Sutton Hall, Nr Rochford, Essex. Reported 30th June.

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Last year, the enigmatic crop circle of Sutton Hall, August 17, with its mysterious writing, I interpreted as codes of the Pyramid and resurrection of the pharaoh in the secret chamber that opened, associated with the Eclipse of August 21, 2017.

Something is repeated in this new crop circle Sutton Hall 2018.
Before, I had said that some crop circle could appear from the 30th to the 1st of July, at the time of the conjunction of the Moon with Mars, within the constellation of Capricorn. And it seems to me that these coordinates appear in this PUZZLE style formation. So the starting point for the interpretation of this image is the astronomical reference that I had previously announced for the 30th and 1st of July.

In the centre of the crop circle, an axis with a central circle and two "horning" at the ends, which may indicate the Mars-Venus conjunction aligned with Cygnus's Star, Deneb, and the Summer Triangle formed by the Stars Deneb (Cygnus), Altair (Aquila) and Vega (Lira). Incidentally, there are triangles between the pieces of the Puzzle. The moon symbol is also suggested. And other symbols, such as the Hourglass, the symbol of the Pluto, the number 10, and all this associated with the sign of Capricorn (10, the hourglass, time, death) BECAUSE I COUNTED 13 PIECES OF THE PUZZLE, disregarding the parts formed by the tractor lines ARCANUM 13: life, transformation, cycles! (10, the Capricorn hourglass!) There also seems to be a body lying down (dead?) The mythology of these stars seems to agree with these lines. The lyre of Orpheus, who went down to Hades to seek Eurydice in the kingdom of Pluto, whom death had stolen?

Cygnus and Aquila, the Swan and the Eagle, are two birds that represent opposite aspects, and both are part of the metamorphosis myths of the god Jupiter-Zeus, which has no relation to the mystery of the transformation evoked in this crop circle . Ps: recurring signatures: JoF and the letter S. We spoke of them in previous crop circles. We'll talk later


The crop circle appeared in an industrial zone, next to an airport and a church, the Church of All Saints, and close by, a large cemetery with crematorium, whose aerial view resembles the inner circle of the crop circle with its three circles. industries and, above all, cemeteries, are within the line I have just analyzed: LIFE, TRANSFORMATION, CYCLES!


Comparing the FOJ key with other previous formations, we see some points in common: vortex stars, and double fusion-collision pentagrams, emitting energy. And we see a cross behave a heart, and connect to another circle (Earth) and some asteroids next (3 and 3, 33 code, Cross, Death and Renewal). Gathering these stars in fusion, as if exploding in energy vortices, and remembering that Sutton Hall 2017 deposited, at the end of the formation, a Rune (Z) which means RADIUS, RADIATION AND ENERGY, and carrying all this to Sutton Hall 2018 and the last thoughts, there seems to me to be a clear message about star energies, who knows some bright supernova appearing with prophetic charge soon in the heavens of the Earth, and also symbolizing the extraterrestrial communication by signals of the type?

The fact is that these gathered images give this impression, and the key FOJ signs, since 1990 and the pictograms, its authorship unknown. In fact, the letters are just two: F and J (or I, in other versions). The central circle is where the two letters emerge, together and sometimes apart, only F. In any case, it suggests a key that opens something, connecting something to another, no doubt.


Continuing the idea of ​​the previous post, the astronomical signs (Mars-Moon-Capricorn) and the values ​​of death and transformation (crop circle next to a Cemetery) we go to another point: SUPERNOVA SIGN.

Analogy of death, exploding stars turn into nebulae, which in turn become nurseries of new stars. The well-known nebulae of Orion and Crab are a good example, and the references of Torino 2018 to the China Radio Telescope and Crab Nebula are a connection to this new crop circle.

Recently it was reported that the Ant Nebula, in the Norma constellation (triangle shape, which appears in the crop circle's inner symbols), that strange LASER shots would have left the central star of the nebula. An international team of astronomers has discovered an unusual laser emission that suggests the presence of a double star system hidden in the heart of the spectacular nebula. The extremely rare phenomenon is linked to the death of a star and was discovered in observations made by the European Space Agency's Space observatory Herschel ESA.

