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Rosenheim, Oberwöhr, Germany. Reported 26th December 2020


Last year in December, a grass „crop circle“ was discovered:  „Crop circle Rosenheim, part of town Oberwöhr, Germany (Grass circle) reported 26th December 2020" However, this was brought to our attention only. As you may remember, we have been visiting crop circles for many years and examining them „spiritually“ - what their energy has to say and whether they are „real“ and not a fraud. This Grass Circle from Rosenheim is to our knowledge a real circle with an important message - therefore we ask you to publish this circle on your websites. I have attached two photos and a report about it (however I do not know who wrote the report and I don’t share his interpretation of the circle).  I hope this is okay.

Olaf Grund

Jonas Passos draws our attention to this new crop pattern Brazil. - 'Mysterious circles were seen in a wheat field in Entre Rios, in the west of Santa Catarina, (Brazil), and caught the attention of residents of the region. The so-called agroglyphs were found by a rural farmer, Claudecir Pavan, last weekend, Sunday the 11th of October, 2020, who was surprised to see the size and detail of the design.' More photos, video, and information in English if opened in Chrome can be found on this news report:

Crops circles 2020 and the December cosmic event
Rereading of images and messages

The great cosmic event of December 2020 The coordinates of the Brazilian Agroglyph

Resuming the series of studies that intend to reinterpret the cosmic event mentioned in December of this year, we are now going to take new alternative readings of the Brazilian agroglyph of October 11, which accurately predicted a 7.5 ° earthquake in Alaska, seven days later. according to the sketch evaluated earlier, which identified a planetary alignment between the Sun and the planets Mars, Earth and Mercury, potentiating that earthquake.

This time, we will analyze the model of the agroglyph according to the planetary configuration of December, on the day of the total solar eclipse of December 14.

In the zodiac, between the constellations of Scorpio and Capricorn, on that day, three planetary groups will form, exactly as the model of the agroglyph reveals. On the left (in a) we have the planets Jupiter and Saturn practically aligned (the exact conjunction will occur on 21-12, but the effects will already be manifested since November), a conjunction that is repeated only every 20 years. The P 7X object is in this region. Pluto too.

In the center (in b) the eclipse, very close to the planet Mercury, between Scorpio and Sagittarius.
And on the right (in c), Venus in Scorpio.

Looking at the model of the agroglyph, we find the same configuration as the Zodiac, plus seven larger circles, which represent the waves of energy generated, and propagating throughout the solar system.
Once again, I understand the message of this and other parallel crop circles.
A huge wave of energy will be generated, with unimaginable effects.

And for an increasingly chaotic world like ours, with so much gratuitous violence and a boiling psyche, these energies never go down well, because they increase the instability not only of the natural elements, but also of the supporting psychic tissues of the Collective Unconscious.

No one will endure what is to come if the Father does not shorten those days, hastening the end, as written. 

Jonas Passos (25.11.2020)

The irregular curved lines in the original photo are presumably of man-made origin. This doesn’t mean there will not be any useful information in the crop circle (due to potential alien influence). Here we are looking from behind as three comets near the Sun. The central circle with the seven surrounding rings is most likely Comet A at an advanced stage of coma development.  Each ring is a particular kind of vaporizing gas. On the left is the Warning Comet much further out in the solar system with a small coma. Even further out is the Sun Comet on the right which will strike the Sun sometime after the Warning Comet skims past the Earth in the late 2020’s.

Kenneth Heck

Copyright Image & Video Weetabix & PinPep Media Assignments Crop Circle 2020

British cereal producer, Weetabix, has today revealed that they are the brains behind a stunning crop circle with a cryptic message which has appeared in the British countryside during this year’s annual harvest - all to raise awareness of the value of locally produced food to the UK economy. The creation, which was carefully produced by a team of four people over a period of 36 hours, features a cereal bowl and spoon, along with the words ‘committed to 50 miles’. The proclamation highlights the Burton Latimer-based company’s commitment to only using wheat sourced from within 50 miles of its factory in Northamptonshire.

Sources:- Weetabix & PinPep Media Assignments
#SustainableWeetabix #HaveYouHadYourWeetabix

Danebury Ring Hillfort, Nr Middle Wallop,  Hampshire. Reported Mid July

Yeovil, Somerset? Reported  24th  July

Broad Hinton, Nr Winterbourne Bassett, Wiltshire. Reported 21st July.


Dear Mark, found this one near Uffcot while flying yesterday.
Harvested before noticed. Thought I let you know. All best wishes, Monique 

Image Monique Klinkenbergh Copyright 2020

A comet’s trajectory has been altered to strike Earth at an intended impact area. The comet has already acquired a noticeable coma. Similar prior circles were discovered in 1999 (T754 and T755 on pg. 81). Now, 21 years later, this crop circle may have a more immediate relevance as we draw closer to the predicted comet strikes.

Kenneth Heck

Rapshill Plantation, Nr Ashmore, Dorset. Reported 7th July


The crop circle seems to be showing three comets on the outer ring, at their highest brightness, striking the Earth. Increased radioactivity from damaged nuclear power plants or leaking nuclear waste is suggested by the inner circle. Prior circles have indicated similar results such as T147, pg. 142, T1023, pg. 145, and GBR (04/07/13), pg. 149. The questionable part of this formation is the time of impact of the three comets – at dawn or dusk. Only one comet, the Warning Comet, is depicted in this way up to now, and it doesn’t strike the Earth. This discrepancy may be evidence of man-made status. All others strike during day or night. 

Kenneth Heck

Wheat fields in Taichung continue to draw visitors


Crop circles are pictured in a wheat field in Taichung’s Waipu District in Taiwan. It  was made by Waipu farmers and student volunteers, who stamped on the crops with their feet to make geometric patterns, the event’s organizer said.


At the bottom we see six interlinked rings representing the six comets producing impacts in water.Above is the anticipated circles of damage/destruction for Comet A, with its two major fragments striking on either side. As a man-made formation, the inaccuracy is in the placement of the fragments, which should be distinctly behind or above the three rings, since they impact before the nucleus due to their lesser momentum.

Kenneth Heck

Recent and unusual crop circle seen near to Amiens in France - via Benjamin Cotchy‎ - Crop Pattern  France NOTE:- Before I decide to report this as a crop circle I would like to see some groundshots to see if the crop is laid or cut. MJF

The figure in Cottenchy, in France, is not a crop circle but the creation of an artist Jacques Leclercq-K for the 800 years of the Amiens cathedral. It's in a linen field and it's the symbol of the famous Amiens cathedral labyrinth. I join you the newspaper article .

Maryse Lourmière

UPDATE:- I finally have my answer. The following images shows this pattern was cut out  from the field not laid as a crop circle.

Source:- HERE

Located 49.801 N, 2.363 E just southwest of Cottenchy, France at:- It was drawn within the triangular nose-beak of a “bird” shape in the landscape there! Can I show a landscape slide, along with a star map of whichever June eclipse it describes?

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

Accurate sky-maps of the penumbral lunar eclipse on June 5, 2020 appeared in crops near Cottenchy, Amiens, France on June 2, 2020: made by a local astronomy club, or by friendly sky-watching E.T.s?  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

The star map of France

Observing the northern sky on the 5th of June, when the lunar eclipse will take place, with the Moon in the constellation Scorpio, we can identify more stars on the map, by reversing its position, when it seems to make more sense:
1. Summer triangle
2. Draco
3. Ursa Minor and polar star indicated
4. Big Dipper
5. Hercules
6. Bootes
7. Scorpion (approximate)
8. Sagittarius (approximate) 

So, this great celestial map, among other things, may be referring to the scenario in the northern sky of the June 5 lunar eclipse, two days from now, which could mean some event of importance to the world on this day?

The tectonic plate warning

And if this magnificent crop circle of Amiens, with this star map of the northern hemisphere, identified for the nights of June and the next eclipse of the 5th, is a combination of constellations of the northern sky in June and the lines of the tectonic faults of our planet, so susceptible to tremendous earthquakes, precisely with this warning: terrible earthquakes in the month of June? 


Many, and I include myself, saw this map as a kind of modified, modified world map. But looking at it, especially in the surrounding traces, we see that it looks like the faults of the earth's crust. Notice one thing: there is no separation between the features of the constellations, they are all linked together in continuous lines, so that we can trace these drawings in a continuous line, without taking the pencil off the paper.

So, evaluating this idea, this combination of the two images, and knowing that this map reproduces the June skies in the northern hemisphere, with the main constellations highlighted, and as it is in this month of June that two powerful alignments (eclipses) will happen, can the warning of the stars is that of powerful earthquakes in the month of June, especially in the northern hemisphere, because of the alignments and eclipses ahead.

"Because, behold, I saw a new heaven and a new earth ..." (Revelation 21: 1) 

Jonas Passos (04.06.2020)

The contents of this crop circle are unique - nothing like it has been seen before. Inside the outer circle are 5 or 6 discernible quadrilaterals, and a fewer number of triangles, giving an impression of a sky map. But all the lines are connected to other lines, and near the outer circle long wandering lines exist which seemingly don't .apply to a sky map. Unfortunately, this plethora of extra lines is contrary to the established method for true circles makers - they are very parsimonious with lines, even leaving out some that might be considered logical since prior circles may make those lines unnecessary. For them it is preferable to create thousands of barely complete circles rather than dozens or hundreds of fully detailed ones. The provisional conclusion for this crop circle is that it is man-made.

Kenneth Heck

Luis Delgado Salez draws our attention to the second and most recent video (12 minutes duration) of this massive Crop disturbance seen recently near Madrid, Spain.  This kind of damage by natural causes has been witness many time over the years in fields and it no mystery and connection to crop circles.  (Freeze frame from the aerial video). Video by AdriTools -- Video link:

I have a feeling that this may be a corny joke: namely a word-play on the town name of “Alovera” (think “Aloe Vera”), because we can see a large image in the landscape there of a “serpent”, who seems to be applying some kind of lotion with love “L” (please go to Google Earth, and rotate the image clockwise by +45o until northwest points “up”).  

The geographical location of that large field of partly-flattened crop (flattened in long parallel strips, while no other fields nearby showed any wind-damage) is located at latitude 40.601o North, longitude -3.238o West, just northeast of the town centre of Alovera, Guadalajara, Spain:-

The 2020 summer season seems to have begun in an unusual fashion! What next?  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace Drew)

" I think we need to be unusually mindful at the moment, in these times of yearning for our first crop formation. To misinterpret such things as crop disturbance ie. lodging caused by wind, the work of attention seeking pranksters attempting to mislead or to brighten their Facebook account, a bit is easily done. In many of us it is sometimes all too easy, in our wishful thinking to be fooled. Many in truth are  unable to recognise a genuinely mysterious event mainly through lack of practical, on-the-ground experience. I will only record on CGI site events that I am confident tick some or many of the time-honoured characteristics or can be cross-referenced positively towards the genuinely mysterious. Otherwise, I might as well be reporting holes in the road!"

Paul Jacobs.

This curious crop circle damage is actually a preview by the crop circle makers of what will be happening to vegetation and food crops. when the hot debris from a comet's tail falls to the ground as the comet nears its final impact. Pebble-sized or smaller fragments will be scattered over a wide area causing too many small or large fires to be put out. The seeming regularity of the damage here in the video is intended to distinguish it
from normal, natural causes.

Kenneth Heck

A recent Crop Circle at Santerno RA, Italy filmed by Riccardo Mingozzi with a DRONE. Most likely by local resients.   (Freeze frame from the video). Video link:

This crop circle is certainly done by amateurs. It is read from right to left, where the large circle represents a comet on its way to impact earth as shown on the far left. Previously, on the right, the comet has lost two large fragments, the first of which is also losing smaller fragments of its own.

Kenneth Heck

Luis Delgado Salez draws our attention to this Photoshop Meme with this covering text - 'If you understand you are already qualified as a conspiracy theorist. Welcome to the Club.' 🤔 - via Oroborus Anaphaxeton III at

The twelve circles surrounding the large circle suggest the twelve components of Comet B positioned to strike the Earth by the aliens.  Inside, the logo of Microsoft predicts that Microsoft will be adversely affected by Comet B's impact, and even possibly cease to exist in its present form. Using crop circles for advertisements seems to be counterproductive according to my system of interpretation.

Kenneth Heck

Man made event in New York

'Rumour"?  Worth a mention? 

'This seems to be the first pattern of the season, in lawn grass. Evidently it was made during the night in Bryant Park, New York by a human gardening company.'

Hearts in diagrams of crop circles always show up as black (T339, pg. 142, T975, pg. 145, T1116, pg. 146, and GBR (06/07/22), pg. 150, for example, in my free ebook), indicating people of Earth will have negative feelings toward the aliens who both create crop circles and also guide comets toward their strike points. This seems to be a love-hate relationship that is eloquently expressed in this man-made circle. The alternating lines depict both love and hate - love for the crop circles and the higher intelligences who create them, along with their higher technology, but real hate for the series of comets (or asteroids) they pummel the planet with, destroying valuable property and many human lives. Contrary to the usual interactions with aliens reported by many people, the circlemakers do not seek out personal contacts with human beings - perhaps for the same reason that hangmen in the past always wore a hood over their face to disguise their identity.

 Kenneth Heck





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