Winterbourne  Stoke Down, Stonehenge, Wiltshire. Reported 17th June.

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Crop circle predicted on three previous slides

Slide 1, published on June 13, study of the geometries of the first 7 crop circles, deduction of the PENTAGRAM geometry of the next CROP CIRCLE

Slide 2, published on June 15, study of the first crop circle pentagram, in 1993, the BYTHORN mandala and the relationship with the synodic cycle of Venus.

Slide 3, published yesterday, June 16, Ackling Dike's crop circle study and the relationship with the Aztec divinity XOCHIPILLI and the pentagram ornaments he possesses, and the relationship with the synodic cycle of Venus. Yesterday, June 16, I wrote, literally, "Venusians, I want my crop circle pentagram tomorrow, Sunday, Lord's Day, 17, Lamat-Venus, a good day for a new gift from the Venusians to the world!"


In this Slide, I place the main crop circle images in the region of Stonehenge, circle of stones, the Dance of the Giants.

Not only Stonehenge, but other sacred sites are visited by crop circle messages. Giants, the gods, the beings from on High. Circles of stones, the Giant's Dance in the fields.

Stonehenge acts as an energy centre of gravity for many formations, and may give us clues as to how crop circles appear, oriented according to the Lines of Ley. This crop circle seems special to me because it is the first PENTAGRAM format in that region, and the letter S marked 5 times (inverted S, inverted number 5 too) may be speaking of Stonehenge S, among other things ... maybe the creators of Stonehenge have not been Celts or Druids ... but others! Those of the House of Ishtar! Like the pyramids ..


An recent Venusian model, pentagram model, as I have already said, strongly marked the number 15 and the letter S (and U) in its details.

The Circle (360°) divided by 15 sectors, provides an internal angle of 24 degrees. The flower-pentagram and the relationship with the synodic cycle of Venus in the sky. This time, the Lord of Venus did not sign either as Q (Quetzalcoatl) or with T, as he usually does, but signed with S and U, and other crop circles have already shown such letters by signatures.

In Theosophy and the ancient Brahmins writings, the name of the planet Venus is SUKRA, and its Spirit is called USHANAS (both, letters S and U). In ancient Theosophy, it was called SANAT KUMARA, the eternal Teenager. In Kabbalah is URIEL, the Arcangel of Light, and often represented as a Snake of Wisdom. In the crop circle, the letter U and S appear five times each. S appears inverted, can be a number 5 too.

But it also looks like a snake crawling. The serpent god, Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan, The Winged Serpent, or Feathered! And notice something else: in Hebrew, the letter S is 15, and it is called SAMEK. And its symbol shows a snake biting its tail and closing a Cycle.

The Earth is fulfilling a cycle, predicted by the Mayan calendar delivered by Venusians to the pre-Columbian peoples.

This signature is declaring not only the end of the cycle, but the return of the gods of Venus to the Great Harvest, because it was they who planted everything here in the beginning of time! The number 5 of the Pentagram appears in the inverted letter S, which looks like a number 5 too. And five years ago, the Mayan Calendar ended, late 2012, beginning of 2013. For the Mayan, the Pleiades were the stars indicators of the beginnings and ends of the cycles. Curiously, today, June 17, the Pleiades were born just before the sun, almost five o'clock in the morning (5)!. There are relationships here with Chac Mool and the New Fire ceremony!

Now, Stonehenge was an ancient astronomical observatory that positioned the Sun, the Moon, stars and eclipses, that is, cycles! And notice the crop circle symbol, the letter U, as it looks like Stonehenge: circle stones! Detail: the Mayans called the Pleiades of Tzab, meaning SERPENT, associating them with the beginnings and ends of cycles, especially the 52 year cycle! Ps: I made a mistake in some posts about the synodic cycle of Venus, which originated the design of the pentagram in the sky, saying that it took five Earth years, when in fact it is eight Earth years!


