Jesuino Marcondes, Nr Prudentopolis, Southern Brazil. Reported 3rd August

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By A. J. Gevaerd, Brazilian UFO Magazine editor.

Translated by Claudio Schroeder 

The crop circle appeared from the night of August 2nd to August 3rd, from Thursday to Friday (and not from Wednesday to Thursday, as stated in the video), in a very early wheat plantation on the banks of a ground road and a property of a catholic community of Prudentópolis, located in the interior of the city, a the sparsely inhabited area of Jesuíno Marcondes. The area is about 3Km from BR-277 highway and 7Km after the Prudentópolis’ roundabout, in the direction of Curitiba to Foz do Iguaçu. Thus, about 22Km from Prudentópolis’ downtown and almost 30Km from the 2016 crop circle, at Linha Nova Galícia. 

César Jakub noticed the image at first in the early morning of August 3rd. He lives about 200m from the crop circle and, from his house, at the roadside, he has a direct view towards the affected area. Then, Mr. Antonio Strechar, his front neighbor, also noticed it. Both were the first to enter the formation, soon after their discovery, and it was still fresh. Mr. Strechar sent the first pictures to a local radio and, hence, the fact became known. 

Strechar reported that both and their families heard absolutely no noise on the night of August 2nd to 3rd, when the crop circle was apparently formed. The dogs from the properties of the two men did not bark the whole night, the opposite to what they would do: barking loudly at any strange sound. It is not true that Strechar heard an earthquake the previous night, as previously reported. 

The image had already been measured, with 84m (not 86m, as stated in the video) in its outer diameter. It consists of an inner circle of about 60m with wheat plants folded counterclockwise, surrounded by a "wall" of untouched plants, after which there is a ring about 1.7m wide, followed by a second untouched "wall" and another ring about 4m wide. Both rings have folded plants counterclockwise. In fact, the whole figure is counterclockwise. 

From the center circle to the extremities, and beyond them, about 4m from the outermost ring, there were 4 "corridors" in directions 3, 6, 9, and 12 hours of folded plants superimposed on those of the rings, culminating in 4 smaller circles of about 4m in diameter each, and with plants also folded counterclockwise, called "satellites". The final details of the figure include 4 rectangular “grooves” of a few meters long, between the “corridors”, in intermediate radial positions, but without touching the outermost ring, that are barely visible from the ground but easy to spot from the air.
The image is quite irregular and is far from reaching the quality of those seen in previous cases. The terrain is a slope and had rained for days before its discovery, causing much damage prior to the already fragile and early plantation, such as asymmetric lowering of plants on all sides. The terrain under the plantation, red latosol, is also quite irregular, with clods of loose clay, bumps, and obtuse steps. In short, it is a very irregular plantation, so that, whether it is legitimate or manmade, the figure would also have to be irregular. 

If the described formation is legitimate, that is, of non-human origin, which can’t be affirmed now, nor the contrary, is important to notice that crop circles, in general, and especially the Brazilians ones, are never symmetrical and perfect. They are always faulty. Precisely because of the variables described above, such as irregularity of plantation and terrain. This is partly justified by the fact that our plantations have only a few decades of soil treatment, whereas in England the crop circles are much more symmetrical and regular because they have been planting crops and treating the soil for centuries. 

It is important to notice that, even here in Brazil, in farms with better land and planting management, as in the case of the property where the 2016 crop circle appeared, also in Prudentópolis, this one was much better produced, whether natural or non-human, precisely because of the better quality of the terrain and the plantation. This is basic. 

Wheat plants, which are still fairly new and relatively small in most of the affected plantation, have already shown that they are retracting their folding counterclockwise and starting to rise unevenly, with areas of plants already recovered more than others. Among them there are a few weeds and other plants, some still folded, while others are intact. The process of the plants returning to the normal position is called phototropism. The quick recovery may have been due to the generous rain in the last three days in the area. 

No evidence of human action was found in the production of the figure. The boundaries between the folded and intact plants are consistent with cases already observed. Although the place has already been visited a lot by curious people, the signs of people passing, and in abundance, are only in the already folded areas and the small 3m path, which takes the dirt road to the outermost "satellite" and close to it. No holes have been observed in the centers of the central circle and the "satellites". 

Interestingly, there is an adult armadillo carcass already dead for months and in total decomposition, right in the center of the figure. The logical deduction is that it has been placed there by someone, otherwise it would be under the folded plants, which, on the contrary, are under the corpse. The carcass was already there when Jakub and Strechar arrived at the site, early in the morning of August 3rd, Friday. Strechar found no explanation for that and, good-humored and quite hospitable, he did not shy away from answering questions from the UFO Magazine. 

The conclusion at this point is that there are not enough elements to classify the crop circle as a fraud, nor are there elements to claim to be non-human, although this is the most reasonable hypothesis, at least until new elements are found. This, however, is unlikely to occur, as the crop circle is in a rapid deterioration and weathering process. In any case, if classified as a legitimate non-human formation, it is the most precocious figure ever to emerge in Brazil, when the usual period of the crop circles goes from October to November.





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