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Updated Tuesday, 05. September 2023 17:42:11

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The binary code for that new fake crop-circle in Italy reads: “” with a dollar “$” sign inside.

Francesco Grassi and his team are known for their outstanding crop circle work over the years. The primary theme has been the explosion occurring when a comet impacts the Earth, generating solid matter thrown into the atmosphere along with the flash and gas. Here we have an advertisement for in computer code. Outside are nine tiny rings representing gas molecules. The nine-fold theme doesn’t relate to prior crop circles, but may be simply required to depict the website name. Actually, unless a comet hits at a ninety degree angle, the impact center will be to the left or right rather than the center of the circle. The July crop circle in Great Britain, 2007, (page 86 of my eBook) is a good example.

Kenneth Heck

This one is in France, June 11. Waiting for more info before reporting fully.

This is a nearly exact copy of T1025 found on page 161 of my ebook in the Food Crop Changes Section. Known as the “Flower of Life” this form appears in a number of varieties within the Section.

Kenneth Heck

This one is from Italy on June 19. Waiting for more info before reporting fully.
I have found two crop circles on Bertold Zugelder's site which you don't have. 

Francesco Grassi and his team have departed this time from their former explosion theme for crop circles in favor of a more abstruse creation. The octagon in the center suggests completion  - in this case the completion of the destined impacts of eight comets (Earth 7, Sun 1). The first four hit between c. 2023 and c. 2039; the second four hit between c. 2199 and 2271. The two four-sided boxes in the center of the octagon represent the areas of destruction; the thinner box for the first four and the thicker. more destructive  box for the second four. Outside, the outer four boxes represent the first four comets and the inner boxes the second four comets,

The odd thing here is that each inner comet is associated with an outer comet so that the two together constitute a completed mission or activity in itself. For the human mind this is unlikely, but we have no idea how the aliens would regard their own activities. Perhaps each team of alien space vehicles is responsible for the two comets. If and when the eight computer codes are translated into Italian, we may have a better idea of the significance of this crop circle.

Kenneth Heck

Found at Friday 23rd June. Near to Mevagissey/ Heligan Caravan and Camping.
Waiting for more info before reporting fully.

Here a very simple drawing

Martha Roessen 

This man-made circle attempts to describe the trajectories of the four chastising comets (Comets B,C, D. and E). Since the circlemakers have no actual knowledge of the trajectories, the crop circle is wildly inaccurate. The two vertical lines in the center represent the final fall of two comets and/or their major fragments to Earth impact. The most likely locations would be in the Middle East, either the Black Sea, the Arabian Sea, or the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. The fourth choice would be the Barents Sea. but that is in the extreme north. For a recent, more accurate indication of trajectories, see the May 10, 2021 crop circle on page 320 of my free ebook. 

Kenneth Heck

Tegdown Hill, Nr Patcham, East Sussex. Reported End of June

Grid Ref.: TQ319099

Location: north of Patcham, East Sussex 

Description: 2km of lines criss-crossing an entire field 

Crop: Wheat (bearded) 

First seen at the very end of June 2023 

First spotted at the very end of June, some photos were forwarded to Barry Reynolds a couple of weeks’ later. Andy Thomas then took some additional photos late in the evening of 16th July, prompting Barry to visit the site, a well-known crop circle haunt, on 17th July. 

The lines are approximately 50cm / 20” wide and criss-cross the entire field of wheat which is situated just to the east of Tegdown Hill, north of the A27 and Patcham, East Sussex. The field is extremely steep being approx. 100m above sea-level at its lowest point, rising to 140m in the northwest corner, in an area of field approximately 250m x 250m. A height increase of about 40m in 250m gives the field an incline of around 16% (1 in 6.25). The lines total almost 2km in length. 

Ordinarily these lines may be written off as a trials bike or people larking around, but before we do that, let’s look at the evidence for or against anything:

  • It’s a single track about 50cm wide with sharply defined edges. That’s the distance from your elbow to finger tips. So it’s not a four-wheeled vehicle and no two-wheeled vehicle has tyres that wide. I think this alone precludes them from being created by a vehicle of any kind
  • 50cm is a sensible width for a garden roller. This would mean very strong and extremely fit people would need to take the roller to the field by rolling it across the carpark, across the road, carry it over at least two stiles, down the hill and up the other side to the corner of the field (it’s basically across a valley). The shortest distance for this is 500m. Then they need to drag it about 2km through a field of bearded wheat knocking it all flat before finally taking it 500m back to their vehicle. I’m not saying that’s impossible just that you need to consider how difficult this would be as the field is on a 1 in 6.25 slope. You would also need to ask why on earth would you bother doing that? What did it achieve?
  • In the last fifty years, eight crop formations have appeared within 500m of this field (see diagram). Three of these formations have appeared exactly under the area where the lines now are
  • Whilst there are many more documented, I have personally been in two previous crop formations which consisted solely of lines across a field and nothing else. One of these was 4km to the west of this site. They were both very similar to these lines
  • The lines are by no means straight or regularly curved (see photos) but equally they do not appear to be totally random. Look really closely at the detail and maybe you’ll see this too.

In summary, it is not impossible that someone did this with a garden roller, I just think it’s highly improbable. Instead, I feel it’s far more likely that this is just a different manifestation of a crop circle. What I would like to see though are some drone shots, so if anyone lives in the Brighton area and would like to take some then I’d love to see them. 

The area of the field in question is highlighted in red on the maps. The nearby car park is highlighted in blue. 

So, what does everyone else think? 

Barry Reynolds 18th July 2023


 Crop circle reported by Connie van Es around 14th July at Alton Barnes White Horse in Wiltshire.  Is it unfinished, a practice run, or of mysterious origin?


Images & Video Hugh Newman Copyright 2023 All Rights Reserved

These four simple rings seem to represent Comet A, the Sun Comet, the Warning Comet, and Comet B, the largest one. Note that the Waning Comet intersects with Comet B since they are closely related to one another. However, the relative sizes of the comets are incorrect since, for example, Comet A should be the smallest. 

There is no question this crop circle is man-made, but it seems to illustrate the subliminal influence that alien circlemakers have on humans indulging in crop circle creation. How else to explain the urges people get to do a supposedly illegal act that creates an image in a field that originates within their conscious or subconscious mind?    

Kenneth Heck

Collingbourne, Wiltshire. Reported late July.


While going over the last Crop Circle, I discovered this imitation of unfinished Crop Circle,  It’s on the road south from the A338 to Collingbourne by the small red brick pepperpot.

Images & Video Hugh Newman Copyright 2023 All Rights Reserved

 Patrice Marty -

The disk of Mictlantecuhtli

Based on many prior examples over the years, this circle is a comet with a two-ringed coma with two trailing fragments. The positioning of the fragments identifies this as Comat A.  Interspersed between the rings are numerous indications of solid particles emitted from the nucleus, the central body of the comet. The frugal circlemakers did not draw the correct indication of lines from the body of the comet to the coma. They prefer to save their energy whenever possible. It may appear that the circle is incomplete, but as the comet heads closer to the Sun, these solid particles would mostly appear on the side of the comet facing the Sun, even as the comet rotates rather independently of the coma. 

Kenneth Heck



Luc Pelletier sends us an aerial photo of a crop circle reported on the 31st of July, 2023, at La Pocatière, Québec, Canada. 🇨🇦

The fleur de lis, the French symbol of royalty, and used on the coat of arms for French nobility is an enigmatic symbol here since there has been no king in France since the 19th century. The maze represents the many obstructions and difficulties in finding a worthy king in the future and returning to something resembling a monarchy. There is only one path to the center (possibly two) out of many entrances to the maze. Minor irregularities suggest a man-made creation. 

Surprisingly, there exist many prophecies over the centuries concerning a "great monarch" who will save France and Western Europe from its enemies, presumably from an invasion by a militaristic Russia and its allies, during World War 3.  It is predicted he will create a political entity similar to the Roman Empire. In today's language that might refer to recreating the European Union. The great monarch will acquire a place in history similar to Charlemagne; his ancestry will prove he is indirectly related to a number of royal houses of Europe. Like many prophecies, certain aspects cannot be taken too seriously, such as the re-establishment of a monarchy. His real position should likely correspond to a President or Prime Minister functioning under a constitution. Further details can be found in Wikipedia. 

Kenneth Heck


This photograph is surprising. Looks like a synthetic image. My research in La Pocatière in Canada led to another crop circle in corn considered to be the largest labyrinth in the world. See on this website: 

However, I find the message very interesting here in the context of the actual alien crop circles in the UK. The labyrinth refers to Greek mythology about the story of the Minotaur. This very dangerous monster locked in the center of the labyrinth. In the crop circle shown here is a lily flower, a monarchical symbol. As a whistleblower, I have been warning since 2008 that the Gray beings and their extraterrestrial allies are setting a doomsday trap for humanity. One of their flying vehicles was filmed in Marina del Rey (King's Navy), California in July 2021: 

Their leader announced himself to the world as a Christ figure in the reported crop circle at Reigate Hill near London on July 19, 2016. More information on my blog OLCPIE and my Youtube channel Jean-Charles Bourquin.

Jean-Charles Bourquin, Whistleblower


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