Hackpen Hill (3). Nr Broad Hinton, Wiltshire. Reported 29th July.

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A new and beautiful crop picture which appeared at Hackpen Hill on July 29, 2018, not long after a total lunar eclipse, shows a triply-compound “cogged gear” at its centre, which includes 15, 21 or 29 “teeth” in three different radial parts. This image might also be interpreted as the spinning gear of a “lunar calendar wheel”, in which case it would seem to suggest a date 3 years from now in late May or early June of 2021.  

A new crop picture which appeared near the “white horse” at Hackpen Hill on July 29, 2018, shows three concentric 8-pointed “stars” (or octagrams) around the outside, plus a three-layered “compound gear” near its centre:  

This “compound gear” is shown more closely in the slide below, There we can see that it includes three different radial layers, each of which contains (if we count carefully) 15, 21 or 29 small “cogged teeth”:  

Not only does it resemble a “triply-compound gear”, from some machine with a series of moving parts (this is known as a “gear train”, shown at upper right), but it also resembles the three “cogged gears” which are often used to describe how a Mayan-Aztec calendar works, as shown at lower right (see www.youtube.com   or www.youtube.com ).  

A similar in-and-out lay of fallen wheat was seen in a complex crop picture near the Rollright Stones on August 6, 2017 (see Rollright 2017  ). In that case it showed 26 outward “teeth”, or 52 in-and-out lays for the entire circle.  

Needless to say, the high complexity of such “gear-like” fallen lays essentially rules out any possible human involvement with the construction of these particular crop pictures, until it can be demonstrated that local humans, working with mechanical tools, are capable of such a feat? This has never been done. 

In the next slide, we compare this “triply-compound gear” which was drawn at Hackpen Hill on July 26, 2018, with another “single gear” that was drawn in crops at Chesterton Windmill on July 26, just three days earlier (see Chesterton 2018  ):  

Each “single gear” at Chesterton Windmill (shown at lower right) contained only 11 “teeth”. Yet there were 3 different examples of “single gears” drawn across the entire crop picture, thereby bringing the total number of “teeth” to 3 x 11 = 33.  

A clever mathematical series  

When we combine the numbers of “teeth” from both of these crop pictures in numerical order, we find “11-15-21-29”. This is an obvious mathematical series which may have started with the number “9”, then would continue with “39”, “51” and “65”. The entire series should read “9-11-15-21-29-39-51-65…” The stepwise increase, when going from one number to the next, would be “0-2-4-6-8-10-12-14…” and so on.  

Can we find that missing number “9” somewhere in crops? It appeared in fact on the night of July 9, 2018 near Longwood Warren (found on the morning of July 10), and showed a “spinning single gear” with 9 “teeth” (see Longwood Warren 2018l  ). Likewise the new crop picture at Hackpen Hill shows 29 “teeth” in its outer third layer, and was found on a date of July 29.  

We seem to be seeing some clever and complex mathematics here! For the sake of brevity, I have summarized most of the relevant facts concerning this “mathematical series” in the upper part of the slide shown below:  

If that was all there was to learn, concerning these three beautiful and amazing crop pictures, it would be quite enough, and very satisfying from an intellectual point of view. But wait, there is still more!  

A “lunar calendar wheel”

As you may recall, the “spinning windmill” crop picture at Chesterton Windmill on July 26, 2018 showed three different images of an “eclipsed Moon”, plus three different images of “11 lunar months”, on the same night as a total lunar eclipse which was watched by millions of people in Europe or Asia (see Chesterton articles  ). This seemed to suggest that something significant might be scheduled to take place after 3 more total-lunar-eclipses, or after another 33 lunar months, both ending in late May to early June of 2021.  

The new crop picture at Hackpen Hill on July 29, 2018 now shows a “compound gear” which looks something like a “Mayan-Aztec calendar wheel”. Yet instead of using two numbers of “13” and “20” to calculate 13 x 20 = 260 days for a Mayan Tzolkin calendar, we see three numbers of “15”, “21” and “29”. The third number of “29” clearly suggests some kind of “lunar calendar”, since there are 29.5 days in any lunar synodic month, from new Moon to full Moon and back.  

