Rose Valley, Nr Billingley, South Yorkshire. Reported 31st July

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Updated   Sunday 8th  August 2021


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Billingley of July 31, 2021 is the fourth crop picture in a row to show symbols for “8” and “5”. What might it be telling us? 

This small, new crop picture near Billingley apparently represents a “pendulum clock”. The crop artist seems to be “keeping time with his heart”. How can we understand what it might be telling us? It is really not that hard, if we take it logically step-by-step! 

At its very centre, this crop picture shows a “lunar crescent” motif (white), which has been subdivided into 8 angular parts. Since the crop picture appeared on July 31, this surely means “8” more days of the Moon, until it becomes “new” again on August 8, 2021. 

Next at the top, we can see 5 small circles (dark), which have been drawn along a curved (white) semi-circular shape. Each of those circles aligns precisely with 5 of the 7 flattened lines (dark) from its central, “crescent Moon” motif. Those 5 small circles would thus seem to suggest “5” more days of the Moon until some long-awaited, heartfelt event is reached, past July 31 or close to August 5. 

That was very easy, was it not? Eight (8) days until the next “new Moon”. Five (5) days until some “heartfelt” event. Crop circles are FUN, and can be decoded by anyone with high-school-level scientific understanding:

This small crop picture near Billingley on July 31, 2021 is also the fourth in a row to show symbols for “8” and “5”. 

First we saw a three-ringed “polar clock” near Upham on July 18, which suggested “8 months” and “4 to 6 days”. This might mean “August 4 to 6”, by comparison to another “polar clock” drawn in crops 2012, which noted when Curiosity Rover would land on Mars. 

Then we saw two “star lock washers” at Buchendorf, Germany around July 27. Those suggested “9 more days” until approximately August 5, when some event would be “locked in”. 

Finally we saw a ring of 16 “I Ching pentagrams” at Spiers Lane near Swarraton. Eight (8) of those were patterned carefully with five (5) thin, horizontal lines, as some kind of oracular suggestion for the future. The usual “I Ching hexagram” with 6 thin lines means “heaven”.  

Could there be a major new crop picture or UFO event scheduled for month 8 and day 5, or approximately August 5, several days from now? Of possible relevance, we can see that Billingley of July 31, 2021 resembles two other crop pictures from past years, which showed what seem to be “large triangular UFOs”. Each of those previous crop pictures also seemed to show a “pendulum clock” for counting calendar time. 

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



Why does this new crop picture near Billingley show a large, triangular “pyramid” shape, along with a wavy, serpentine lay of fallen crop, coming down from the apex of that “pyramid”?  

When we study details of the fallen lay in this crop picture, we can see a wavy “serpentine” shape, coming down from the top (or apex) of a large, triangular “pyramid”. Halfway down in the photo shown below, we can also see (faintly) the “head” of a “serpent”, with its “mouth open” (pointing down and to the right):

Such crop-drawn imagery resembles a play of light-and-shadow at a pyramid called “El Castillo” in Chichen Itza. The Mayans built that pyramid in 800-900 AD, to remind everyone that their god-teacher “Kukulkan” or “Quetzalcoatl” would return from the stars, close to the end of their Long Count calendar in 2012 AD:  

Each of 5 small circles, which were drawn in a semi-circular arrangement, just above that large “pyramid” shape drawn in crops, might represent a sky location for the Pleiades M45 star cluster. El Castillo was built long ago to be aligned with some distant-future, sky location of the Pleiades as a “precessional alarm clock” (a term invented by John Major Jenkins).  

It would seem possible that he and/or his friends are the modern “crop artists”, and that their return to Earth may be imminent. They are longing for it in their “hearts”. “True voyage is return” (Ursula Le Guin).  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

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