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Long Man of Wilmington, Sussex. Reported 14th August.

Reported by Zabot 16/08/2021

 Rotherham, South Yorkshire. Reported 29th July.

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The Ridgeway, Nr Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire. Reported Early July.

HERE AT:- SU1312275023

This creation in the field (I wouldn't dignify it with a formal crop circle designation) shows the rather strong unconscious influence of the real circle makers on many man-made efforts. On the left is the comet impact site with solid matter being blasted out. Then we have the large flash accompanying the strike. The line surrounding everything depicts the general area of damage/destruction, with the short vertical lines indicating some further damage. Extreme irregularity in depiction isn't surprising where a disastrous event is involved.

Kenneth Heck

Wessex Ridgeway, Nr Okeford Fitzpaine, Dorset. Reported 7th July?


Walker's Plantation, Nr Broad Hinton, Wiltshire. Reported 15th June

Image  ORIONSM Photography Copyright 2021


Commissioned Crop Pattern

Diagram Copyright 2021

This commissioned circle is manmade. It may reflect the logo of a corporation, or perhaps the break-up of a large satellite from a comet strike. The ring on the left represents the normal orbit of the satellite. The satellite breaks into two major pieces, and later, three pieces, over a certain time period denoted by the arcs – normally days or hours. The initial break takes 5 days or hours to complete (arcs on the bottom) and the third piece breaks away on the 6th day or hour (arcs at the top).

Kenneth Heck

Video The Angel and The Exorcist Copyright 2021

Fortnite Crop Pattern.Uffcot, Wiltshire, UK.


This is an ad for the computer game “Fortnite.” The effect of alien influence on the Circlemakers is evident with the hexagon representing six comets intended to strike Earth shown in the centre. The first three, A, B, and the Warning Comet, first appear on the outer ring. The inner triangle indicates divine approval for these three comets. All three are then shown as small rings before final impact to indicate they have been fully heated by the Sun. However, only a fragment of the Warning Comet actually impacts.

Kenneth Heck

Silbury Hill, Nr Silbury Hill Wiltshire. Reported 21st May

Image Hugh Newman Copyright 2021 All Rights Reserved




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