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Updated Wednesday, 07. November 2018 14:33:39

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Niederscherli, Bern. Switzerland. Reported 19th October


The Crop Circle Center in Switzerland ( posted us this news link with more information (in German) with several photos and a video of the recent and intriguing crop circle in grass at Niederscherli, Bern, Switzerland, which was reported on the 19th of October 2018. 2 photos from the informative article seen on this link: graskreis-in-niederscherli-be-aufgetau

Jonas Passos draws our attention to this intricate and intriguing crop circle in grass at Niederscherli, Bern, Switzerland which was reported on the 19th of October 2018. More information and a diagram can be found on this link:

Short comment about the crop circle reported at Niederscherli near Bern, Switzerland, 19th October 2018:

There is a strong probability that this new formation in grass has been made by the same ET aliens who are the authors of the lotus formation in wheat reported at Hackpen Hill 29th July, 2018. These ET follow my publications on crop circles since 12 years (and my private life). I have published 17th October, 2018 a last important video on Youtube about there impressive crop circle lotus flower at Hackpen Hill. I think that this new crop circle speaks about the beginning of my video :

First image : a central light with fine rays. Some circles appear. After the tittle, I describe a proof of the ET origin of their crop circle at Hackpen Hill. A similar big isosceles triangle may be seen near the crop circle in grass (the the houses plot). This suggests, in this communication, the UFO filmed 16th April 2010 at La Vega. The same ET group has made the simple drawing of this UFO at Cow Down near East Kennett 5th August, 2014 :cowdown 2014 a

Furthermore I was born in Switzerland. More information on my Youtube channel, my blogs and my comments on Crop circle connector.

Jean-Charles Bourquin, Kalki

A new picture drawn in grass near Niederscherli, Switzerland on October 19, 2018

Shows a clever metaphorical rendering of “the Devil goes fishing”, where his “bait” or “worm” seems now to be our current addiction to electronic communications such as mobile phones (or Facebook), along with our apparent credulity to believe anything which is said there 

By Dr. Horace R. Drew (Red Collie)

A friend of mine had seen it from the train on 19 & 20 October 2018. The exact location was - coming from Bern - shortly before Niederscherli in the "Eybode". On the 24th she had passed again, but then the meadow had probably already been mowed.
Here is an article about this: graskreis-in-niederscherli-be-aufgetaucht  This video was released on October 18th:-

On 30 September 2005 a grass circle was also discovered in Niederscherli. Apparently at the same place.

:-: Tobias (Zagoršek) :-:

I have just seen today the last video of Arnaud Thiry, the French Youtuber of the channel AstronoGeek:

At the end, he says that he wants to ask money to go in the United Kingdom next year 2019. His friends and he who are the authors of the crop circle fake at Sarraltroff 2018, want to make other fake crop circles with crop circles makers of your country ! He is angry and says that the opposants (Umberto Molinaro for example) who say that some crop circles are from an ET origin will must have the Veca report of the French Gilles Munsch in their hands to study the crop circles in UK !

However Arnaud Thiry has never said that his group has made the most complex crop circles of the year 2018 reported in the United Kingdom like the one filmed at Martinsel Hill, Wooton Rivers, 7th July, a true ET communication that I have analysed in my blog OLCPIE :

I think that these French crop circle makers doesn't want to study scientifically the crop circle phenomenon with serenity and respect for the nature, for the searchers, for the states (France and United Kingdom) and for some victims who need that the journalists and the politicians say the truth about the extraterrestrial criminal activities on Earth (abductions, cattle mutilations, ...) !

Jean-Charles Bourquin, Kalki, at Lille in France

Max Alcantara‎ posts us an image of 2 crop circle seen side by side with his covering comment -
'Here in the Philippines in August 4 2018.' (The photo of the crop circle on the left has been turned upside
down to show us the similarity between the 2 motifs).

It turns out to have been a marketing ploy. See report with a video within it:

Both crop circles reported successively 4th and 5th August 2018 at Nueva Ecija and Nasugbu are made by the ET invaders directed by the new messiah Jesus omega. This ET Gray is the author of the crop circle reported at Reigate Hill 19th July 2016.

The Philippines are very catholic : Philippines#Religion

Both formations suggest a radio message with the Morse code:  Morse_code  I can read for example : dit/dah/dit-dit and dit-dit/dah = ETI and IT

I understand ET/Italy (for the Vatican).  NUEVA ECIJA may suggest NUEVO JC.  NASUGBU may suggest GESU AB UN (Jesus-Christ Father Unity).

However I think that the true divine Origin of the Universe, the Source, is a Mother or Mother-Father and that Jesus-christ is not his divine son.  I give the alert about these bad aliens since 10 years. They abduct people and kill cattle. Another group of ETs makes also crop circles with unknown technologies.

More information on my blog OLCPIE :  and in my comments on your website.

PS 7th September 2018 : I have paid attention this article about these crop circles : viral-recordings-of-philippines-crop-circles-are-actually-for-a-marketing-ad

I can't easily prove now who has made these crop circles in the Philippines. The apocalyptic ET invaders who make some crop circles generate strong resonances in the humanity. Then, these crop circles are perhaps a new proof of this phenomenon ! The marketing ad for H CON was published 9th August 2018 : giorgio-tsoukalos-claims-aliens-visited-the-philippines

But there will be an important event in October 2018 with another H-CON and the partner SSF : and the logo of SSF is a coat of arms :  I remember the crop circle reported at Hannington near Cricklade, 2011, made by the invader pro-Jesus. There are inside the designs of three coats of arm : WATCH

The new messiah Jesus omega is "the King of the kings and the Lord of the lords" in the Apocalypse of John ! And Nueva Ecija may give Nueva Mcija (turn the letter E) = Nuevo Messiah ! Furthermore, I think that the second crop circle reported this year near Prudentopolis, Brazil, 14th August has been made by these ET aliens : PiraidoSul 2018l

They have perhaps seen the marketing ad of H CON with Giorgio Soukalos before ! I think that they have made too the first crop circle reported this year near Prudentopolis at Jesuino Marcondes third August : Jesuino 2018l 

I can't prove who has killed this animal in this crop circle but I suppose that these ET aliens of "God" are the killers (go to time 4 minutes 9 seconds) : WATCH  On this website, there is the photography of an animal found killed "burned" in a crop circle reported at Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada in 1989 : Crop_Circles  I take the risk to do sometimes an error about the crop circles for the preservation of the life !

Jean-Charles Bourquin, Kalki
Lille, France, 6th September, 2018.

New crop circle in Belgium - Roeland Beljon commented - 'New crop circle in Bierbeek, Belgium. Made by Jan Loenders and a team of volunteers.' Jan asks those who might be visiting this crop circle - 'It is free to visit but please respect the shape and just walk in the tracks please. Thank you!' - Photos via Jan Loenders


Giuseppe Chiaretta's farm, Cascina Geronima, Italy. Created 16th/17th June

Cascina Geronima/Virle 2018, new crop circle in Italy made by Francesco Grassi and his team at Giuseppe Chiaretta's farm, Cascina Geronima, Italy, Piedmont.
This crop circle had been created during the night between June 16 and June 17 2018.
Thanks to Giuseppe Chiaretta (Cascina Geronima).
Pictures © Francesco Grassi.

Crop Circle made Summer 2017 ???

Crop Circle - A Film By Nines




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