In fact, the ant supernova model resembles the central structure of the crop circle Sutton Hall. Well, the Nebula is close to the Fly constellation and we had the crop circles with INSECTS in this season 2018. Relations with the activity of a next Supernova?

Below the crop circle, three circles progress in size, and can represent both time scale (3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months, etc.) and the signalling of a sudden supernova in the sky, about to send images of its former blast to us. Are the crop circles predicting some bright supernova soon in the skies? Letter S on the base, Star, Sign, Supernova!

And the signature "JoF", I remember a crop circle of 2012 with the same mark, a heart attached to another circle, a cross, code 3-3 side circles with tail (asteroids, for example). Cross, death, renewal, code 33. Arcane 13 of the stars. And speaking of number 13, note the crop circle of June 17, which also depicts a star pentagram with petals that look like coffins. He brought the letter S, and it appears 13 days behind this new crop circle. S of Supernova? The Supernova Blue Kachina, Star of the Hopi Indians, prophesied to appear in the near epoch of the Red Kachina Star (Nemesis) signalling the end of our cycle on Earth, and the beginning of another?


Another interpretation of Sutton Hall, this time, analyzing the terrestrial cosmology and the relationship with eclipses. If we look at the figure, it is very reminiscent of the Aztec Seal OLLIN, within the Aztec Calendar, that of number 17 and which governs the current Fifth Sun, and which predicts that the Earth will succumb under many earthquakes, which will crack it all .
And look at the image, it looks like the Earth is really cracking, and there are three circles lined inside, just like the Aztec seal Ollin = Earthquake! The Mayans called this seal CABAN, and they attributed the same meaning to it.

And this three-circle axis also represents the ECLIPSES, and there will be three in the next month, something rare to happen: partial solar eclipse on July 13, total lunar eclipse (Blood Moon!) on July 27, and partial solar eclipse on 11 August. Eclipses are alignments that shoot gravitational waves over the Earth's core, intensifying their seismic and volcanic activities, and judging by the mysterious Star THAT APPROACHES, in the lower corner (Nemesis), the sum of energy in the period of the three eclipses can greatly increase, producing impacts on all parts of the planet. We are now in a period of relative calm, and the energy of Earth seems to function in waves, cycles of activity followed by cycles of rest, and with each cycle, the energy wave comes more intense. We can already begin to feel the effects of this crop circle ad next week, partial Solar Eclipse week on July 13th.

And curiously, the crop circle figure is broken into 13 pieces! The interpretation of crop circle Sutton Hall 2017 also had lines crossed with the powerful eclipse of August 21, with several impacts on Planet Earth!


It is quite likely that from 6 July to 7 July, a New Crop circle will appear, due to the annual zodiacal alignment between the Sun and the Sirius star, the brightest in the sky and the largest representative of the ISHTAR sign, in connection with VENUS. Moon will be passing over the constellation of Pisces, and the Sun over the stars of Gemini. Astronomical frames perfect for another message from the extraterrestrials coming from the Mother Star. The Triple Sirius! Still waiting for my OCTOGON CROP CIRCLE!


Within an abstract yet accurate recantation, Sutton Hall 2018 is also illustrating the three-star Sirius system, as the native Dogons of Africa had known for centuries. Some symbols they used to represent the Sirius system and their values ​​appear in the crop circle, such as the KANAGA symbol and the Sirius star itself, in the center of the system, such as a letter X or K. Other symbols can also be seen, and we can even write the name Sirius, with the letters found: S (base as signature or initial) and I, R (K which looks like R) and U / V. The central axis with three circles, and the three circles in progress alongside the larger crop circle, also indicate the Sirius system, which is threefold.

The Dogons were instructed by the Nommos, the fishermen of the stars, so much that the Sirian tradition rests totally on the symbolism of the FISH. Hence one of the symbols of the signature "FoJ" is a type of fishing hook. Sirius, the famous STAR OF BETHLEHEM, is the star of the FISHING BEINGS, portrayed in antiquity as fishmen, from Sumer, Babylon, and the parallel cultures of the Americas and other peoples, finding in the Gospels and in the identity of Jesus one perfect and substantial "logo". Fishermen of souls, apostles fishermen, ships and fishing nets in the Sea of ​​Galilee, 153 fish! etc.

According to the Dogons, the Nommos were the instructors of Sirius, and came from a planet that orbits Sirius B, the twin of Sirius A, an oceanic planet of amphibian beings of high wisdom and spirituality our first instructors! ,. I believe that not only Venusians, but the Sirians are also involved in communications with us, in this and in several other crop circles. Let's see the new message that is about to arrive in the time of the Sun aligned with Sirius in the sky!


Let us now look at the "FoJ" key from another angle, in connection with the mysteries of the Mother Star, Sirius, star of Isis and Toth, the Beacon of Light of heaven.

We have the vision of a key attached to a hook, like a fishing hook. The key opens the sky's door, and the fishing hook is extended to the fishery. This brings us to an important page of the Christian tradition behind the fish archetype, deeply related to Sirius, in its origins in our civilization. The esoteric knowledge states that Archangel Michael is the guardian of heaven and the leader of the hosts of light. Then he holds the key of heaven as the guide, conductor and protector of the Sons of God, he opens doors and paths, as he opened the paths of Noah in the Flood, of Moses in the burning briar, and in the desert, and of Jesus Christ himself, incarnating as John the Baptist, the Voice in the desert who prepared the ways of the Messiah, who would come to fish souls and transform men into Children of God by the power of his Truth! Sirius is the Star of Bethlehem. Other crop circles confirm the Fish symbol.

In 2009, some formations are related: see the letter S, Sirius, with a formation of 11 and 11 circles intersecting in a axis of three larger aligned circles (Sirius is a system of three stars, and 11:11 is the code of portals and synchronicities, when the dimensions become parallel).

The other crop circle is even more specific: three fish (again, Sirius triplicate) within a formation with 7-7-7 circles, summing 21. In chapter 21 of John, the narrative of the miraculous fishing of the 153 fish (153/9 = 17, Arcanum 17 of the Larger Star - Sirius - in front of the Seven smaller stars, the seven planets). The crop circle messages are a way of fishing through baits to the consciences on Earth in search of the Truth that sets you free.  One opens the ways with the key and the sword (Michael). And the other fishes Sons of God among men (Christ) !



Comment about the crop circle reported at Sutton Hall, near Rochford, Essex, United Kingdom, 30th June 2018 :

The crop circle reported at Sutton Hall, near Rochford, Essex, United Kingdom, 30th June 2018, has been made by the extra-terrestrial aliens invaders directed by a Gray beeing, Jesus omega, whose soul has been the one of the prophet Jesus. This strong chief has made an important crop circle at Reigate Hill 19th July 2018 with his "divine" head : reigate hill 2016

I have informed the three French Presidents Nicolas Sarkozy, François Hollande and Emmanuel Macron about this great danger. However, Emmanuel Macron has received 26th June 2018 the title of First and Only Honorary Canon of the Archbasilica of st. John, the pope's cathedral in Rome : bourdin-dominicain-macron-vatican

In a very short video filmed in front of the cathedral of Lille notre-dame de la Treille, published 25 June 2018, I have accused of high treason either the President Macron or his office or his armies staff, because the pro-Apocalypse ET aliens make victims in the population of the world (they abduct people, attack psychically people etc) and kill animal in the farms (Read John E. Mack and see  and  or example) :

They lie about the true Source of the life. The Christians think that God is a Father. I explain that the divine Source is a Mother or a Mother-Father. She condemns Jesus and these aliens who are trying to close their bad plan. These aliens hate me because I have the courage to oppose since ten years ! They have answered me in this crop circle. Please compare their crop circle at Sutton Hall with the rosette of the cathedral of Lille : sutton hall 2018

Please compare now this crop circle with this map of the French departments : carte-france-departement/carte-france-departements

The centre is the department N° 3 : ALLIER, a river. But the word allier is also ALLY ! Then, these aliens suggest the alliance with the humanity against other aliens who make also crop circles. Personately I dont' want to live in a world like this. I love strongly nature, not the ET aliens who are here ! If they come on Earth and become the allies of our States, this will be without me and they will pay in the future because I am Kalki.

