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Google Maps location of the April 12, 2019 “ice circle” in China, near latitude 36.62o N and longitude 100.53o E: map

This 100-meter “ice circle” was drawn in open lake ice, far from shore, on the south side of Qinghai Lake which is the largest lake in China (see Qinghai_Lake). It was located 30 km southwest of the small town of Haitai (or Haibai).  

One might suspect that local “ice artists” made it? Yet its outer “four circles” and inner “whale” motif point to a similar “lobed circle” in the broad landscape above, near latitude 36.88o N and longitude 100.52o E, as may be seen using Google Earth.

Also its detailed shape resembles that of a “conductive copper disc”, which is surrounded by “four magnets spinning on a rotor”, with their poles arranged alternately as N, S, N, S as for an AC electrical generator. Its inner “whale” shape even resembles some kind of “electrical circuit” with two broad and conductive “brushes”! Further study required? 

Red Collie

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Astronomical Maps on China's Snow Circle

First, we see a number "70" vertically, in the centre of the formation. The first snow circle took place in Wiltshire, England, on February 2, 2019, and counting the following days, April 12 will be the 70th day, so the two snow circles seem related. And adding the numbers of the face of the Owl, we also reached 70 (2 + 19 + 17 + 16 + 16). What if we project 70 days forward? We will have 21 June, when the Solstice takes place, and on that day we have two planetary conjunctions (Mercury and Mars, Saturn and Pluto), and within the formation there are two pairs of circles united, suggesting these two conjunctions. In addition, there is almost a cross in the solar system, involving the planets Mars, Venus, Mercury and Neptune, which is indicated in the four circles in cross on the edges of Snow Circle. Any events scheduled for the sacred day of the Summer Solstice?' 

Third Snow Circle?

This is the deduction by making a projection of the two places where, until now, these objects have appeared, and it has not been concretely proven that they were made by humans (only claims and words).  Placing on the map the positions of the first two snow circles, a projection points us to Canada's largest lake, the Great Bear Lake which is frozen between November and July (it's now frozen), melting only in the summer. The angular distances are approximately equal, and by an incredible coincidence point to this lake, Canada's largest lake, a symmetry with Lake Qinghai (China's largest lake) relative to central England (though the snow circle of Roundway Hill, UK, have appeared on the snow of the fields in winter). Who knows, a new snow circle appears in the indicated place, completing the message?



Can you see the stylized image of a “fish” swimming in a circle, outlined in blue (left) or red (right), by studying carefully the slide shown below? 

This cryptic image of a “swimming fish” appeared mysteriously across 100 metres of slightly-melted water-ice on April 12, 2019, just off the southern coast of China’s largest lake, and far from any major population centre. No one apparently saw it being made (please see or or crop-circle-formed-on-ice-in-china  ) :  

The artistic depiction of a “fish”, as was drawn there in partly-melted ice, does not look exactly like a typical fish as seen in supermarkets, or as drawn in cartoons! That is because this particular image of a “fish” was designed to resemble, as a clever second meaning, the power-circuit of a “shunted” DC motor.  

Its second meaning as the power circuit  of a “shunted” DC motor

Our ice-artist friends were apparently trying to compare the smoothness by which a “DC shunt motor” turns in a circle of alternating magnetic fields, to the smoothness by which a swimming fish turns in a circle of water. Anyone can recognize its “fish” imagery, given a little visual effort. Yet you will need considerable scientific knowledge to recognize and understand its depiction of a “shunted power circuit” for a DC motor!  

In its centre, we can see the circular “slip or split ring” of a rotating wire-armature. On either side, left or right, we can see two thick, conductive “brushes”, which connect that rotating armature to a stationary power circuit. Four small, round “magnets” lie on a stator just outside, arranged with an alternating polarity of empty-filled-empty-filled (or North-South-North-South). Four curved, thick lines around the outside suggest a “clockwise motion” for the rotating armature. To learn further technical details, please see another article posted halfway down on ice circle 2019l   .  

This is not “regular art” as we draw it here on Earth, but rather an advanced form of “scientific-technical art”. Even the artists in their society know about electromagnetism! Images from electrical engineering have been drawn in crops, all over the surface of our planet, hundreds of times during the past 30 years. We could learn a lot from those friendly, E.T. crop artists if we tried. Two other examples of their clever, scientific artwork are shown below, just in case you were not convinced by this recent example in China.  

