Mixon, Nr Etchilhampton, Wiltshire. Reported 10th August

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In reminiscence of the total solar eclipse in 1999 on August 11th the crop circle creators formed a beautiful symbol of the 19-years long Metonic cycle. God-And-No-One-Else bless(ed) the Fields! www.ANSHAR-art.de . (image: St. Emmeram's Abbey [Clm 14456, fol. 71r], public domain)


Until 21 August 2018: time for MOST ACTIVE DREAMING !

rop circle from 10th August 2018 at Mixon, near Etchilhampton, Wiltshire, UK

According to the Mayan Tzolkin calendar, 10 August 2018 is a day with the Solar Seal Yellow Seed with Tone 2, in the Blue Night wavespell, in the Red Cosmic Moon Year with Tone 13 (26 July 2018 – 25 July 2019).

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

Yellow Seed
Blue Night
Red Moon
Tone 13
Yellow Human – the Occult Teacher of the Red Moon
White Dog – the Supporting energy of the Red Moon
Red Earth - the Occult Teacher of the Yellow Seed
White Mirror – the Occult Teacher of the Blue Night

These energies have following qualities:

Yellow Seed – Targeting, Awareness, Flowering
Blue Night – Dream, Intuition, Abundance
Red Moon – Universal water, Purify, Flow
Tone 13 – the Cosmic Tone of Presence
Yellow Human – Free Will, Influence, Wisdom
White Dog – Love, Heart, Loyalty
Red Earth – Evolution, Navigation, Synchronization
White Mirror – Reflection, Infinity, Meditation

In my opinion, the crop circle depicts the face of a Human:
both circles “E” are the eyes, “M” is the mouth.

On this way is depicted the energy YELLOW HUMAN.
Here the depiction of a human’s face is a collective image for the Humanity on Earth.

The big outer circle
„Т” represents the Earth and symbolizes the energy RED EARTH.

On this outer circle there are 3 small circles
L”. Each of them depicts the Moon and symbolizes the energy RED MOON.
Inside the outer circle we see 10 small circles
S”.  They depict Seeds and symbolize the energy YELLOW SEED. The number 10 symbolizes the energy WHITE DOG (Solar Seal No 10) – the Energy of Love. The authors of the formation encourage us to use the energies Yellow Seed and White Dog and to sow the Earth with Seeds of Love!!

In the center of each circle
„Е” and „М” there is also a small circle of type S”. So the total number of the circles S is 13. The number 13 symbolizes Tone 13 – the Cosmic Tone of Presence – the Tone of the current year.

Each of the circles
„Е” and „М” (the eyes and the mouth of the Human) depicts an antenna, which emits signals: the small circle in the center of each of these 3 circles is the “transmitter” and the bright and dark rings around depict the “signal propagation”

The authors of the formation remind us that all signals, which we emit through our eyes and mouth – our visualizations and our words – are received through the Universe and on this base our future reality is formed!

The Red Cosmic Moon Year with Tone 13, which began on 26 July 2018, is the last year of the 13-year cycle with dominant energy Red Moon.

The Red energy is the Energy of Beginning.

In the current 13-year cycle we build the FOUNDATION for a big period of 52 years - 4 cycles of 13 years:

First 13-year cycle with dominant energy RED MOON
(2006 – 2019) – BEGINNING

Second 13-year cycle with dominant energy WHITE WIZARD (2019 – 2032) – REFINING

Third 13-year cycle with dominant energy BLUE STORM (2032 – 2045)  -  TRANSFORMATION

Fourth 13-year cycle with dominant energy  YELLOW SEED (2045 – 2058)  - RIPENING

So this last year of the current 13-year cycle is crucial for the building of the FOUNDATION for the development of the humanity in the next 39 years!

On the outer periphery of the formation we see 3 circles N”.  The number 3 symbolizes the energy BLUE NIGHT (Solar Seal No. 3) – the Energy of Dreams.