They all attack me and they are all afraid of me !  We all should respect life !  Courage and peace for all !

Jean-Charles Bourquin, Kalki

The outside ring is the Earth. Inside we have a seven-sided heptagon, indicating all seven comets for Earth are involved. The impact range for all seven extends from the Central Pacific through the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, and over to the Indian Ocean. At the lower right a comet is approaching Earth and has been observed in three positions, making it theoretically possible to predict where it will strike. This formation is saying that the aliens can, with their velocity/directional adjustment capability, change any comet’s trajectory to impact on Earth wherever they choose. Astronomer’s predictions would be useless.

Near the center, three possible comet tails, the narrow triangles, enter the impact area from three possible directions, one of which may be the actual trajectory of the comet.  The actual expected impact area changes from the extreme right to the extreme left, according to the straight line going through the centre. The left comet has a half coma, and the centre a quarter coma, illustrating the increase in the coma as it nears the Earth. The four straight lines on the lower left are the velocity/directional adjustments the aliens make to the comet. Near the top left two alien triangular space vehicles direct the comet to the chosen impact area.

The F-J figure below is a signature found in other crop circles such as GBR (98/07/04), pg. 124,  GBR (11/08/15), pg. 130, GBR (17/08/17), pg. 312, etc. ( This figure depicts the movement of the comet out of its original orbit with two subsequent rotational adjustments, and its long journey to round the Sun and finally impact Earth. The bottom figure is new and seemingly depicts the actual trajectory of the comet just before impact as it makes a half circle around the Northern or Southern Polar Regions before finally striking nearer the Equator.

Kenneth Heck

Frank Thom


Tone 13 is a bridge, which connects us with the Source

Formation from 30 June 2018 at Sutton Hall, nr Rochford, Essex, UK

According to the Mayan calendar, 30 June 2018 was a day with the Solar Seal Blue Night with Tone 13, in the Blue Monkey wavespell, in the 13th Lunar month (the 13th Cosmic Moon).

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

Tone 13 – the Cosmic Tone of Presence
Blue Night – Dreams, Intuition, Abundance
Blue Monkey – Play, Magic, Illusion

In the main circle we see a “puzzle”, which consists of 13 pieces.
The number 13 symbolizes Tone 13.

30 June 2018 was a day with Tone 13, in the 13th Lunar month, i.e. the Tone of the day coincides with the Tone of the lunar month. Such a day is called day of the Magic Turtle, on this day the power of the Tone is double.

The 3 smaller circles near the main big circle symbolize the energy Blue Night – Solar Seal No. 3.

30 June 2018 was the last day of the Blue Monkey wavespell. Blue Monkey is the energy of Play, so the Blue Monkey has left us a puzzle to play with ;-).

Among the 13 pieces in the main circle there is a Magic wand “M” – it also symbolizes the energy Blue Monkey – the energy of Magic.

The bright semi-circle “G” represents the Source (God).
The bright semi-circle “E” represents the Earth.
The bright circle “S” in the center represents the Sun, which transmits to us the energies of the Source.

The Earth and the Source are connected through a direct line via the Sun. This depicts the purpose of the Cosmic Tone 13: it
is like a Bridge, which connects the Earth with the Source.
For us, the
13th Cosmic Moon is time for Reunification with the Source of all life.

In the bottom of the formation there is a symbol which looks like a “Key”. Tone 13 is the Cosmic Gate. So this Key symbolizes the opening of this Cosmic Gate.

Sincere gratitude to the authors of this amazing formation and to the photographers of

Maya Todorova


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