Huge schools of carp fish live in Qinghai Lake: would this be a good place to advertise for cars? 

A car company called “AION” suggested, in a subsequently-released video (of just 30 seconds in length), that they may have sent a team of people to this large lake in central China, which borders on Mongolia and Tibet, to draw an “advertisement for cars”. The April 12 “ice circle” was supposedly their commissioned result (see time 1:45 of Might such a purely computer-based advertising claim really be true? With no other supporting evidence of any kind?  

Why did no one see a big team of ice artists, as they worked out on the lake for several days? Would the highly-isolated location of Qinghai Lake be a suitable place to advertise for cars? Huge schools of carp fish do live in its waters, but the favoured mode of transportation there seems more yak-like:  


As a better marketing strategy, AION could have drawn a clearly-recognizable image of their “car” in a field near Beijing or Shanghai. More people would have been able to see it, and understand their marketing intent. If they are selling cars, why does the new “ice circle” look somewhat like a “fish”? This makes no logical sense whatsoever.  

The “ice fish” and a “snow owl”  

The date of appearance for this “ice fish” picture in China, as April 12, 2019, marked approximately 70 days since a “snow owl” picture appeared in England on February 2, 2019. It also marked the start of another 70 days until the summer solstice on June 22, 2019.   

To be precise, there were 69 days between when that mysterious “snow owl” picture appeared in England, and when a another mysterious “ice fish” picture appeared in China. Part of the “ice fish” picture seemed to read “70” as shown on the right below (blue-green numbers outlined in red):  

The total number of small-segmented motifs in their “snow owl” picture was (16 + 16 + 17 + 19) = 68. There will be another 71 days past April 12, until the summer solstice of 2019 is reached on June 22. An “advertisement for cars”? Who could believe such a thing?  

Images from electrical engineering have been drawn in crops hundreds of times over the past 30 years 

Hundreds of different technical diagrams have appeared mysteriously along the surface of the Earth over the past 30 years. For example, four different images appeared in crops in Germany on the same day of June 23, 2008. All were related to electrical engineering!  

One of those four “crop pictures” showed a symbolic representation of “3-phase power”, which was invented on Earth by Nicola Tesla in 1890. That particular crop picture was easy to understand: 

Can anyone solve an important technological puzzle, which was drawn in crops in Germany 2008? 

Another of those German crop pictures showed some kind of electrical device which we seem not to have invented yet here on Earth. In its centre we can see “Metatron’s Cube” as a general symbol for “power”. Then around the outside we can see two large, thin “rings”, plus a series of small “balls”:  

Those two large, thin rings resemble “slip rings” or “split rings” from the commutator of a DC generator (an example of which is shown on the right above). Except now the outer “split ring” as drawn in crops shows three-fold symmetry, rather than the two-fold symmetry of generators used on Earth.  

Might this crop diagram be intended to teach us a new way of converting 3-phase electrical power into direct current DC? The rotating armature as drawn there seems to show three round “outer connections” to its “split ring”, rather than two. Several small balls outside are divided into numbers as “1-2” or “1-3”.  

New knowledge from the stars: who will study and develop it first?  

I do not know for sure what this 2008 crop-drawn diagram means, not being a Ph.D. in electrical engineering. Yet I have posted it here, so that experts from China, Europe or the USA can study its scientific meaning in close detail, and file a valuable patent for a new invention if one is found. Or would the Chinese people prefer to remain technologically behind other countries such as the USA or UK? Who will study and develop such abundant star-knowledge first?  

“Advertisement for a car” or “two men with rope and boards”: who could believe such time-worn cover-stories? Are we studying science or mythology? How long did it take humans here to stop believing in a “flat Earth”, or that they were at the “centre of the universe”? Let’s get on with it, my scientific (and other) friends! Too much time has been wasted already. We should have developed “free energy” and “UFO propulsion systems” by now, and spread across our solar system. The problem is all inside of our heads (see The technological answers would be easy if we were to take them logically, with all of us learning step-by-step along the way.

Thanks to Jonas Passos and Michael Romeo for help.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

A new 100-metre “ice circle” appeared mysteriously on April 12, 2019, within the offshore ice of a large lake in central China, far from any major city. It showed the image of a “swimming or jumping fish”, and also of a “DC shunt motor”. Was it really made as an advertisement for a car company, as some people have suggested? 

“Reason must be our last judge and guide in everything.” ---John Locke 1690 

Has anyone seen any direct evidence, that the new “ice circle” in China was made by a big team of Chinese marketing men, using an unknown method to pattern (or partially melt) some open-lake ice, far from shore? Way out in the countryside between Mongolia and Tibet, on a high plateau 3000 meters above sea level? If so, then it seems strange they did not make a drone video to document such an important and expensive event!  

Those “marketing men” would have had to work in daylight for reasons of safety. Most Chinese people cannot swim, and the weather was very cold. A drone video of the construction process, from start to finish, would certainly have been expected by their employer. Almost all Chinese ad agencies today use aerial drone cameras. Where is the drone video, showing how it was made? That car company seems to have presented no reliable evidence at all, as we will show further below.  

We can see there the outlines of a “swimming or jumping fish”, made seemingly by blue-green lake water, filling the empty spaces left by melting snow or ice  

The dark outlines of that “ice circle” seem to have been formed by blue-green water from the lake, which filled some empty places where the snow or ice had melted due to mild heat (see Was it made perhaps by an infrared laser, located high up in space?  


The artistic image which was drawn there resembles some kind of “swimming or jumping fish”. Anyone can see easily a large “fish head”, “pointed eye” and “forked tail”. The Chinese carp are jumping!  


Asian or Chinese carp are known to have a great propensity to “jump” in schools (see Many Chinese carp live in Qinghai Lake. They live out in the lake where this “ice circle” appeared, not on dry land.  

This “ice circle” does not look anything like an “advertisement for a car”. Who would draw a “fish” to help sell cars? So with that “red herring” out of the way, what are the real “ice artists” trying to tell us?  

A “fish” turns smoothly through the water,  just like a “DC shunt motor” turns smoothly at constant speed 

When we study the artistic details of this “ice circle”, we find that it resembles both a “swimming or jumping fish” (quite appropriate for an image drawn out on a lake), and also the power circuit of a “DC shunt motor”, as a second related metaphor (see what-are-dc-shunt-motors-and-where-are-they-used) : 


That ice-drawn “fish” seems to be turning clockwise in a circle, from its “forked tail” to its “large head” with an “pointed eye”, just as a DC shunt motor might turn clockwise in a circle.  

According to this second metaphor (explained in a slide above), the central round “armature” of an ice-drawn “DC motor” seems to be turning past four small, round “magnets” which are located around the outside. Those four “magnets” have been symbolized by four small circles, which were drawn as “empty-filled-empty-filled” shapes. Such symbols suggest that the poles of those four magnets might be arranged as N-S-N-S, just as in any standard, four-pole, motor or generator.  

Two thick, curved lines, which connect the outer four circles at upper left or lower right, have been drawn with directional “arrow” shapes to suggest clockwise motion. Another thick, curved line (at upper right) has been divided into two pieces or “split”, perhaps to suggest the split-ring commutator of a DC motor? 

Two broad “brushes” (drawn just left or right of the centre) seem to connect the central, rotating “armature” of this DC motor to a “shunted” power circuit and a “current source”. A divided-circle symbol for “fixed current source” can be seen at upper left.  

Finally two small, open or filled circles, drawn as a “dumbbell shape” at lower left, may be seen near this fish’s “forked tail”. The dumbbell-shape has been drawn often in crop circles since 1990, to symbolize the “pushing” Lorentz force of electromagnetism. By analogy, the “forked tail” of that “fish” pushes water to help the fish move along, or even jump! 

In summary, the metaphoric message of this new “ice circle” might be: “A DC shunt motor turns smoothly in a circle (at constant speed), just as a swimming fish turns smoothly in a circle of water.” This new artwork may be meant to teach us a useful lesson in electromagnetic engineering, by humorously comparing the motion of a DC motor with that of a swimming or jumping fish.  

How exactly does a DC “shunt” motor operate, and turn smoothly like a “fish turning in the water”?  

The schematic image of a rotating DC “shunt” motor may be seen here, from times 2:36 to 3:34 of a small movie (see Its similarity to certain details of the Qinghai Lake “ice circle” seem obvious. The “shunt” design of any DC motor represents a parallel (rather than series) connection of power which goes to the electromagnetic “field coils” on an outside stator, and power which goes to the “induction coils” on an inner rotor. Such a parallel or “shunt” connection enables that kind of motor to turn smoothly under all conditions, just like a carp from Qinghai Lake turns smoothly in the water!

Who made this clever “ice circle”, which appeared in blue-green lake water at Qinghai Lake on the morning of April 12, 2019? 

We have been shown a very clever technical drawing, which seems to have been designed by experts in both art and electrical engineering. But who made it? And why on offshore lake-water ice? Perhaps to be consistent with its “swimming or jumping fish” motif? Such an interpretation might seem quite reasonable at first glance.  

But then to “muddy the waters”, a Chinese company called “AION” released a brief 30-second video, to suggest that this “fishy ice circle” was made as part of a promotional campaign for their car business! “Fish” and “cars”, how might those two subjects mix? Only as a result of some very-contorted graphics by a public relations firm, who went to great lengths to convert that ice-drawn image of a “fish”, into the four-letter name of a Chinese car company called “AION”.  

Let us study how this remarkable graphic transformation was achieved! First we can see a similarity between a new logo for AION (shown at upper left) and the “ice circle” as drawn (shown at lower right). But we can also see many important differences


For example, if we study that “ice circle” close to its broad central circle, we can see that two thin lines were drawn vertically-offset from one another (like for an AC “slip ring”). Yet the same two lines seem perfectly-aligned with one another in the new company logo.  

As another example, one thick, curved line at upper left in the “ice circle” was drawn divided in two parts or split (like for a DC “split ring”). This detail may be seen clearly in another slide above. Yet that thick, curved line appears perfectly-solid or unbroken in the new company logo. Why would that be, except for the graphic artists making a silly mistake?  

The AION company video seems like a “rabbit-out-of-a-hat”: meant just for marketing purposes? 

The AION car company even suggested that we could recover four letters “A”, “I”, “O” and “N” of their name, from the “fishy ice circle” drawn at Qinghai Lake, by a complex sleight-of-hand. They ask us to superimpose a line drawing of that “ice circle” (shown at top centre in the slide below, outlined by a white square) with another hypothetical drawing at upper left. Next they ask us to overlap the combined drawing (shown at lower left) with two more hypothetical drawings as shown on the right-hand side (at lower centre or upper right). Somewhat magically, after combining four separate line-drawings, we can see the name “A-I-O-N”:  

It should be noted that only one (1) of those four (4) overlapping drawings, which are needed to complete their “naming” process, seems to have been drawn anywhere on the real surface of the Earth (in the ice at Qinghai Lake).  

The other 3 drawings were just generated on a computer, then overlaid in a company movie (using more computer graphics) with 3 unknown landscapes from snow or grass (see times 0:00, 0:09, 0:12 or 0:16 of or  mysterious-ice-circle-appears-on-frozen-salt-lake-in-china). 

Large parts of this video therefore seem to be faked! Even the real image in ice, drawn at Qinghai Lake, was overlaid in the company movie (from times 0:01 to 0:08) with a fake brown colour, to make it appear as if it had been drawn in sand. Its true colour is blue-green, just like for lake water on both sides of the white ice sheet where it appeared, after some of the ice melted.  

The odd story of a “sand circle”, made by pouring extra sand on top of frozen dry earth, which was “forgotten” by everyone for two months, then re-appeared magically, after being covered by lake ice that suddenly melted 

Such an artificial change-of-colour in the company movie, from blue-green to brown, may have been by intent. Thus it would be far easier to convince a naive Chinese public that this clever drawing was made somewhere in sand, rather than in partly-melted snow or ice, way out on Qinghai Lake. How many Chinese consumers would take the time to check?  

That change-of-colour was even part of a “back story” which the car company seemingly promoted (please see odd-ice-circle-appears-in-china or paraphrased below for clarity):  

“They (the company) made that ‘ice circle’ unintentionally. The original design was for a ‘sand circle’, made by pouring extra sand on top of frozen dry earth in February of 2019. The AION company supposedly posted a video of their ‘sand circle’ on March 13, yet it went unnoticed.” 

“Water from the lake then became frozen in late March of 2019. Such water ice began to melt on April 11. At that time, the melting ice suddenly revealed a difference of colour between the brown ‘sand circle’ and other white ice nearby. This unintentional ‘ice circle’ was actually better than the original ‘sand circle’. It created a speculation among netizens.”  

Do you believe any of this? Maybe they asked a yeti, panda or dragon to help in the construction?  

Quite obviously, the blue-green outlines of a new ‘ice circle” at Qinghai Lake were due to melted lake water filling empty spaces, left by melting snow or ice. We cannot see any upward protrusions of brown sand, except in the company video, which was altered by computer graphics to show a different brown colour. No local people who live near Qinghai Lake saw any “sand circle” being made in February. They saw no “ice circle” being made in April. They saw no airplanes or helicopters flying over the area, until the morning of April 12 when it was first photographed.  

Please go to the top of this article, and look at a true-colour aerial photograph of the Qinghai Lake ‘ice circle”, along with bare land nearby. Quite clearly, real sand on the shoreline (500 meters away) is brown as you might expect. Yet dark places within the “ice circle” are all the blue-green colour of lake water nearby.  

No one would make a “sand circle” in the middle of winter, by piling extra sand up on top of hard-frozen earth. They would go to a popular beach somewhere, where the sand is soft and easily pliable, and make one there in summer (just as Julian Richardson and others do in England).  

The only reason why such computer-graphics chicanery worked at all, was because the central circle drawn in ice at Qinghai Lake resembled an English letter “O”, while the “forked tail” of its “swimming fish” resembled part of an English letter “N”. Equally valid “names”, which could be produced by the same logic, might be “AVON”, “TRON”, “MOON”, etc.  

Many people today cannot distinguish “advertising claims” from “true observational facts” 

In summary, that Chinese car company seems to have misrepresented the facts in their sales video in several different ways. Did they make anything at all? Was their brief video meant as a cover-up, to hide how the “ice circle” was really made? Or was it just an opportunistic effort to sell more cars? We can’t know for sure, because they have not released any reliable, direct evidence.  

The AION video seems to have been made quickly by some public-relations firm just for advertising purposes: in order to brand the new “ice circle” as part of a campaign to give AION cars more public awareness for increased sales. Why did many people worldwide immediately believe it was true? Are most humans intrinsically gullible?  

A 30-second sales-video like that could be made in less than a day, perhaps after the first photos of that “ice circle” appeared on mainstream news across the country. The “ice circle” was a very popular subject on Chinese social media, and hence a good way to catch people’s attention. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to sell more cars? 

“Swim, fishy, swim!” 

Finally when we study this “ice circle” from high in the air (or from space), using Google Earth, we can see the nearby landscape imagery of a “swimming fish”, which matches the metaphorical theme of a “swimming or jumping fish” which was drawn there:  

That large landscape “fish” is turning smoothly clockwise in a circle, just as the armature of a “DC shunt motor” turns smoothly clockwise, inside of four small magnets located on a stator. The humorous intent of our “ice artist” friends seems self-evident, as well as their deep scientific expertise.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)  

P.S. This article is dedicated to fish-lovers everywhere, whether on Earth or up in space.


It has been suggested that these two designs, in snow and ice, that have appeared this year, 2019, might possibly be linked, even if

thousands of miles apart, but if so how and why. 

The sketch map on the Snow Owl comment illustrates that the Snow Owl position marks a longitude that links two St Michael Line alignments from Burrow Mump to Bury St Edmunds – 61.13 degrees and from Burrow Mump to Glastonbury Tor – 61.44 degrees. But Is the St Michael line through southern Britain part of a Great Circle bearing that goes right round the world? Is the Ice Circle that was reported on the 12th April at Lake Qinghai in central China on or close to those two Great Circles from Burrow Mump, 61.13 and 61.44 degrees ? 

The answer is - not very close. The bearing from Burrow Mump to the Ice Circle, at the reported position of 36.62 degrees north and 100.53 degrees east of the Greenwich Meridian, is about 56.40 degrees so the Ice Circle is north of the Great Circles from Burrow Mump which passes to the south of the frozen lake ice with its unexplained formation. But not very far south, only about 5 degrees. As the Snow Owl is a longitude marker for the St Michael Line is the Ice Circle indicating anything about the locations to the south where the two St Michael line bearings, 61.13 and 61.44 degrees cross its longitude or meridian

The bearing from Burrow Mump to the Snow Owl and Bury St Edmunds as a Great Circle crosses the Ice Circle longitude, 100.53 east, at a latitude of about 29.59 degrees north where, from Google Maps, there does not seem to be anything significant that marks this location. So is this latitude significant anywhere else? 

If the St Michael Line is an ancient general alignment of sites the major ancient location at a latitude of 29.59 degrees north is Ancient Egypt where the Sphinx and Great Pyramid are north of this latitude at about 29.976 degrees north. The Snow Owl flags the St Michael Line so is there somewhere on this 61.13 degree Snow Owl and Bury St Edmunds St Michael line which by Great Circle would give the Giza 29.976 degrees north latitude on the Ice Circle longitude line? 

This occurs to the east of Glastonbury close to Worminster south of Dinder at about 51.183 north and 2.59 west. Worminster is believed to be named after the Old English name for dragon and there is a centuries old custom at Dinder which re-enacts a dragon killing cleric story from the 13th Century. So this would seem to be an important area linked to ancient Dragon or Ley Lines but this may be being demonstrated this year by whoever created the Snow Owl and Ice Circle in China, thousands of miles away.   wiltshirewandering 

For connections between the St Michael Line and the Great Pyramid see David Furlong’s book ‘The Keys to the Temple’ and -

david furlong  & It may be worth noting the position of Wootton Rivers/ Martinsell Hill CC at the base of Furlong’s twin circle vesica – The Snow Owl’s nose seems to mark the spot in the design of that snow formation.

Mike Stewart  26th April 2019



"This circle is in ice since the events depicted occur in cold or wintry weather."

In the centre is the Sun. The large broken outer ring represents the Asteroid Belt. The partial inner circle is a timeline, where a full circle would be the Sun cycle of about 11 years on average. Since approximately ¼ of the circle is missing the actual amount of time is around 8 years, or 8.25 years if the cycle is a full 11 years. The cycle begins on the left and shows a comet (Comet A) rounding the Sun before later impacting Earth. The extra lines denote adjustments by the aliens in a triangular space vehicle (shown below on the timeline). The aliens will speed up the comet (to prevent loss of material) and then slow it down after rounding the Sun so it predictably arrives on time for Earth impact. Comet A has a line bisecting it which indicates the debris trail it will generate in Earth’s atmosphere before final impact (the correct angle of descent isn’t self-evident).  

The second comet (the Warning Comet) comes in from the right (the opposite direction) and changes direction as it rounds the Sun. The ninety degree angle is used frequently in prior crop circles to represent changes in direction, although any comet path is always a curve. On the top  right the Warning Comet with its one major fragment is shown headed for Earth impact. The comet scrapes through the atmosphere leaving a debris trail behind but does not impact. But the fragment also creates its own debris trail as it falls and strikes Earth. 

The 8 or 8.25 years represents the time interval between Comet A and the Warning Comet. If A were to strike this year, (2019) then the second strike would be around 2027. Since no prediction seems to have been made in crop circles for the year of the crop circle, 2020 or later would be more likely. Of note, the asteroid Apophis (as the Warning Comet) has been calculated to encounter Earth within 19,000 miles during April, 2029. This suggests Comet A may strike early in 2021. 

The second inner ring is also a timeline of about 11 years on average. The two comets depicted in the Asteroid belt as two rings will strike at the beginning (the Sun Comet) and the end (Comet B, the larger ring) of the timeline. The Asteroid Belt is unevenly distributed around the Sun, so the largest concentrations are indicated by the thickest lines. The two circles on the left and right depict two large asteroids which have an approximate spherical shape, such as Ceres or Vesta.  They will be on opposite sides of the Sun (serving as a timing indication) when these two comets leave the Asteroid Belt. The two comets will also be arriving from opposite directions.

Go to theheckhypothesis.comfor the new free fifth edition of "The Heck Hypothesis." 
Kenneth Heck


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