Hooper's Wood, Dilton Marsh, Wiltshire.  Reported 11th June.

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Updated Sunday 28th June 2020


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June Eclipses

In a simple analysis, and within a reading that follows previous patterns, we see in this elegant crop circle a representation of the alignments Sun, Moon and Earth within the period of the June eclipses, namely, lunar eclipse (5th of June) and solar eclipse on the 21st of June.

And as always, even repeating the themes of the 2019 french crop circles, we see GRAVITATIONAL ENERGY WAVES being generated in the alignment (we are inside it), and as we well know, the impacts that such alignments and energies generate in the solar system. The magnetic inversion of the Earth's field is just one of the problems of the total shaken system.

Let us then wait for planetary shocks in the coming days. The total solar eclipse will be in 10 days ... a lot can happen by then ... and then. Because on July 21st there is another major alignment.


Orbital ruptures

In addition to the express alignment (eclipses), there is something strange about this model.

We see the central Sun, the sequence of two orbits (Mercury and Venus) and the Earth, followed by the Moon (in crescent shape).
And there are two "breaks" in the orbits of Mercury and Venus (marked in X) in an arc of approximately 135 . Some kind of shock that will affect neighbouring planets? A kind of oscillation appears, which reinforces the recent message of the Yang-Yin crop circle (30.05.2020).

Magnetic shocks, field inversion, a system that manifests extremisms in everything, increasingly, extreme temperatures, extreme energies.

The biggest mystery in this model is: what do the ruptures in the orbits of Mercury and Venus mean? Could we mention the object P 7X, currently in the fifth orbit of the Sun (Jupiter)? I think so, because, anyway, we have five levels in this design. Five orbital planes.
This may be a hidden meaning for the P 7X object, reinforcing the natural cyclical alignments of the Sun, Moon and Earth (eclipses).

He would be "breaking the Sun's regular orbits" in an astronomical sense. What can actually happen (orbital shocks) when it gets closer to the solar perihelion.

Evaluating the map of the solar system for the day of the solar eclipse, we notice that most planets are reasonably aligned in a single direction of space (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto ... and the object P 7X ), which should generate a lot of gravitational energy in the system.

Detail: the solar eclipse of the 21st of June next (which will be annulled) happens in the celestial region opposite the position of the star P 7X, moving between the stars of Capricorn. This is another alignment to be considered. 

Jonas Passos (11.06.2020)

Shakes in the Earth's magnetic field

Magnetic field displacement
Towards magnetic inversion

In recent years, he has moved away from Canada and moved to Siberia, Russia.

The displacement was so fast that it has forced scientists to make more frequent updates to GPS navigation systems, including those that are used in smart phone maps. Seeing this model in another light, the central circle is the Earth, and the two orbits, the lines of force of the magnetic field, with two breaks.

Breaks representing faults in the magnetic field, as has been happening for several years.

And the angle between the two breaks may represent that shift from the pole from Canada to Russia.

The circles at the ends can finally represent the "new Earth" (circle of the same size, but empty) assuming a new magnetic field (inverted), according to this oscillation on both sides, left and right, representing an inversion movement, which would represent the Global telecommunications apocalypse on our planet!

In other words, everything related to the intense exchange of energies of the solar system in alignment rhythm and the accelerated approach of the P 7X object ...

Holes in the solar corona

Recalling that, last year, on July 23, a crop circle appeared, which, interpreted as the Sun sending waves of energy to Earth, turned out to be true when, days later, huge holes in the solar corona appeared, later effects of eclipses of July of that year, with very high solar winds falling in the Earth's magnetic field and causing shakes in global telecommunications.

The "wave" style of the two models is the same.

And if the big central white circle is the Sun, and its two orbits are its energy layers on the surface (solar corona) those two ruptures seen can also represent these huge holes, and all the energy escaping through them towards Earth (which then it would be the outer circle, the same size, on both sides, inside the wave or right and left oscillation).

These are all events integrated in the same chain of processes arising from the great cosmic alignments, gravitational tide and shakes in the solar system as a whole. We will follow the events of this month of June. 

Jonas Passos (11.06.2020)

Right crop circle predictions

On June 11th, this crop circle appeared, an astronomical marker, with two orbits, inner Sun, Earth and Moon, showing the alignments (eclipses) of the period, between June 5 and June 21, lunar and solar, respectively. What I found most strange about that crop circle were the two ruptures or holes in the orbits outside the central sun, and among other parallel interpretations, I noticed that they could represent disturbances on the solar surface, holes or explosions.  made these interpretations all on the same day 11...

Two breaks, two strong solar flares in the two days after the crop circle: 12th and 13th of June! Two crop circle breaks, two solar flares over the next two days, motivated by the gravitational energy being generated in the eclipses and alignments of this month and next.

This demonstrates that these crop circles are not of human origin. Only aliens could know about solar events (and others) before they happen. 

Jonas Passos em 14.06.2020

Crop circle predictions hit on shakes in the magnetic field soon

I made this analysis of this crop circle on June 14th. The solar eclipse took place on the 21st of June and the magnetic field was silent until the 23rd of June, and shortly thereafter, it suffered a kind of "earthquake" Worth reading for sceptics. But whoever believes in the legitimacy of crop circles as objects of forecasting, the better!

A tremor in the magnetic field happened recently!

Once again, the trigger of the solar eclipse of June 21st, revealing its after-effects on Earth, as we predicted. This time, the trigger that made the magnetic field tremble came from the Earth's core, affected by the energies of gravity exalted by that alignment. But not only the tremor of the magnetic field, other effects are running in the world in parallel, like the many 6 and 7 degree earthquakes. Even some crop circles were interpreted by me before as meaning magnetic anomalies to follow. And they really happened. Another practical and quick demonstration that crop circles are not the work of humans. Because they predict future events!

See more (link): de-repente-o-campo-magnetico-da-terra-sofreu-um-abalo-como-previram-os-crops-circles? 

Jonas Passos (27.06.2020)



This crop circle can be read from left to right. On the extreme left we have a depiction of the radiation belts of Saturn. Section 7 of my e-book - Crescents and Bow Shocks - explains this. This comet (shown in the centre) will be affected to some small degree by Saturn's belts before crossing the orbit of Jupiter (the ring next left) and perhaps experiencing some change in orbit. The centre circle represents the comet with two vaporized ices in its coma, but not completely developed since the rings are broken. This location would be somewhere near the Asteroid Belt. Interestingly, nothing of the comet's further journey into the Inner Solar System and around the Sun to encounter Earth is revealed here, only that the comet will retrace its steps approximately after leaving the Inner Solar System. The aliens could have repeated the centre circle for clarity, but otherwise it applies to both entering and leaving the Inner Solar System. This astronomical assertion of a retraced orbit makes it possible to determine the comet's orbit in terms of the future positions of Saturn and Jupiter. The only comet to return to its origin in outer space is the Warning Comet, which grazes Earth's atmosphere but avoids impact.

Kenneth Heck

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