Each of these circles is divided in two halves – an inner and an outer half. Each half contains bright and dark arcs.
In my opinion, in the inner half each arc depicts a signal (about our Dream), which we emit to the Universe.
The Universe receives our signals, amplifies them, reflects them back and helps us for the materialization of our Dreams on the Earth.

This depicts also the action of the energy WHITE MIRROR – the Energy of Reflection. The White Mirror is the Occult Teacher of the Blue Night.

The White Mirror is also the Energy of Meditation. Our signals-Dreams are received most effectively through the Universe during a meditation.

We see how each of our signals from the inner half of the circle appears bigger and materialized on the Earth: for example the bright elements 1,3 and 5. The same relates also for the dark elements between them.

So the inner half of each circle depicts our half of the work, which has to be done, and the outer half depicts the work, which does the Universe.
And firstly we must do our half of the work!

The Red Cosmic Moon Year is with Tone 13 – the Tone of Radical Changes. We have to realize that the changes begin with our Dreams and with our Seeds! Our Seeds are our thoughts, thought-forms, words, visualizations. We have to Dream very actively of the changes, which we want to see in our life.

The more we Dream and Visualize the desired changes, the more we think and speak about them, the sooner they shall come.
The Universe helps us, but we are the major initiators of the Changes!

The Universe helps us for the materialization of our Dreams, but firstly we must emit to it our Dreams. If we haven’t informed the Universe about our Dreams, then how we could expect their materialization?

We emit the initial Signals. We must learn to Dream actively and regularly.
The Dream is the primary, the basic Signal for the start of a Change.

The Blue Night Wavespell continues until 21 August 2018. Now is the time to inform the Universe about all that we dream of – for ourselves personally, for the society, for the humanity, for the Earth.

We shall of course continue to dream also after 21 August, but just now the Energy of Dreams – Blue Night – works most powerful and we have to use this! Just now our Dreams receive the biggest amplification!

I express my deepest gratitude to the authors of this fascinating formation, to the photographer Nick Bull and to the team of Crop Circle Connector!

Maya Todorova

Double triangle: Venus, Mars and the Pleiades versus Jupiter, Neptune and Sirius 

Generally spoken, triangles are a reflection of harmony, the connection of the male with the female by the child, the heart or the inner core. The formation is an expression of this. However, the connection of opposing forces is also found referring the cosmology of the day on which the formation was created: August 10, 2018. 

Contrasting forces: Sirius and the Pleiades 

The formation shows a contrasting inner and outer triangle of three circles. The contrast is expressed by the creation of a “negative” picture outside of the circle. It’s a reflection of the cosmology on the formation’s creation day, provided that we include Sirius on the one hand and the Pleiades on the other hand. When we include only trines, this results in the following picture: 

hor 10 aug 2018.jpg 

Horoscope on Friday, the 10th of August 2018, midnight (01:00 AM, BST) 

We find two triangles! One triangle consists of Venus, Mars (conjunct south node) and the Pleiades. The other triangle consists of Jupiter, Neptune and Sirius. Thus, the Pleiades is connected with the personal planets Venus and Mars, while Sirius is connected with the expansive energy of Jupiter and Neptune.

Note that Venus and Mars reflect opposite poles, the male and the female. The same is true regarding Jupiter and Neptune: Neptune may be considered as the female counterpart of Jupiter (both rule over Sagittarius and Pisces). This is an alternative explanation for the opposite forces that the formation expresses.

Note also that two days later, on August 12, although the connection of Venus with Mars and the Pleiades is losing its influence, a third triangle pops up, namely a triangle of Saturn, Uranus and the moon. Also Saturn and Uranus belong to each other: both rule over Capricorn and Aquarius. 

The cosmology in future to which the formation in addition may refer 

I wondered if there might be a comparable event in future to which the formation refers in addition to the cosmology of August 10, 2018. I realized that the very close conjunction of Venus with the Pleiades that will occur on April 3, 2020 is a very likely candidate for this future event. The formation fell on a Friday. In the beginning of April 2020, Mars returns to the same position in the zodiac in comparison with the formation’s creation date. Apart from that Venus and Mars will be in trine again, while on Friday, April 3, 2020, Venus will be in a very close conjunction with the Pleiades. On April 2 and 3, 2012, Venus and the Pleiades were also conjunct (see the Astronomy Picture of the Day on April 6, 2012, taken on April 2, 2012 in Arizona). This event will repeat every 8 years around April 2 to 5 until April 5, 2060. However, on April 3, 2020, Venus will be even more close to the Pleiades as was the case on April 2 to 3, 2012. Moreover, this is the only Venus-Pleiades-conjunction during which Venus will be in trine with Mars again. This also seems to be an event with a higher impact, as Mars will be conjunct Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto: 

hor 3 april 2020.jpg 

Horoscope on Friday, the 3rd of April 2020, 9:00 PM, BST 

The possible meaning of the future event 

As Sirius is not involved on April 3, 2020, the formation may express the idea that in the near future Sirius is not of great importance anymore. In contrast, the Pleiades seem to gain influence. This is possibly the case from 2020, starting with the very close Venus-Pleiades conjunction on April 3. This is followed by a heliacal rise of Venus mid June 2020 and a solar eclipse on the midsummer solstice (June 21). 

In my opinion, Sirius is the star of self-consciousness and self-realization, while the Pleiades is a very young star cluster, referring to the humbleness of mankind. However, this is the kind of humbleness mankind will not allow to ignore his true nature anymore, giving up feelings of guilt and creating a self-image that is more positive. 

The waves 

The circles express a wave and contrasting forces. In this case (Mars at southern node) it may also reflect the opposing forces of the northern and southern lunar nodes, expressing origin and destination. The “waves” of the circles consist of two circles of standing and two circles of lying crop, which may reflect two draconic years in future: if so, it refers to the solar eclipse of June 21, 2020, short after a heliacal rise of Venus. Around the date of this solar eclipse, starting with a heliacal rise, Venus is conjunct the Pleiades again and again in trine with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, like on April 3, 2020. Only the position of Mars is different. 

Finally: the formation also displays 13 dots. A possible meaning pops up when doubled (reflecting contrasting energy’s) to 26: It turns out that 26 × 26 days after the formation’s creation date is June 16, 2020. In the area of the formation, around this date we can welcome Venus as a morning star (heliacal rise) after being absent during roughly 3 weeks. 

Marc Smulders


A hexagonal model with the recognized structure of the Merkabah, derivations from the Metatron's Cube (like the Flower of Life) has been the predominant geometry of crop circle 2018 messages since the first model on May 8 and the butterfly without wings. Here we see the Merkabah associated with geometric patterns of tunnels or contours, showing the transposition from one system to another: the artist crop circle knew how to combine the two elements in this geometry, both the Merkabah UFO and the transport in marked dimensional levels.

So much so that we have 13 small inner circles, and 13, in Kabbalah, is Passage, is Door (1 + 3 = 4): the Passover (Pesach) sums 13 (148). The passage from death to immortality. It is as if, as you dive from one star system to another, the curves change colour (a symbolism to indicate changes in dimensions and planes), as we can see in outer circles, whose light / dark pattern is reversed. This is another pattern repeated in previous crop circles.

I can say that the great circle with division 12 that contains the crop circle represents the Sun, and the system of three internal objects, with their wormholes detached, the Sirius 3 system, as I have been saying. Because if this crop circle suggests a relationship with the solar Eclipse of tomorrow, August 11, then we realize that the Moon passed yesterday in the field of the star Sirius, that before joining the Sun tomorrow in eclipse, and those 13 circular points can represent the Moon in progress. And cosmic alignments also create wormholes in Space-Time via gravitational waves! Then the Merkabah-Stargate Sun-Sirius association makes sense.

THE MAPS of Mixon, Nr Etchilhampton UK on 8.10.2018

Firstly, the crop circle appeared near a church (St. Andrew's Church) and also a Church Farm. It reminds me of the many times I referred to Sirius as the Cosmic Cathedral of Light, Star of Bethlehem, the Greater Church of our astral stellar sky.


We need to gather all of these modern and ancient crop circles with hexagonal patterns (6) and their main derivatives into three species: Flower of Life, Merkabah and Stargate / Wormhole models, among others (all derived from geometric Matrix developments called the Metatron's Cube) and make the right associations.

To me, there is no doubt that the main distant star system is always referred to as Sirius 3, although many other star systems are on the route of our Solar Portal (SunGate).

Mixon CC show us a lot of resemblance to the German model of 2014, which appeared in front of a radio telescope, suggesting the connection to the distant worlds. This "lens" effect that reverses the light / dark pattern of the colours of the circles seems to indicate a change of dimensional plane in this movement of UFOs.

But the numbers of this geometry speak more.

For example, if we extend the 3 outer circles into the crop circle, which has an extra curve, the inner space of the 13 little circles is divided exactly, and the triple Eight appears drawn. It did not appear on 8.8.2018, but the message is there. There will be 5 rings around each of the 6 small centered circles, added to the other 12 surrounding circles, we have 18 circles (and the center circle). Making 18 + 30 = 48, as in the geometry of the German model. A family number (4 x 48 = 192).

But the most interesting comparison is with a crop circle model from 2007, which placed 18 cubes within the same geometry 6 inside a mandala tunnel with 36 x 4 = 144 triangles (known number from the Apocalypse) meaning a dematerialization of the object (teleportation) when it penetrates the hyperspatial tunnel (the same number of 18 symmetric circles around the centre in the new crop circle). And the most interesting: each geometric level of the Tunel of Time rotates every 11 sectors in relation to the alignment with the construction axes of the triangles of the total mandala, so that a jump between two intervals here means 11-11! And how many times have I not associated this 11-11 with pictograms, astronomical markers and movements of a higher dimensional nature?

Codes that repeat themselves, patterns about patterns, it's time to interpret in a coherent and accurate way all of this!

SOME SAY that NASA is interested in knowing more than studying the solar winds with this new (postponed) mission ... perhaps they want to understand how the Stargates work and the intense traffic of the Merkabas in the Sun as they appear on the SOHO lenses all the time!


Patterns that repeat under the same geometry Merkabah-Stargate Solar HEXA 6! Be the Flower of Life, be the structure of the Kabbalah-Merkabah, or the solar representation of Stargates and Wormholes (the number of the Sun in the Kabbalah is Six, and the figure that represents it, the Hexagram!) Are all derivations from the Great Matrix Geometry known as the Metatron's Cube, employed by the crop circle authors of Sirius-Venus from the beginning to gather all this information.

It is interesting to note that the same Hexa 6 geometry creates all these related models. Merkabah-Stargate are complements of the same theory, which involves the harmonic science of the Universe, that is, the relation between Musical Harmony, vibrations, frequencies and pure Geometry of Space-Time in motion and mutation!

They change the shapes of crop circles over the years, but patterns repeat themselves. It is necessary to bring them all together to understand that it is they who are walking in front of the Sun, more and more, confusing the SOHO lenses and NASA experts. They come from Sirius' three-star system, and this three-star model is another pattern that has been repeated since 1990 in formations, some with the letter S: (Sigu-Dogon // Sothis-Egypt // Sirius-Greece).

The Dogons of Africa said: "The Nommos of Sirius are the monitors of the Universe, Father of humanity, guardians of their spiritual principles ...

The Nommos of Sirius will return. A certain star will appear in the sky again, and will be the proof of the resurrection of the Nommos." They arrived! And your telegrams announcing your arrival are the crop circles! Those who have sown the seeds of life and knowledge in the past in our world are the same ones who return to the great harvest!  They come from the Star of Bethlehem, Christ!


The Metatron's Cube

If the season ended on August 10 (and may even end!) In England, starting on 8 May with the crop circle of the wingless yellow butterfly (before the final metamorphosis, crop circle later, June 24), then we would have an interesting picture to contemplate here.

The victory of the master geometry of the Metatron's Cube as a direct signifier of the Source of Life. In fact, all geometries are derived from this Matrix, not only hexagonal, but all. We know that the Metatron's Cube projects in the plane the structure of the five perfect solids, which are the basis of pure sacred geometry.
Listing all english hexagonal crop circles derived directly from this geometric matrix, the last of them, in Mixon, Etchilhampton, will be exactly the number SIX (6) one of the most beautiful so far. And curiously, if we add the six (6) days of these six crop circles style six in England, we have:
8 + 24 + 26 + 22 + 10 + 10 = 100!

Six crop circles with geometry Six with dates totaling 100 does not seem to me to be something casual, since nothing is accidental when it comes to crop circles!

In fact, this last crop circle, of August 10th, was registered in order number 33! Besides the relationship with the blood and the life of Christ, we have another 6: 3 + 3!

And this seems to me to be an indicator of the closure of the cycle of messages of the signifiers of Life, and indicators of the origin of life and the consciousness of beings on Earth connected to the Sirius system, as not only the African Dogons but countless other cultures of the past have associated.
And as the Nommos Beings said they would "rise again" at the end of time, announcing their return, it is appropriate to symbolize this return and resurrection with the Flower of Life in the fields ...


Short comment about the crop circle reported at Mixon near Etchilhampton, Wiltshire, 10th August 2018 Some ET intruders have seen my video published 7th August 2018 about three crop circles 2018 : At the beginning, I song "Demons, you go away !" with three French biscuits in a small plate:-  www.youtube.com

The aliens are angry at me and they try to manipulate the opinion with attractive crop circles ! I am Kalki : my soul has been the one of Krishna, Lao Zi and Gautama Bouddha. All ET who are here have a scientific vision of the Universe which includes the Bouddhas. The Mother Universe needs the bouddhas to evolve. Our academic science on Earth doesn't understand this principle. All aliens intruders are trying to have a strong influence on me and on other people. I know that the Mother Universe and the divine Source disapprove these ET. I persist and I sign, they must go away !

Jean-Charles Bourquin, Vishnu, Kalki At Lille, in France, 10th August, 2018.

Dear readers and writers,

for a long time I was in silence, but have seen all the so called 'crop circles' all over the last weeks and month's. Sure there was a special reason for me to not write new reports except my last one: muncombehill comments 

Obviously it was out of your sight to recognise the numerous 'crop circles' as FAKE. In contrary you began to write long and complicate stories, even in wildest speculative views, as if you were blind to see the 'content' and to 'decode' its message.

Sure, in a fake circle, there is NO message hidden, the more I wondered that you have 'found' something of 'importance' anyway.
Typical in our so chaotic times, where liars and fairy-tellers are on top always, meanwhile the ordinary humans do lose the focus more and more out of sight.

So the 'whole story' of so called 'crop circles' followed a special way, which is the way of lies and fakes. Obviously almost all of you became 'victims' of the big show, unable to recognise, to distinguish truth from fantasy. All this is even proven in your published reports. No I will not judge you because of your miss-understanding, because it's a typical outcome in all this so chaotic and lying times. Better you would see the focus, but you missed it, unimportant how hard you tried to see it. I tell you, it isn't that hard to see!!! 

Why you do not take one and deep look? And what do you see then??? Why you let yourself so easily distract from the focus? Even when it is so clear in front of you - especially in this and REAL crop circle - created by our true Galactic brothers and sisters. 

1st information: The two last weeks I was in another telepathic contacts with our brothers and sisters. I transmitted to them this message (read carefully): Dear brothers and sisters, after our last conversation I felt a wish inside which I want to tell you. All this season there were so many fake crop circles, as you know. What's about A sign, YOUR sign, even a single one, maybe a big one which I wished that you will create it, for to show the humans that you are alive, for just to send a real and big SIGN? 

Answer: I received no answer from them, but a SIGN, real and clever encoded, they HAVE sent! Just before the crop circle season comes to its end. 

To DE-code it it's just very simple for me, I have recognised it in seconds, although I only came back here to the website after a longer time. 

Some of you were so close to the reality, so close to recognise the SENSE of the crop circle, the hidden message inside the 'symbolic image', symbolic because of no permission to them to 'write' in clear letters - because the Cosmic law of 'Non-Interference'...... Who of you have only once thought about all this? 

And in the following I will tell you WHY brothers and sisters did not (at least almost not) have sent ANY new crop circle. So, lets come here to the image of this REAL crop circle. I have just added some lines for to tell you the MEANING, literally the MESSAGE. Just follow it, think about it. It is - even so unexpected for you - really simple to UNDERSTAND.

( I want to send my big thanks here to the photographer for his beautiful shot)

Very short explanation of what you see:
1 - you see an outer circle which is 'divided' into three circles (with gradations in inner and outer circles - special meaning) with gap of 120° to each other - in summary the 'half' of the whole depicted. Why? You see it later, we have more here 

2 - There are 3 circles MORE - here as A-1, A-2 and A-3, but they are INSIDE the big outer circle - and that is for a very special reason, too. 

3 - The whole figure is an image of Sacred Geometry, the first priority for brothers and sisters to send it! 

4 - Why there are three circles in the inner which should be instead on the line on the outer diameter? Simple to answer:
It is YOUR perception of something called truth, but being in fear, in unsafe ness, in egoism and indifference. THEREFORE the missing 3 circles are placed into the inside instead of the outside - because they are HIDDEN - same as your truth and bravery is hidden. You see that you HAVE all the abilities and qualities - even shown in the inner circles (surrounded by 6 points each) but you are unable to EXPRESS it in the right and only way of truth.

Very simply translated it says:  Why you stand beside any longer, even knowing the truth, but do nothing for to change the situation into a good one?

Look again the crop circle, just see what is to be seen - and finally - understand the message, which is so easy to understand. Do not constantly loose yourself in wild and long descriptions, weak enough for a little but real VIEW into reality. Why all of you are so weak, so afraid, but always strong to tell a lot of nothing? Do you fear the sad reality, even when you are part of it, even when you are very active to create it? That's really unacceptable - including the view of our brothers and sisters. 

Stop to be the naive children, when a teacher in front of you shows you a series of pictures, and you only telling what you see and what looks similar to the shown image. That's absolutely not the point. More you should be able to understand the shown image, understand its underlying message!!!! Or do you need another thousands of years for to learn to understand these so simple decoded messages???

Regarding the 'thousands of years' I tell you now the reason WHY brothers and sisters do no longer send numerous images - crop circles! I just copy in the part of one of my last reports:

I told them the actual situation in regards to crop circles, about their intentions all over the times, and why it is, same as I told them the real situation here on Mother Earth.  The last transmission was in spring of 2018. I'm free to tell you their transmitted answer as they literally told me: "We have received your message. And we understand the meaning, so strange it appears to us... (break) ...We can tell you here that we will discuss that so important topic..."

And so  they did - and they came to the only one right conclusion. To just send NO more crop circles to the ignoring humans, and only for some rare reasons as I told you here, they are open to make an exception, and THIS crop circle is exactly that exception. So take it close to your hearts and be ensured that this rare and real crop circle is the only one and almost the last in this 'crop circle season' And now it is by you to think and understand. 

Have a good time and stop writing 'stories', instead begin to think.

2nd report regarding Mixon, Nr Etchilhampton, Wiltshire. Reported 10th August

Hello again, readers and writers, after my sent report which you can find HERE, I came back here after reading your wild and adventurous reports / articles. Before going on to show you more of the 'solution' = meaning of the real sent circle, because of your lack to be able to just decode the imprinted symbolic message, I need to present at least 'some' of your written wild speculations, fantasies and even totally wrong conclusions, sorry to say.

We have lines of persons like
JONAS PASSOS:- who actually wrote (I copy in his lines): "And this seems to me to be an indicator of the closure of the cycle of messages of the signifiers of Life, and indicators of the origin of life and the consciousness of beings on Earth connected to the Sirius system, as not only the African  Dogons but countless other cultures of the past have associated. And as the Nommos Beings said they would "rise again" at the end of time, announcing their return, it is appropriate to symbolize this return and resurrection with the Flower of Life in the fields ..."

