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Updated Tuesday, 30. July 2019 11:15:52

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Womad, Extinction Rebellion. Nr Malmesbury, Wiltshire. Reported 26th July.

The extinction sign in this man-made crop circle is eerily appropriate since asteroid or comet strikes can and do hasten the extinction of many plants and animals. According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, over 41,000 plants and animals are now vulnerable to extinction and over 16,500 are on the endangered species list. Examples of species specifically depicted within crop circles are available on pages 163 - 170 of my free e-book ( Marine life seems to be highly represented perhaps because six of the seven comets are predicted to strike in water.  

The last major extinction took place at the start of the Younger Dryas period (12,900 BP) and may be the result of a large comet impact (with many large and small fragments). The earth cooled rapidly down to prior glacial levels for about 1,200 years. Today, our cometary future will be brighter since the seven comets will be spread over a period of 250+ years, allowing  time for adjustments in our way of living.  

Kenneth Heck

Diagram Copyright 2019

Except for the “M” this Chinese-created crop circle contains the standard elements of a ring for the Earth, a ring of total damage, a conglomerate impact area for six comets, the trajectories for the six comets, and a six-petal flower (composed of six light lenses). 

What is the M? I believe it stands for “Monsters” The cometary era exists between two stable ages. Both “good” and “evil” must contribute to the massive changes needed to progress to the next stable age. So we see monsters such as Mothman, the Chupacapra, space aliens, etc. along with increasing sociopathic/pychopathic behaviour in humans, also monstrous weather, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and massive die-offs of many species. On the good side there is significant progress in science and technology, plus declining racism, sexism, religious bigotry, etc. But, on the whole, destructive monstrous phenomena in culture and the environment do seem to dominate our times. We live in an era where it will take monsters of all kinds to progress to the next age where man and nature will supposedly find a new harmony and meaningful existence.

Kenneth Heck

Chaddenwick Hill, Nr Mere, Wiltshire Reported 21st July?


Diagram Copyright 2019

Please find this video about the crop circle reported in July at Poirino, Italy, which not on your website at this time:

Here is my comment : The well designed crop circle filmed with a drone for the Youtube channel aiRoHero at Poirino shows well-folded plants. Video published 1st July, 2019 :

This not the case with the one made in 2018 by Francesco Grassi and his team for example :  FrancescoGrass i2018

That's why I think there is a strong probability that the crop circle reported at Poirino 2019 is alien made. However, I can't exclude this is man-made. More information about ET crop circles on my blog OLCPIE :

Jean-Charles Bourquin

A crop circle in Switzerland?  (7 weeks ago) Niederscherli, Bern, Switzerland Does anyone know anything about these cc's? Instagram Source: cropcircleowl -


Also well done to Annemieke Witteveen for confirming the crop circle that was at Niederscherli, Bern, Switzerland was reported on the 19th of October, 2018 in grass with this report:…/graskreis-in-niederscherli-be-aufgetau…

A crop circle in Switzerland?  (7 weeks ago) Zollikofen, Switzerland Does anyone know anything about these cc's? Instagram Source: cropcircleowl -

A crop circle in Switzerland?  (7 weeks ago) Neuenegg, Switzerland Does anyone know anything about these cc's? Instagram Source: cropcircleowl -

A Ghost formation from a previous year captured by Google Maps.


That's what the crop circle on the Petersaue is all about

On the Petersaue a strange picture emerges in the cornfield. What looks like it came from an alien movie actually has a historical background.

In the Summer, if the Grain on the Petersaue between Wiesbaden and Mainz blooms, shows yourself on extraordinary template on the Inland Island, the you otherwise just out Science fiction films knows. Directly Next the train route on the North Bridge, the the both towns together combines, records yourself on huge image on the field from, the one spoked similar. Also over the satellite mode from Google Maps is the image Well to recognize.

Has yourself someone one fun allowed?

In wheat fields looks you always again so-called Crop circles. The are areas in one Field, at to those corn stalks intentionally umgeknickt or mowed become, around on image arise to to let. covered you earlier still, the devil would have the grain crushed or on UFO would there landed, White you today, that these circles from People created become. Some from them - so-called "Hoaxter" - trample even extra at night over the fields, around yourself one fun to allow. Because the Halme on the Petersaue but Not shorter, rather easy just discolored are, falls these statement path. What so, Has it then in order to on yourself? 

"There was once a fortification the fortress Mainz " explained Karl Heinz Kues from the society For Local history in Kastel. Seemingly are located yourself in the underground always still leftovers from stonewall one tower, the the from Austria and Prussia occupied Mainz in front the enemy protect should. 

"These remains are for this responsible, that some Halme different appearance when other", says Kues. Because the plants bump there, Where the remains in the ground lie, on For you impenetrable Materials. Thereby to get you fewer nutrient and humidity from when other, to have thereby fewer colour and it created the image in the Field. 

What yourself on the plants still always negative effect, was For the People a size Help. First by the thereby resulting template could the Mainzer city ​​Archives find out, as the historical investment indeed looked. Because the archive lay though plans the fortress building on the Petersaue in front, Which from that implemented were, was to then but Not clear. First when on Aerial archaeology the template in the field 1989 to the first Times photographed, could you the plans With the photo to compare.

Forme grandi decine di metri: è tornata
la stagione dei cerchi di grano



OSIMO - Cerchi di grano in località Casette di Rinaldo. Le forme geometriche formate artificialmente sono state ritrovate ieri mattina nella campagna tra Campocavallo e Padiglione, lungo il crinale che scende da Osimo verso la strada provinciale. Un disegno grande decine di metri, con due enormi rotondi alle estremità, è stato immortalato ieri tra la curiosità e lo stupore generale. Alcuni residenti di via Jesi che confinano col terreno hanno raccontato che la notte tra venerdì e sabato i cani hanno abbaiato in maniera insistente.

Una signora sarebbe anche uscita dalla propria abitazione verso le 2 vedendo in lontananza, nel campo, un forte fascio di luce con dei rumori strani per quell’ora. Di certo c’è che una parte del raccolto di grano andrà perduto visto che le spighe sono state tutte appiattite in modo uniforme in senso orario, formando un disegno perfetto e ben visibile dall’alto. I cerchi nel grano conosciuti come crop circles, sono un fenomeno che da tempo non veniva più segnalato in zona. Sorsero negli anni Settanta in Inghilterra diventando oggetto d’indagine per determinare la genesi di queste figure.

Si sa con certezza che molti cerchi, compresi quelli di complessità maggiore, sono realizzati dall’uomo, tanto che gli autori furono poi insigniti del Premio Ig Nobel nel 1992 per l’ideazione della loro burla. Non esistono invece prove scientifiche che un crop circles abbia origine diversa da quella umana, ma solo ipotesi pseudoscientifiche.

Google Translate Below 

Large shapes tens of meters: it's back the season of wheat circles

OSIMO - Circles of wheat in Casette di Rinaldo. The geometric shapes formed artificially were found yesterday morning in the countryside between Campocavallo and Pavilion, along the ridge that descends from Osimo towards the provincial road. A large drawing tens of meters, with two huge round at the ends, was immortalized yesterday between curiosity and general astonishment. Some residents of Via Jesi who border the land said that the dogs barked insistently during the night between Friday and Saturday. 

A lady would also have left her home around 2, seeing in the distance, in the field, a strong beam of light with strange noises for that hour. Certainly there is that a part of the wheat harvest will be lost as the ears have all been flattened evenly in a clockwise direction, forming a perfect design and clearly visible from above. The crop circles known as crop circles, are a phenomenon that for a long time was no longer reported in the area. They arose in the seventies in England, becoming the object of investigation to determine the genesis of these figures. 

We know with certainty that many circles, including those of greater complexity, are made by man, so much so that the authors were then awarded the Ig Nobel Prize in 1992 for the conception of their prank. There is no scientific evidence that a crop circle has a different origin than the human one, but only pseudoscientific hypotheses. 



Em Casette di Rinaldo, Itália, na manhã de 26 de Maio de 2019, com testemunhos e relatos de fortes luzes de avistamentos na região. Repete o padrão hexagonal FLOR DA VIDA, do crop circle de Spiers Lane, mesmo dia, 26 de Maio. Só que esta Flor da vida aparece bastante regular, apesar da inclinação produzida pela irregularidade do terreno local. Pode estar confirmando aquela Flor da Vida na Inglaterra, mesmo dia. De qualquer forma, o tema "vida" está em alta, desde o primeiro crop circle, Horton, e o Grande Ovo expelindo sua célula de vida e o Ovo lunar de 25 de maio.

Segundo crop circle na Itália

No mesmo campo da Itália, outra imagem, fazendo parte de um dueto de mensagem. Esta formação, que lembra um Anjo ou Ave estilizada, apareceu na mesma região e dia (26 de Maio), e a combinação entre "Pássaro" e Flor me parece óbvia: o sentido de uma fecundação espiritual. Este sentido, por enquanto, está predominando na atual temporada, desde o Ovo de Horton, 2 de março.

Dois crops circles no mesmo dia e campo da Itália, claro, possuem significados integrados. E a primeira vista, trata-se de um pássaro se movendo na direção da flor: fecundação, nascimento.

Mas é claro, esse píctograma alado tem outros significados.

Em se tratando de um Avião estlizado, símbolo de UFOs, então vemos o Avião-UFO se movendo na direção da Flor-estrela, que é o Sol ou outra estrela qualquer, abrindo suas pétalas, o que significa claramente a viagem dos UFOs através dos Stargates, sejam eles no Sol ou nas estrelas do Infinito, quando eles vem de lá para cá.

Mas existe outra interpretação aqui. Trata-se da retratação do nosso sistema solar como duplo, isto é, o Sol maior ligado ao Sol menor (Nêmesis, segundo sol) pelo traço, a força de gravidade, e as asas representam que a aproximação é cada vez maior.

Note-se que o disco alado é símbolo comum na antiguidade, Sol com asas, símbolo de divindades e de veículos dos deuses, além de sugerir, para muitos, o símbolo de Nibiru.


Repetição de padrão 2018-2019

Ano passado, em Waden Hill, UK, dia 2 de Julho 2018, apareceu um estranho crop circle neste mesmo padrão da nova formação na Itália, e ele também estava num campo onde ainda havia um vestígio "fantasma" de um antigo crop circle modelo hexagonal!

Trata-se de um mesmo padrão sendo repetido agora, só que na Itália, ainda em maio, início do fenômeno.

Crops circles fantasma são vestígios de formações antigas que aparecem anos depois da colheita dos campos, como uma impressão marcada no chão de terra que novamente brota na nova estação. Expliquem isso, crop makers humanos!!!

Jonas Passos

Diagram Copyright 2019

Cassette di Rinaldo (1). Italy. Reported 25th May 2019


by on April 13, 2019






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