Following this line of logic a little further, if we allow the “triply-compound gear” at Hackpen Hill to be interpreted in terms of a “lunar calendar wheel”, then its other two numbers of “15” and “21” suggest that we should calculate a date which lies (15 x 29) + (21 x 29) = 1044 days into our future. Here (15 + 21) = 36 lunar months of 29 days, to give a combined total of 1044 days.  

This particular length of time also equals 3 “eclipse years” of 348 days each, since 3 x 348 = 1044. Thus there will be just two more “total lunar eclipses” until the suggested date is reached, following this recent lunar eclipse on July 27, 2018. The next total lunar eclipse will take place on January 21, 2019, then the eclipse after that on May 26, 2021.  

Why show us these near-future dates in such a clever and cryptic fashion?  

Might such a date may be important for some reason, possibly in terms of some “scheduled date” for open contact between friendly extra-terrestrials and humans on Earth? In the next few slides, we will explore the deeper contextual meaning of this new crop picture at Hackpen Hill, having first analysed its mathematics.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew) 

P.S. Many thanks to Nick Bull for aerial drone photographs, and also to Piskey for the “8-15-21-29” diagram used in a slide above.

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When we study where this crop picture was drawn in the landscape, we see many symbolic suggestions that its central “geared wheel” refers metaphorically to lowering the “landing gears” of an airplane or spacecraft, so that the E.T. crop artists can land 

In order to learn more about the deeper contextual meaning of this crop picture, I studied its field location and other surrounding features using Google Earth. Right away, it was easy to see that the new crop picture, with its triply-compound “geared wheel”, was drawn close to the lower-central part of a large “airplane” shape in the landscape, or exactly where that “airplane” would lower its “landing gears” when coming into land:  

In accord with this “airplane” metaphor, three large clumps of trees at Hackpen Hill might represent three “landing wheels” (circled in green). Please compare with the real airplane and its three small landing wheels, shown at lower left?   

The “horned serpent” shape of this “airplane” (shown inset at lower right) refers to the crop artist “Quetzalcoatl”, who was also known as “Awanyu” or a “horned serpent” to many native American tribes.  

I have also added a small “white arrow” to this diagram, just below the large “airplane” shape, in order to emphasize that it was drawn close to the top of a steep, curvy road which leads up to a parking lot on one end of Hackpen Hill. All gravity-related motions from that steep, elevated location would lead “down” in the direction of the small “white arrow”. This is approximately where the “landing gears” from that large “airplane” shape would be lowered, and why a “geared wheel” was drawn there in crops to help “lower” them.  

What a humorous and clever metaphor the crop artists have drawn for us here, as they begin to prepare for “landing”, sometime in the near future!  

A large “triangle” shape in the landscape which is centred on the “white horse”  

Finally, when all three crop pictures at Hackpen Hill from June 9, June 23 and July 27 are studied together, say by aerial drone videos, they seem to create a large “triangle” shape in the landscape, with the Hackpen Hill “white horse” close to its centre.  

In summary, we can see three crop pictures arranged in the shape of a “triangle”, three large clumps of trees which might represent three “landing wheels”, three radial parts within this “geared wheel” crop picture which show 15, 21 or 29 “teeth”, and an inferred near-future date from a lunar calendar, which seems to be just (15 x 29) + (21 x 29) = 36 x 29 days or 3 eclipse-years into the future, following a widely-watched total lunar eclipse on July 27, 2018. 

Three numbers of 15, 21 and 29, as drawn within a “calendar wheel” at Hackpen Hill on July 29, 2018, define an entirely new two-part calendar system which is closely analogous to the Mayan “Tzolkin” and “Haab”, but is based on a lunar month of 29 days, rather than on a standard Mayan-Aztec month of 20 days 

Who could invent and draw in crops such an amazing and clever invention, except for the legendary Quetzalcoatl?  

Mainstream archaeologists, please take note! This something new and important which you have never seen before: 

Thus we now know about the “lunar Tzolkin” and “lunar Haab” calendar cycles, all from a new and spectacular “crop picture”. Please take note, academics who study the Maya or Aztecs. You have something new to learn!



Two numerical groups meet at Hackpen Hill (3) The first is in the geometry of the Triple Octagon (888) a powerful and vast number of meanings in the science of Kabbalah.

The second is on the three internal toothed wheels, with 15, 21 and 29 teeth, from the center to the outside (I would call these three wheels the secret DNA gears).

First, I made dealings with Stargates (since the Hackpen Hill crop circles 1 and 2 dealt with the theme). I then proceeded to genetic analysis of DNA, represented by the double helix (8, sign of the Infinite and the mystery) In the first decode, I found the famous DNA resonance frequency, discovered by Dr Horowitz, which is 528 Hz.

Then, in the second decoding, I found the unknown but present Frequency of Life, present in the heart chakra and the vibrations of organic sustenance (patterns 3/2 and 6/4 recurring in many crop circles). And speaking of Flower of Life in the construction of the Hexagon, no one had yet realized that the crop circle of DNA (2002) appeared in the geometric pattern Flower of Life, and instead of the 4 links in each "belly" of filaments, presented only 2, on the three axes, code 11-11: the gate of energy!
Read Revelation 11: 11 and you will understand!  Crossing 11-11 with code 888, we also arrive at the DNA resonance frequency (528 Hz).

After all, 8, 88, and 888 are not numbers that represent the DNA metric? And finally, using the same values of Eight with successive repetitions, I found the numbers 15 and 21 of the inner wheels, adding to day July 29 of CC, the number of the outer wheel ((where 29 becomes 11, 2 + 9). And adding everything, in the end, we return to eight!  (8 + 8 + 8 + 15 + 21 + 29 = 89, 8 + 9 = 17, 1 + 7 = 8!)  This demonstrates that this crop circle has a particular relation to the mysteries of our DNA created under harmonic arrays that come from the distant heart of stars (because EIGHT is a star, in ancient wisdom).

All this means that we must have magnificent messages from the Venusian-Sirians on 8.8.2018, which repeats on the date the 888 standard!


The 3 infinities add up to a single infinite, vibrating in the 192 Hz harmonic key that reaches our heart, the chosen frequency of Life, and our most intense reverberation stellar channel of that tone key comes from the Sirius 3 system, echoing through the portals the Sun and reaching the planets, and all life on Earth, and our heart, thus kept alive by the vibration that is not his, but borrowed from the Heights.

They are forces and energies beyond the concept of gravity intersecting in the stars and worlds, they are pure chords, they are voices of the Angels, they are choirs of Elohim sustaining the chord of life.

In greek letters, the name IESOUS (Jesus) is worth 888. The 3 kings who encounter the baby Jesus in a manger following a Star are another 888 code, and also represent the Sirius 3 system. The Star moved in the sky and pointed the way: this admits two interpretations: symbolic, that is, the light of Truth guided kings and shepherds to the Christ, and literally, the light of a divine UFO-Merkabah led the 3 kings into the presence of the Master incarnate. Star of Bethlehem: the name Bethlehem means HOUSE OF BREAD.

BIT-LChM is worth 490, the same number as MLKT, Queen!

Isis-Sirius, the Queen of Heaven, the Cosmic Cathedral and Temple of the Anointed, the Reborn, the Sons of God who ate the Bread of Life and ceased to be corrupt mortal humans to become pure and immortal spirits, returning to the Angel they were a day before the original fall. The Bread of Eternal Life (John 6) is Christ, it is the Word of Christ! it is the Verb, the divine vibration that generates, regenerates, transforms and vivifies. Said the Devil to Jesus in the desert:  "If you are hungry, turn these stones into bread!"
And Christ answers him: "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds from the Mouth of God!" This is the essence of Christ's Doctrine.

The Bread of Life that descends from the Heavens and gives life and light to the world is the Word, the Living Word of the ELOHIM echoing in the Sun, the Earth and the stars (8-888)

It is the emanation of the three stars of Sirius (***) crossing the portals of the Sun and irrigating our world and all living things. It is the energy of three infinities (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) summed up in the Infinite-God ONE.

To be born again and to become the Son of God means to rebuild every body, every mind, soul, heart, thought, desire, and action according to the patterns of the Christic Light that vibrates throughout this journey which I have explained. Capturing this Word in vibration and concept, action and understanding, and initiate conversion, redemption, remission, transformation, rebuilding, regeneration, alchemy and rebirth, is the Way, the Truth and the Life declared by the Word of Christ descending from the Star of Bethlehem, which is Sirius 3 in 1, so that the Christ may be born within you.
There is no other Way, Truth and Life beyond this.





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