Correction:  As you told it is the 'Flower of Life' - it is not. You missed to see the figure, depicted in the crop circle. It's not the 'Flower of Life', instead it is the 'Seed of Life'. It is the special symbol of Sacred Geometry, depicting the Seed of Life. You easily could have recognized that, but you failed. 

Next we have lines from: Jean-Charles Bourquin, Vishnu, Kalki At Lille, in France, 10th August, 2018
who wrote (I copy in): "The aliens are angry at me and they try to manipulate the opinion with attractive crop circles ! I am Kalki : my soul has been the one of Krishna, Lao Zi and Gautama Bouddha. All ET who are here have a scientific vision of the Universe which includes the Bouddhas. The Mother Universe needs the bouddhas to evolve."

Correction: Aliens you speak about? Have you never thought about THEIR view? In their view WE are aliens, even the most dangerous ones in the whole galaxy - the Milky Way. And there are many proves for that. So aliens are angry about YOU? No, they are not. But that's out of your sight, your perception. You can keep on dreaming, but stop whining.

As next we have lines from: Ken Heck:- The ultimate visionary in topics of 'Armageddon-like' impacts of asteroids and comets, hitting Earth. As he wrote regarding this so real crop circle (copy in his lines): "The large ring is the Earth. Three comet impacts will occur, all in water. The water is indicated by the refracted rings located on the Earth ring. Comet B’s impact area is at the top in the Arctic, Comet A’s is on the lower left in the Pacific Ocean, and the Warning Comet on the lower right impacts in the Atlantic Ocean."

Correction: Simply look back to your former reports. You always spread out so called 'messages' of something like a 'Armageddon Scenery'. And this your actual report is absolutely NO exception. The truth, better called reality, speaks very other and real words: NO any of your so called 'reports' became reality, no any 'comets' or 'asteroids' therefore have hit the planet Earth. Sure, you noted that, but for some strange reasons you keep on in writing fairy tales. My simple question: WHY? 

Let me stop here. What a bunch of wild and senseless reports. I only wonder that it was so called intelligent humans who wrote these wild hypothetic and even bizarre thoughts...... 

Let's take a look into the 'articles field':- mixon articles 

Here we see some very adventurous reports, speaking about “planetary” or “epicyclical” gears. As if they are unable to see 'something' of importance, instead they 'see' something which reminds them to something 'known' like a technical device, better known here as 'planetary gear'. But this is only due to their restricted minds, unable to see 'beyond the restricted horizon' so to say. Here is a shiny example of what I speak about.


For me I'm a technician, very well know the famous invention called 'planetary gear'. But for what reason was it been invented? Information:- Epicyclic_gearing

An epicyclic gear train (also known as planetary gear) consists of two gears mounted so that the centre of one gear revolves around the centre of the other. A carrier connects the centres of the two gears and rotates to carry one gear, called the planet gear, around the other, called the sun gear. The planet and sun gears mesh so that their pitch circles roll without slip. A point on the pitch circle of the planet gear traces an epicycloid curve. In this simplified case, the sun gear is fixed and the planetary gear(s) roll around the sun gear.

Here an image source:- how-automatic-transmissions-work-with-pictures-videos 


So in short: What the hell has a from humans misunderstood crop circle to do with an automatic gearbox with implemented planetary gear??? Sure, nothing. But due to the emptiness of intelligent minds they try to 'build' a connection - of nothing, as proven here. Coming back to this crop circle: WHY should ETs inform us about a long known mechanic device called 'planetary gear'? You see a somewhat strange crop circle image - and you come to only one (technical) conclusion? It's a totally wrong view, as I already told in my former published report. Sure, you will deny all this and you already showed your denial for some primitive reasons: Because you are unable to see reality or are in fear about something which is 'reality'. But that's only your view, your choice - and it is a totally wrong view. 

And there arose a question inside your report (copy in): "Are the crop artists just trying to teach us basic astronomy, or do they have some other subtle message in mind?"

Correction: 'Crop artists' do not need to tell us some basics of astronomy, because the humans do know all this already, right? So you failed with your wild and superfluous assumptions, as to be seen. 

Next copied text is even better: "So today on August 13, 2018, there may be slightly less than three years left to go, or six solar eclipses, until these crop-suggested events take place. Could any of this speculation be true? Will the legendary “feathered serpent”, also known as “Quetzalcoatl” or “Kukulkan”, really return to Earth?"

Correction: On other websites I told the people about beings who came here a long time ago. But you are confused with your so called “Quetzalcoatl” - which by the way is a totally different being, better known as 'Enki'. Your another and same wrong noted “Kukulkan” is a very different topic, which I tell you here: In the Maya history they called the 'Centre of Galaxy' as Kukulkan. And nothing else. 

Next to copy in: "Our human “serpent” friend apparently saw a large number “7” in the landscape near Mixon, then drew a new crop picture nearby which was based on the first three rows of Pascal’s Triangle, along with a hexagonal-cell shape, in order to calculate it as the sum of (1) + (1 + 1) + (1 + 2 + 1). It was truly a work of both mathematical and artistic genius! "

Correction: Your noted 'Serpent' is no friend of humans. It is far beyond. So your 'calculated' number '7' is not only wrong, it even misses the real laid down basics. Unimportant your only one right view: 'It was truly a work of both mathematical and artistic genius' Yes, it WAS exactly that, but with totally different meaning - completely absent to your mind.  

For to show you of what I speak about, I would like to title the crop circle image like: 'The Earth humans misunderstanding of Cosmic understanding' 


As next I place the special images as overlays into the crop circle image, so that you possibly begin to understand their true message, which I have realised in seconds, just when I saw that image first:  

It shows the 'axes' of Sacred Geometry

Next is same image, added the 'cube' of Sacred Geometry.  


Now presenting an overlay of the 'Seed of Life' just laid down into the crop circle. 


Surprised? Sure you are. But there is more, so much more. Now I placed the image of 'Seed of Life' just right to a special place inside the image. 


Now you see the 'dots' around the circle and why it is. Let's go on with another unexpected view. 


It's the same overlay, but only enlarged for to show you the 'points' of importance. Now the same overlay, but only turned left by 60° for to meet the next points of the figures. 


Now I come to the very important point in ETs view, when they wanted to show the whole situation, which for sure will overstress EACH ONE........ Anyway, this is the pure message, the outcome.

And you WILL see why the 'dots' in the inner circle do not appear on the outer circle. Very simple to understand and to realise. And that so very clever encoded crop circle shows you now the reality, however sad it looks like. Regarding my person I realised the whole hidden message inside this so beautiful crop circle in seconds even from a very first view. See my last report, please. 

Now you HAVE the message, and there is no cheap 'machine' hidden, even not a planetary gear or something stupid like that. 

Some short words to the next 'crop circles': monarchs way 2018  Cheap FAKE 

norridgewood 2018  Lousy FAKE 

PiraidoSul 2018 Just nothing more than nothing - FAKE.

As I wrote in my last report: Have a good time and stop writing 'stories', instead begin to think.

Gerd E.  16th of August 2018



The large ring is the Earth. Three comet impacts will occur, all in water. The water is indicated by the refracted rings located on the Earth ring. Comet B’s impact area is at the top in the Arctic, Comet A’s is on the lower left in the Pacific Ocean, and the Warning Comet on the lower right impacts in the Atlantic Ocean. These three comets are shown inside the Earth ring, each with comas composed of two gases. Adding up the comets and fragments gives 3 for A, 12 for B, and 1 for the Warning Comet, for the standard count of 16. Of interest is that the split portion of B’s nucleus is here counted as a fragment, probably since only a fragment of the Warning Comet actually strikes the Earth. The three half-and-half fragments located on the Earth’s ring aren’t different in nature – in overlapping the Earth ring, they need to distinguish themselves from the ring.

Ken Heck

Artwork WJ


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Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike