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Updated Wednesday, 26. October 2016 14:04:45

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Second  Australian Crop Circle of 2016.
Reported 20th October 2016

Video bright garlick Copyright 2016

GMO concerns are displayed in a crop field at Beaver Crossing, Nebraska, USA - 'Snack company Our Little Rebellion has teamed up with a local Nebraska farmer to create crop art that sends a powerful message: we need more non-GMO corn.' - Read more and check out the short video within the article:

First Australian Crop Circle of 2016

Video bright garlick Copyright 2016

Markus Aurel posts us news of an intimate crop circle reported on the 5th of October, 2016, at Krlick Sněnk, Čzech Republic. (If anyone has seen a news report on this cc let us know).

Sex and the Crop Circle? A report regarding this recent 120-metre long crop circle near the village of Montferrier-sur-Lez, close to Montpellier, France:

Short comment about the crop circle fake reported near Montferrier-sur-Lez, close to Montpellier, September 2016: 

I disapprove the new crop circle fake reported near Montferrier-sur-Lez, close to Montpellier, September 2016. Both sexperts authors of this formation clitoris like Marie-Nolle Lanuit and Jean-Claude Piquard take part in the great and very dangerous ignorance about the true origins of a lot of crop circles in the world :

Example 1 : Very complex crop circle of ET origins :
Example 2 : Cattle mutilation by aliens near Trinidad :
Example 3 : Yvonne Smith speaks about the abductions of humans by some ET aliens :

Example 4 : Crop circle revelation of the chief alien Jesus omega, a grey ET who has the same soul as Jesus and who is trying to end the Apocalypse plan for the Earth ; read my comment on this page about this trap : reigate hill comments  More information on my first Youtube chain and on my blog OLCPIE : Tonight, the Earth is very angry near Montpellier: risk of flooding !

I say HELP for the victims of the aliens: the animals and some humans ! This is extremely urgent !
Jean-Charles Bourquin, Vishnu, Kalki

Land artist Julian Richardson created this wonderfully crafted crop circle in August, 2016, for Audi cars with a creative team that included, Paul Burton and Mirka Stadtruckerova, at Wick Farm in Wiltshire, UK. Matthew Williams was the key organiser with Audi cars on this project. Ground photo by Fred MacMacGregor. Check out this report with a dramatic short video within it:


It is surprising how readily corporate logos and symbols agree with crop circle interpretation. Here, the large circle represents the Earth at night, and the four smaller enclosed rings the four chastising comet impact areas. They should be viewed vertically rather than horizontally for a somewhat better geographical description.

Ken Heck

Monteroni d'Arbia, Tuscany, Italy. Reported 13th July.


Advertising for MulinoBianco

We  saw  4 very big crop Circles yesterday in pohorelice in tcheck republic (close To Austria border). We  believe they have  been made few  minutes before we stop. We are travelling in the area and were in the highway when we saw an impressive cloud of dust coming from the fields around and invading the road (it was a perfectly clear Sunny evening and suddenly in 10 seconds we couldn't see  un front of us). Then  i saw the fields. I have pictures and a video of the field. We don't have great access To internet and dont know what To do with this info (the 4 crop Circles were amazingly huge!!! And they seem very complex). You maybe you have a connection with czech people who can picture it? Hope this is useful.

Zineb and Willy

This is an advertisement, and with all advertisements, can have a surprising meaning. Interpreting as a true crop circle giving a true prediction of the future, it says that the name of the company, the facilities, and the grain itself will be damaged or destroyed when the comet or a comet fragment strikes the Earth at night near the location of the grain fields.

Ken Heck

Stanton Bridge, nr Alton Barnes Wiltshire. Reported 8th July

Bommern-Wheiern, Kanton Thurgau. Switzerland. Reported 6th July.

Danebury Hill, Andover, Hampshire. Reported 30th June



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