Jesuino Marcondes, Nr Prudentopolis, Southern Brazil. Reported 3rd August

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Is the new crop picture which appeared near Jesuino Marcondes on August 3, 2018 paranormally real? And if so, could it have any symbolic significance in terms of a partial solar eclipse which will take place on August 11, 2018, just eight days later? 

A new crop picture which appeared along a hillside in young wheat (see Jesuino groundshots  ), near the small village of Jesuino Marcondes (20 km south of Prudentopolis) in Brazil on the night of August 2-3, 2018, was certainly not a “beautiful or impressive piece of field art”! It was fairly large as 80 meters in diameter, but rather simple in design, and also somewhat messy in its apparent means of construction (see Jesuino 2018  ). Still A.J. Gevaerd and his colleagues carefully investigated this crop picture, as well as the circumstances of its appearance, and were unable to find any evidence that it had been made by local humans on the ground. So we will proceed tentatively to study its possible symbolic meanings, although the case for a paranormal origin remains somewhat weak.  

A schematic image of “our Sun” moving through the daylight sky from East to West?  

When we look at this crop picture from above, right away we can see some resemblance to the motion of our Sun through Earth’s sky from East to West. The various directions shown in a slide below actually match those of how the crop picture was laid out in the field, relative to geographic North, East, South or West:  

By studying a close-up aerial view, we can see that several different sets of long thin lines, especially those denoting “North-South” and “Northwest-Southeast” (marked with small white arrows in the slide below), have been drawn with (apparently) a deliberate offset away from idealized eight-fold symmetry, in order to create the impression of “motion” from East to West:  

When studied as a whole, this crop picture looks something like the superposition of a “compass rose” or “navigational compass” shape, with a large round shape that might represent the “disc of our Sun”, as it moves from East-to-West (or right-to-left) across the daylight sky toward some kind of solar eclipse (as we will see the next few slides shown below). Interestingly its “compass rose” shape shows 8 thin radial lines, while there were exactly 8 days from when this crop picture appeared, until a partial solar eclipse on August 11, 2018 (not visible from Brazil). This crop picture and the upcoming partial solar eclipse also both took place (or will take place) in a month “8” or August. 

The crop artists used a similar “double ring” image to represent our “Sun” on the downhill path to a total solar eclipse in 2017, as the smaller of two crop pictures drawn at Boreham Wood on July 1(see boreham 2017  ).  

The aerial photographic images of this crop picture were not taken until August 5, after several days of rain, which may explain its rough or uneven appearance.  

A humorous image may be seen in the landscape nearby of an “open-mouthed serpent”, who is getting ready to “bite off” a piece from our Sun during a solar eclipse 

When we study this crop picture from a slightly-broader aerial perspective, we can see that it was drawn close to an isolated dirt road and farmhouse. Both of these nearby landscape features help to provide the subtle and amusing image of an “open-mouthed serpent”, who is getting ready to “bite off” a piece from our Sun (namely the round crop picture) as it moves from East to West in the daylight sky. 

Legends of an unseen “sky serpent” who “bites off” a piece from our Sun, once or twice a year during solar eclipse seasons, were once widely believed worldwide:  

The Mayans and Aztecs also believed in this same legend, and even drew the cartoon-like image of an “open-mouthed sky serpent” in the eclipse tables of the Dresden Codex:  

Thus the Mayans and Aztecs imagined that there was some huge “serpent” or “dragon” in the sky, who occasionally took a “bite” out of the daylight Sun once or twice a year. That is what we seem to see here, in the local landscape which surrounds this 2018 crop picture near Jesuino Marcondes.  

The ancient Mayans even placed four short double-lines all around their drawing of a “rounded square Sun” in the Dresden Codex, in order to mark the four geographical directions of North (up), East (right), South (down) and West (left), again like what we see here drawn in crops.  

There will be a partial solar eclipse eight days later on August 11, 2018, not visible from Brazil, but only from high northern latitudes on Earth 

There will be in fact a partial solar eclipse on August 11, 2018, eight days after this crop picture appeared on August 3. A small, North-facing “ball” along the outside of this crop picture shows an “extra circle” which is even smaller. Perhaps such a detail might be meant to “point” in the general direction of that upcoming solar eclipse, which will be seen only from high northern latitudes on Earth? 

Each little “ball” along the outside of this crop picture also resembles the “many eyes” of a “Mayan astronomer” as he looks at eclipses. This cartoon-like image comes from the Madrid Codex. 

We can see in the broad landscape nearby the clear image of a “bearded man” and his “Toltec warrior” 

Finally when we study this crop picture from a very-broad perspective in the landscape, using Google Earth with North-Northwest or 340o “up”, we can see the clear and lucid image of a “bearded man” and his “Toltec warrior” (like at Tula), who seem to be “navigating by the Sun”.as they walked around South America long ago:  

Who could this “bearded man” be?  

Quite interestingly, several thin curved lines from this Jesuino Marcondes crop picture (as shown in another slide above) point not only into the “open mouth” of a nearby landscape “sky serpent”, but also in the same direction where that large “bearded man” from the broad landscape is “walking”. Perhaps someone will also be ”walking” this way toward Earth, on the partial solar eclipse of August 11, 2018?  

Two large numbers of “8” and “3” can be seen in the broad landscape just above that “bearded man”  

Just above this crop picture in the broad landscape, as may be confirmed using Google Earth (again with North-Northwest “up”), we can see a large number “8” at latitude 25.296o S, longitude 51.019o W, and a large number “3” just below the “8” at latitude 25.300o S, longitude 51.013o W (not shown). Both of these large “numbers” in the landscape lie slightly above the image of a “bearded man” and “Toltec warrior”, shown in the slide above, as they are “walking” from East to West.  

Can we reconstruct the choice of field location and design steps by an unknown crop artist?  

The overall impression which we get, by studying all of these observations as a whole, is that some unknown crop artist may have picked out this particular part of southern Brazil to draw a new crop picture, based on that large image of a “bearded man” and “Toltec warrior” walking along happily. Then he may have chosen a date for the crop formation as August 3 or “8-3”, based on two large numbers in the landscape which may be seen easily in aerial maps, and are fortuitously located just above.  

Next he may have studied this particular region of Brazil, south of Prudentopolis, for some other interesting detail in the landscape on which to base a clever crop picture? He may have seen that humorous (but small) image of an “open-mouthed serpent” near Jesuino Marcondes. It looks like the “sky serpent” which ancient Mayans or Aztecs believed to be responsible for solar eclipses. With a partial solar eclipse coming up in just 8 days on August 11, 2018, he may plausibly have chosen to draw in crops a simple schematic image of our “Sun” as it is moving from East to West (through Earth’s sky or through star maps) to line up with a new Moon and the Earth in just 8 days.  

A large number “3” which may be seen in the landscape, just above and to the right of this crop picture, might refer to the date of August 3 when it appeared, or possibly “3 years” until we may see more of our bearded, walking friend in the year 2021 (please see mexico olmec.jpg or mexico olmec.jpg).   

Whether or not this crop picture is paranormally real, its many kinds of symbolic suggestion are interesting to study and contemplate.


Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew) 

P.S. Many thanks to A.J. Gevaerd and his many colleagues for carefully investigating and documenting this 2018 crop picture, as well as several others from 2017 or 2016 near Prudentopolis.





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