Another significant discovery linking this new crop circle to the Moon, and the Moon has been represented directly and indirectly in almost every crop circles of the 2018 season since 2017!

There is a natural formation in the landscape which, from above, looks like a grey full moon, within a square.

Well, this image is the Moon, and the Pentagram, Venus.

It is as if the pentagram with the five white circles in orbit represented the conjunctions of Moon and Venus in the sky.

And the certainty of this, we have when observing the sky in the sunset of June 16, just before the morning of June 17, when the crop circle pentagram appeared. In fact, Moon and Venus were in conjunction with the stars of the GEMINI constellation!  Every month, the Moon makes a celestial conjunction with all the planets, because in one month, it makes a complete turn in the Zodiac. From 16 to 17 June, she lined up with Venus. Another proof (astronomical) of the relationship of this crop circle with Venus ... and the Moon continues to be exalted by the CC authors!

Now, Stonehenge was a temple and observatory at the same time, and the druids performed sacred rituals there based on the astronomical data they extracted from the observation of the stones and their alignments with the celestial meridians and the Zodiac, course of the planets, Sun and Moon! Because, to them, the planets and stars were the temples of the heavenly gods, whom they invoked in their rituals.


Last year, 2017, May 27, in Summer's Lane, a pentagram appeared similar to the last crop circle of Stonehenge, with the same numerical code 15 exposed.
The pentagram of 2017 showed 15 circles and 60 points.

In Hebrew, the letter Samek (15) is worth 60, and with it we have written the names Serpent, Stonehenge, and also of the Venusian deities in antiquity, Sukra (planet), Sanat Kumara (and Ushanas). And on the edges of the pentagram, the dots and circles formed the letter T!

Many other crop circles have previously presented this kind of
T-signature, not the usual Q of Quetzalcoatl. Incidentally, in the Netherlands, this year, on June 9, a pictogram of the 1990s style onwards, appears with circles and dots forming the letter T, plus the letter F that we usually associate with a key, but which may represent "Friend", the friend T ... Venusian Friend T!

Detail: in that pentagram, adding 15 circles with 60 points, we have the value 75, which is the exact value of the ancient hebrew word that defined the planet

Venus: "Hilel"! (HILL = 5 + 10 + 30 + 30)!

Also, if we make 15 x 15 = 225, we will have the orbital period of Venus Planet, 225 days! (~ 224.7). There are many coordinates in the same direction: Venus!


A double pictogram in the Netherlands that seems to announce the Venus connection in the crop circle of June 17th, the following day.

Because the first pictogram, similar to the style of the previous pictogram, June 9, shows two circles connected by a bar
(Venus-Earth) and 22 points in the total sum (10 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 22), style 11:11 pictograms since the 1990s in England, and which represent astronomical markers and also Venus-Earth connection models. So much so that the second pictogram, simple, consisted of four circles, and they seem to fulfill the same position of 4 objects in the sky in row in the zodiac on the 17th: Moon, Venus, Mercury and Sun, between the constellations of Taurus and Cancer.

The Letter T again, associated with 33, takes us directly to the Christian Cross, the TAU, the Ankh, all derived from the ancient Venusian symbologies, transferred to Christianity and other cultures, even pre-Columbian! To confirm, in 2015 the ANKH appeared in Netherlands, with two twin circles nearby, which may represent Venus and Earth, after all, in antiquity, they were called twin planets!

These two pictograms relate to what would appear in England in 2017, the invoked Pentagram!


The first image that appears is the two inner levels of this Venus pentagram in 360/15 split. The Sun's second orbit, Venus, as indicated by the Bythorn Mandala in 1993, September 4, alluding to the Navel Chakra, which is precisely Venusian in relation to the seven chakras / planets in the physical body. The third level of the crop circle (the five outer circles connected by axes) would represent the third orbit of the Sun, the Earth.

This inverted letter S, like a creeping serpent, can be transformed into numbers 5 and 2, forming 52 and 25. But 25 years ago (2018 - 25 = 1993!) The first crop circle appeared in pentagram format, and making allusion to the manipura (navel) chakra! This is a first relationship.

