or Aquarius).Object P 7X on the Soho C3 spacecraft on 05/27 at 4:54 am, exactly ONE DAY BEFORE the appearance of the first opening crop circle of the 2023 season.


And from the image, it really looks very fast, and accelerating. An image that does not differ from the previous ones also captured by the Sun monitoring probes. With better images of the crop circle, we can see that the background of the image of the six-armed star in the form of blades and its movement seems to create ripples in the surrounding field, perhaps electromagnetic or gravitational ripples from a star in accelerated motion. A massive object that approaches the Sun tends to accelerate more and more as it reaches perihelion, like any comet and its enormous tail.

What would explain the strong magnetic pulses on the Sun and also gravitational waves generated in this accelerated movement, thus linking this new view of the crop circle (P 7X) with the previous one, regarding intense solar activities that will mark this season, perhaps in series with the over the following months.

We will follow up, as always, to certify the analysis. Remembering that, in this year of 2023, we are entering the 33rd year of the phenomenon of communications with intelligent message, since the first different symbols in the images started in the 1990 season in England (before, they were simple geometric shapes without specific messages or codes). Another memory about the phenomenon is that it is ending in the world. Last year, to give you an idea, only about 16 objects appeared, when, in the heyday, they easily surpassed 100 objects and in other countries as well.

This year, if 10 appear, I think it's a lot. And the year 33 also seems to me to be highly significant for a phenomenon that has always encoded this number alongside others in formations, such as patterns.


JP on 05.30.2023

The crop circle of solar winds

The first crop circle of the 2023 season appeared on the 28th of May last, and the day before, the Sun recorded strong activity. And two days later, at 30.05, huge coronal holes were recorded, as you can see in the recent image, and their shape even looks a bit like the arms of the crop circle, triangular. This means that with giant coronal holes like these, high-intensity solar winds are predicted for the next few days. Do you understand why the crop circle came with a fan shape?This line of interpretations usually sticks to the hit. But you need to know the crop circle language pattern to have a more solid opinion that is confirmed later. 

JP on 05.31.2023

Crop circle message 2023 accumulated - something approaching in the sky?

It all started in the first crop circle of the season, from Broad Hinton, Wiltshire on 28.05.2023, similar to a six-spoke wheel in accelerated motion, which, at the time, I first identified as the Sun being marked by strong activities, which actually happened, including the opening of huge spots on its surface, even similar to the shape of the forms of this inaugural crop circle.

Sunspots appeared two days later, on May 30, when another crop circle appeared. And this time, in Italy, in Cascina San Michele on the 30.05.2023. Interestingly, the region where this model appeared is named after the Angel Michael, the solar ruler. And the image clearly shows an object approaching another fixed one, at the bottom of the image: an object approaching the Sun. We take into account the object P 7X, searched for several years by astronomers around the world and captured several times by NASA's solar monitoring satellites.

So he is real, he is there and he is approaching. But would he be the only reference of these crop circles? Then, to the surprise of all of us, a pictogram came on June 4th, simulating a repetition of the same pictograms from 1990, when coded messages began to appear, numerous and in series, in England. Astronomical coordinates alluding to planetary alignments, such as the upcoming October annular solar eclipse, and other period alignments.

Anyway, the astronomical theme continued to be pointed out in the messages, in a sequence, and the SUN itself appears in the center of the pictogram, with its hexagonal striped division, coupled to the moon (two halves, light and dark), and the twin planets Venus and Earth at the ends, with Phoenician letters suggesting a relationship with the Name of God YHWH.

And on the 7th of June, a wonderful solar flower, resembling a sunflower but with petals stylized after oriental ornaments for the sacred lotus, appeared in the fields of cultivation. It has two layers of 18 petals, which creates a sum of 36 petals, a number that identifies the solar power in Kabbalah (6 x 6) and also the concept of two united suns, which is the assumption for the P 7X object that approaches, Nemesis, the hidden star. The petals of this solar lotus look like flames emerging from the star in hyperactivity.

Finally, on the field of Rounday Down, on June 11th, an octagonal mandala appears with several similarities within an unmistakable stellar symmetry. From the quantum leap to the stargate, I made several approaches related to the structural numbers of the image (link at the end of the article), but in a synthetic way, we have here the similarity of a radar that seems to capture a pulse, associated with the pattern of the rose of the winds, system of cardinal directions. So the conclusion that seems self-evident is that an important object is moving up in the heavens, approaching the Sun. It remains to be seen what this object is, if it is natural (a star), if it is artificial (a UFO, UFO) or if it is both. I believe that the next messages will insist on this, continuing the accumulated message, which no researcher has yet noticed.

JP on 06.13.2023


Extreme solar events and correctly interpreted crop circle message

In the first crop circle interpretation, I pointed to the arrival of extraordinary solar events. Then, in other crop circle models, I saw the same indication in my interpretation. It's a pattern I've come to recognize from every season. One more hit on the first crop circle interpretations of the 2023 season BEFORE this recent news. Just check out my articles prior to this recent news. Crop circle isn't speculation, it's science. We just need to know how to interpret, understanding the origin of the message, certainly not human.


JP on 06.14.2023



A humorous metaphor appeared in crops near Broad Hinton on May 28, 2023 

As shown in the slide below, a new “spinning” crop picture near Broad Hinton seems to suggest that a “landscape duck” may be “paddling his webbed feet” quite strongly to the left: 


We can see a similar metaphor in the movie below: 

The crop picture itself looks like a “marine thruster” with six blades: 

Some good fun to start the 2023 summer season, but not a “message” which should be taken too seriously?  

Best wishes to all, Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

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The lay of the crop is erratic and the figures are not perfectly symmetrical, suggesting a human effort. However, this doesn’t mean the crop circle is void of meaning.  The appearance of a fan may refer to the fans used for air conditioning houses and other buildings, especially during the summer. If a comet were to strike the planet in the future, there would likely be an electrical blackout in the affected area, and fans would not turn on. Taking the climate change predictions into account it would mean that just when we need fans the most, we won’t have them (perhaps for 6 days or weeks).

Kenneth Heck



I analysed the geometry, which I found on and came to the following results. See attached pictures please. 

-The radius of the inner circle is close to Pi meter.
-The diameter of the next circle is 10 m.
-The outermost circle measures 66.5 m
-The centre of the rotating blades is 1 m off to the west relative to the centre of the outer circles.
-Two blades are the same
-One blade is broader
-Two blades have different radiuses. This might also have the cause in blowing winds during picture taking.
-One blade is much different and narrower. It may show to the direction where the next circle will be created.

Peter from Germany 

It looks like our neighbours put down clues to their energy system. If we can put them together it could be a great advantage for the climate. The system is likely connected to gravity/antigravity. Compare with particles and antiparticles. However it's not about particles but a kind of field. 


Earlier years crop circles were often made with logarithmic spirals based on The Golden Ratio. Later on one can actually see a change over to another design of spirals. These spirals are profound in the nature and regulates logarithmic spirals based on 0,618 (imploding) and 1,618 (expanding). /Spaceshuttle

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My analysis involving amounts present in the Spiritualist Philosophy of Christian Rationalism: 6 "petals" with 4 curved lines each = 24 parts. 5 concentric circles, probably indicating the passage of Earth from the school world category (6th) to the Dense world (5th). 24 + 5 = 29, where 2 + 9 = 11, in reference to the 11 attributes of the spirit. 29 + 28(day) = 57, where, according to my studies according to the ancestral design "The Flower of Life" every 19 "amounts" or "petals" there is a change in the hierarchical classification of the worlds. In 57 = 3 x 19, where there are then 3 types of worlds with material still life around our Sun in the same AU or 3rd orbit, this being still unknown to us. The design is embedded in 4 double tractor tracks and 3 planted cereal tracks, where 4x2=8, and 8+3=11 or, again an allusion to the 11 attributes of the spirit. If we add the tractor tracks as being non-double, that is, as if each track were one, we would have: 4 + 3 = 7, where this "7" would be a reference to the 7th planet or primitive world, as the solar system is "pregnant" and we will find a primitive world to give vent to the eternal cycle of life around the stars just as we were far away the primitive world of the Anunaki. If we make 8 x 3 = 24 we have the amount of worlds with material still life in 6 families of worlds, where each family has 4 types of worlds with material still life. If we make 4 x 3 = 12, we get the amount of worlds of material still life in 3 series or families of worlds which are the 3 series or families that evolve most closely. I believe that we evolved together or linked to the binary system of Alpha Centauri, the closest solar system to Earth.

Carlos Alberto Yates



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike