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1st card deck “Crop Circles Messages”
 by Patrice Marty

This set of 36 Crop Circles cards offers you the opportunity to absorb the energy inherent in the crop circle formation, let the energy of the design sink into you for 2 to 3 minutes. Then read the message on the card: the meaning of the symbol or just "the meditation sentence" .


By Judith K Moore and Johan Keijer

The Cosmic meaning of crop circles in Europe and North America


Publisher Johan Keijser Publishing 2006

ISBN-10: 90-810398-2-2
ISBN-13: 978-90-810398-2-6

The affirmationset. "Keys of the Arcturians"

Positive Affirmations provides a bound with the Arcturian Energy Cards. It is a uniquely created set of power cards which contains information and wisdom that are stored in our consciousness. 
These cards can be enjoyed on a daily basis to help you realize your goals and to provide support as you go through changes during your growth process. Shuffle the cards. Intuitively, you will pick just the right one. They are a wonderful addition to use in your journal and during meditation.
By focusing on the holograms, the information stored inside will reach deeply inside your body and subconscious. Be aware of this and realize that you are healing yourself with unconditional love." All the cards are Crop circle Codes.
Order via the website of the Arcturians http://www.the-arcturians.com



"The Art of the Arcturians".

Now in Dutch, in the spring of 2006 also in English.
A book about  the cropcirclemakers the arcturians.

The Arcturians are the masters of the Frequency. They transform the holographic pictograms into Crop Circle formations. At key points in the world the Geometry appears to the world grid to feed the energy of the planet.

The Arcturians are multi-dimensional Beings. They live in a parallel reality as servants of the most High. They are one of the Benevolent Ultra Terrestrial Beings. In that dimension they are a team of Beings called the Circle Makers. Please remember that this phenomenon is multi-dimensional and that this team has many aspects in many parallel realities. Both Humans ánd Druids, Celts and Masons, who prepared the energy matrix in the holy land where the majority of the Circles appear, are components.  This team consists of Beings who are master of the Frequency and they work together with the holographic chambers that store the holographic blue prints of the Crop Circles. 99 pages with all the codes, crop circle pictures and explanation of every code.

More information on the website of http://www.the-arcturians.com



Crop Circles - A Worldwide Mystery

by  Janet Ossebaard, 2000

This beautiful book, written by Dutch crop circle researcher Janet Ossebaard, is - unfortunately - in Dutch... However, it contains so many full colour high quality photos (app. 275!) that in spite of the Dutch text it already sells world-wide. In the Netherlands, over 6000 copies were sold within a month after its appearance. The book (A4-format) contains 9 chapters: History, Scientific Evidence, Geometry, The Julia-Set, Anomalous Lights and Sounds, Hoaxers, Meditation Experiments, Psychology, and Theories. All subjects are very clearly explained, which indeed turns this into one of the most accessible books that have ever been written on the crop circle subject.

The English translation will be published in 2001. 







The Hypnotic Power of

By Bert Janssen

Frontier Publishing and Adventures Press $13.95/£8.99
ISBN 1-931882-34-7

For decades people have been fascinated by crop circles. Thousands of people all over the world are attracted and captivated by the mysterious patterns that appear in our fields. Their shapes are overwhelmingly intriguing, somehow powerful. They have a hypnotising effect on whoever looks at them. 

But why? What is it that makes these shapes so powerful? Why do these patterns have such a strong effect on people? How come they can hypnotise us? What are they telling us? 

As I dived into the riddles of these mysterious crop circle shapes, trying to unravel their hidden secrets, I embarked on a magical journey through the miracles of crop circle geometry. This journey took me to unexpected realms. I invite you to travel with me.

Keep advert until 31st August 2003

Also available, the CD featuring  the song 'when the sun goes down' from the soundtrack of the video.


From Crop Circles
 The Ultimate Undercover Investigation


If you want a 'T' shirt that promotes the Crop Circles year after year
for everyone to see, then this is the site to visit.  They have been in business since 1989,
 and have plenty of designs to choose from, with singles designs, to multiple
patterns on one shirt. The new 2005 deigns are now available to wear,
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The poster is printed onto thickish high quality  paper

(size A2)
by John Haddington

To a US customer would cost $39.00: Inc. PP
For a customer in Europe the poster would cost EURO 42.50: Inc. PP.
For a customer in Japan the poster would cost Yen 4760.00: Inc. PP.
For a customer in Australia the poster would cost AUD 75.00: Inc. PP.
For a customer in Canada the poster would cost CAD 60.00: Inc PP.

Contact John Haddington to order the poster.



Return Address Labels

A chance to have your own personalised self-adhesive labels
with your favourite crop circle formation. A comprehensive

collection of different designs from the fields.

New Crop Circle font by Virgiliu Pop


David. Hirmes new shareware Dingbat font I've created based loosely
on crop circles. The font includes 81 high quality symbols.

It's available for both Mac and Windows.