The second appears with the number 52, which was the "little century" of the Maya, which counted an important cycle for them, celebrated whenever the constellation of the Pleiades (called by them Tzab, the Serpent!) Crossed the meridian at midnight, night, in a special alignment position. On these occasions, the Mayas held a ceremony called NEW FIRE, when then, with rituals, they would light a flame in the vase that is in the navel of Chac Mool (the Red Jaguar)! Note the shape of the letter U of the crop circle, a Vaso, and that letter S lying down, looks very much like the body of Chac Mool, an idol found in temples and Mayan pyramids for the celebration of this ritual every 52 years. It's another CYCLE indicator here. Earth fulfilled a Great Cycle on December 21, 2012, when the Earth's Navel was lit with the New Fire coming from the center of the Galaxy, by alignment.

Ps: the number 5 days: 17/6 + 5 = June 22, almost on the day of the Summer Solstice, on June 21, the 5th day starting today, June 17th. New crop circles may come these days.


The inner glyphs of the Crop Circle Pentagram Stonehenge June 17 resemble the letters U / V and S or number 5 (inverted), and are fully related to Venusian values. V of Venus, U of Uriel / Ushanas, S if Shukra / Sanat (Scriptures of the ancient Brahmins, Vedas).

Last year, Summers Lane, May 28, received a Crop Circle pentagram with data on Venus and the same code 15 from crop circle this year. Fifteen circles, and formations of the Letter T (Tau, Cross) and ANKH.

Venusian signs, already known among the peoples of Mesoamerica. Making 15 x 15, we have 225, which is the orbital period of Venus (in days). Other old crop circles have already shown these U and S letters, together or apart. I took two models:

The Dragonfly of June 3, 2009, with two U-letters on the back, and the enigmatic crop circle of the same year, June 27, with the letters U-S together, and between them, an inverted heart.

And before them, a Sun with 17 rays. Was not it on June 17th that the crop circle of Stonehenge appeared? The connections are endless.


A special day, the Solstice of June enters the next day June 21, 10:07 UTC, and as we know, it is a sacred day in the ancient and modern cultures of the North Hemisphere, the longest day of the year, when the Sun seems to have "stopped "in heaven, and from there comes the origin of the Latin name (Sol + Sistere). Even last year, at the solstice of 2017, June 21, appeared a crop circle that seems to represent the sun on the horizon, indicating the June Solstice. This year, we are going to expect a new crop circle to celebrate the June Solstice, between the 20th and 21st.

Even looking at the maps, I saw a special planetary configuration. The seven "planets" (Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) will be forming a perfect row, and from the celestial Hemisphere opposite the Sun, we count: Mars (Capricorn), Saturn (Sagittarius), Jupiter (Libra), Crescent Moon on the 20th (between Leo and Virgo), Venus (Cancer), Mercury (Gemini) and Sun (Taurus for Gemini).

In the sky, the seven objects will be far apart in a "regular" way, like in a row. And if we consider the invisible planets, Uranus and Neptune, the distribution around the sky will be even more regular!

Details: Mercury that rules Gemini will be within its constellation, and Saturn, which governs Capricorn, will be within its constellation. The Moon enters the crescent phase and the Sun will be in front of the Stars of Gemini. Maybe a crop circle will tell us "astronomically" about this beautiful setting between the 20th and 21st of June?


Between the 20th and 21st of June, the Solstice enters, an alignment between the Sun and the Earth in relation to the Zodiac along the terrestrial orbit in its quadrants (seasons).

First point: the crop circle of Stonehenge, set up Venus and Moon in the sky. Then, counting the fifth day from 17, we will have the 21st of June, the Solstice.

Second point: the pictogram of the Netherlands, on 16 June. As I said before, pictograms of this style are astronomical markers. And, in fact, looking at the configuration of the sky on the day of the Solstice, June 21, he places 3 planets to the left and 3 planets to the right of the crescent Moon, which will be between the two groups (3-1-3), according to shows the pictogram. And then the connecting axis descends to Earth, which is surrounded by 10 points (10 planets, considering Sun and Moon - as in Astrology happens - and the planetary distribution around Earth on Solstice day will be exactly like the Pictogram of Netherlands scored, regular, just make an astrological map and check it out, including in the list Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (10). I believe that both the crop circle of Stonehenge (17) and the Netherlands Pictogram (16) are also announcing the Solstice of June 21, and again, highlighting the Moon in that 3-1-3 position in the sky, according to the Slide, central position.

Which suggests a new crop circle on this day, with another geometric style, possibly the Hexagram, to celebrate the Holy Day of the Sun! And also with new revelations of Venus and lunar exaltation! Let's wait!


Take the Crop Circle Stonehenge, June 17th, and insert it into an hour marker (clock).

Design the five external axes on the 12 markers. We have 5 different schedules.

Add up the five schedules. It will result in 11 hours 24 minutes. Or, generically, Hour 11, Time 11, about which I have often commented here. Ps: the total number of minutes, 684, results from the interesting and kabbalistic sum 666+ (6 + 6 + 6) = 666 + 18.

This may also represent some planetary distribution in the signs related to the times marked, 12 (Pisces), 2 (Taurus), 7 (Libra), 9 (Sagittarius) and 11 (Aquarius). And it seems to me that we have planets in these constellation sectors today.

TIMER 11 : 11

A second version, the 5 outer circles are clock markers.
Using mathematical and trigonometric overlay codes between the crop circle of Stonehenge June 17 and a clock, using the trigonometric division of the crop circle of 24 °.
And the 5 flower petals, hour markers.
Three simple rule:
360 ° / 15 = 24 °
If 360 ° = 60 minutes, 24 ° is 4 minutes
(60x24) / 360 = 4 minutes
Scale: 0-4-8-12-16-20-24-28-32-36-40-44-48-52-56-60 (0)
Hours marked by 5 petals:
0, 1h 8m, 4h 20m, 6h 32m, 8h 44m, 11h 56m
Note the last marker: 11h 56m and add 5 + 6 = 11
Hours 11: 11 (Revelation 11:11, John 11:11, resurrection codes)
Add the five indicated times:
They total 30 h 160 m (almost 33 hours, code 33 Christ!)
But 30 h 160 m = 32 h 40 m = 8 h 40 m (almost hour 9, time of light, birth, Moon!)
The 8h 40m marker next to the single marker of the 5 petals that points to a exact value (4h 20m) along with marker 12 forms a perfect equilateral triangle.
The three forces in action at hour 11 and at 11: 11 Timer!
And the marker 8h 40m, transported 365 days a year, announces the month August 8, and the day 21!
A time when powerful messages often appear in England!
I got the message, Venusian friends!


Since the year 1990, England has received pictographic messages in code from the fields.
The first happened exactly on May 23, 1990, and sketched the first code in a Pictogram, 11:11.
This year 2018 adds up to 11, and we entered the 29th year of the phenomenon in England and in various parts of the world
Year 2018, 2 + 1 + 8 = 11, year 29, 2 + 9 = 11 (11:11)
May be tomorrow!
And we have on the official website, 10 crop circles.
So the next crop circle will be the 11th
May be tomorrow!


On June 17, 2018, three crop circles appeared in different places, one in each country (United Kingdom, Italy and Switzerland), and with different models, however, showing a repeated image in the aerial view of the regions: a SAILBOAT!
And this aerial image sailboat looks amazingly like the Crop Circle by Avevury Trusloe, UK on 7/7/2013! A UFO sailboat traveling to the distant star on a Stargate!

In the Tarot, Arcanum 17 is THE STAR.

The number 17 repeated three times creates the matrix: 17-17-17, or 8-8-8, the triple asterisk, three stars.

UFO travels to the three-star system, the Orion belt for example, or the triple system of Sirius, as the Dogons of Africa had known for centuries. Analyzing the crop circle pentagram of Stonehenge, it has three pentagrams inserted (360 ° / 15), which would give three stars (pentagrams) And if we consider its ornaments: circle in the end and the bar (letter I), and the letter S and the letter U, we will have the initials of the three countries where the formations appeared on 17 June: Italy, Switzerland and UK (United Kingdom).

Another remarkable fact: in 2018, we turned 17 years of the famous crop circle of Chilbolton, the answer of Arecibo's Message ! And do not we have the magnificent Radio telescope OF CHINA, the largest in the world, represented in Torino Italy 2018?

In short: the crop circle of UK is the UFO, the crop circle of Switzerland is the Vortex in the Sun, and the crop circle of Italy, the Stargate in the Sun. 17-17-17 = 8.8.8 (***)

That's why I said coincidences ... or connections?


Frank Thom


ZA GBR (18/06/17) Five comets are on their way to strike the Earth. The central circle is the conglomerate points   of impact. The straight lines (see Section 3 – Indications of Movement, pg. 24 of my free ebook) indicate that both direction and velocity of each comet can be adjusted even seconds before final impact. The inner ring is the primary area of  destruction; the outer ring would be the Earth. The five oval areas would nomally suggest the extra light associated with the comet, but the flower-like shape is more likely associated with the new forms of fruit trees and garden vegetables arising from the comet strikes (See Section 13 – Food Crop Changes, pg. 158).  Exactly which of the five comets of the seven in total isn’t clear, but  A and F are the most unlikely to be among the five.


"Intihuatana is a ritual stone in South America associated with the astronomic clock or calendar of the Inca. Its name is derived from the local Quechua language. The most notable Intihuatana is an archaeological site located at Machu Picchu in the Sacred Valley near Machu Picchu, Peru. The name of the stone (coined perhaps by Hiram Bingham) is derived from Quechua: inti means "sun", and wata- is the verb root "to tie, hitch (up)" (huata- is simply a Spanish spelling). The Quechua -na suffix derives nouns for tools or places. Hence inti watana is literally an instrument or place to "tie up the sun", often expressed in English as "The Hitching Post of the Sun". Source wikipedia

The circle is making reference to this Sun stone at Machu Picchu at this time of Summer Solstice. 

Sir Joseph Lake Research


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I have quickly read the comments about the crop circle reported 17th June 2018 at Winterbourne Stoke Down, Stonehendge, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. The letters VNSU have been found in the crop circle and a lot of authors have written something about the planet Venus. But they have forgotten the letter i :

Then the name VISNU appears ! :

Connections between UK and India are very strong since a long time as for example :

1°) India in the Commonwealth

2°) The India museum established at London in 1801

3°) Indian writers who had an influence in England like Iqbal Singh

4°) Some indian teas are very known in England

5°) The Darbar festival at London is very known too

My name is Jean-Charles Bourquin. I was born in winter (Winterbourne) 15th January, 1965.I have been contacted by both ET aliens belligerent groups (more information in my blog OLCPIE : in my videos and in my comments on your website Crop circle connector)

I became a Buddha in 2008 and since a few years I refuse all ET aliens on our solar system to respect the life, the Mother Universe, and the Source of the life. I have discovered that my soul has been the one of the three pre-buddhas Krishna, Lao Zi and Gautama Buddha. I have been predicted in India, but all is not good in this prediction. I am Kalki, an avatar of Visnu. Visnu is not a god. The last avatars of Visnu (almost Lao Zi, Gautama Buddha and me) are humans who understand more or less precisely the fundamental Laws of the Universe. These pre-buddhas and I generate strong resonances in the consciousness field of the humanity. Here is a beautiful example with proofs in this video :

I hope that my message will help other people to become some other Buddha too.

Jean-Charles Bourquin, Kalki Lille, France, 5th July, 2018,



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike